1988 American-Soviet Walks: Soviets and Americans Walking Together

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The Summer 1988 (second) edition of the quarterly newsletter published by International Peace Walk Inc. The newsletter was printed in a fold-out newspaper format.
  INTERNATIONAL PEACEWALK,I\c.  I, <- INTERNATIONAL PEACE WALK STATEMENT OF PURPOSE International PeaceWalk,Inc.is dedicated to creating positive means of resolving internationaland cross cultural conflicts. Ourcurrentandongoing focusis improving American-Sovietrelations to create a contextfor endingthe armsrace. Statement of Purpose for 1988 American-Soviet Walks: While we acknowledge that nationshavelegitimatesecurity and defenseconcerns, it seemsincreasinglyclear thatmilitary approaches to international conflicthavebeenrenderedobsolete by developingtechnologies.Ideologicaldifferences cannot justify imperiling all life onEarth. Our survivalrequirestherefore that modern politics embrace a greater morality thanforce of arms.Webelieve that thearmsracecanbereversed.Ascitizens we cannot enactthelegislation that will dothis.WeCANhowever, through civilian,cultural and tradeexchanges of sufficientscale,create a climate of positive international relationsin which thearmsrace will collapse under the weight of its own moraland economicillogic.Weuse walking as a metaphor forwhat we believeneeds to happen:personal and physical involvement takingthetime to understandeach other carefullyplanning,together, our next moves and recognizing thatall stepsinthe right directionhelp bring us to our destination.ButWalking together is more than just a metaphor- it isalso a process and a grounding,theveryact of whichleads to theresolutions and understandings we seek.By bringing Soviets to Walkin theUnited States we will give largenumbers of Americans the opportunity,perhaps for thefirst time, to talk with Sovietcitizensface to face.AmericanWalkersintheSovietUnion will provide thesameunprecedented opportunity to thousands of Soviets.By talking openly with eachother,proceeding from . thecommonaround of ourshared humanitv. vve aain insiahr into how our conflicts  Degan, and how they mightberes olved ..Largescale and high profile interactionssuchastheseWalks willallow theAmerican and Sovietpeople to strip away theveils of ideology and seeeach other with theclarity of experience.Weactinthe beliefthat open and challenginginteractions will helpus find the moral a nd politicalstrength to beginbasing our internationalrelations not onthesize of our arsenals, but onthelegitimateinterests of all people. Photo:AIPodgorski'hoto:AIPodgorski - - . ~ - - - ., ,  iI 1987 In 1987, International Peace Walk,Inc.(IPW)conceivedand thenjoined with the Soviet Peace Committee (SPC) to organize what was to becomeone ofthe largestandmostsignificanteventsin the history of citizendiplomacy:TheAmerican-SovietWalk.InJanuary of 1987, after two months of negotiations,IPWand the SPC signedanagreement to bringhundreds of AmericanandSovietcitizens together for a remarkable joint Walkin the SovietUnion.Nopublicinteraction of this type orscalehadeverbeen attempted betweenthese two nations. Between8June to 14July, 1987, the impossible Walkbecameareality.Twohundredand thirty Americansand200Sovietsjourneyedtogether,mostlyon foot; theA50miles between LeningradandMoscow.Along the way, they spoke with Soviets from allwalks oflife-factory and farm workers,politiciansanddissidents,shopkeepersandschoolchildren.Therewerenorestrictionsoninterviews,photographs or conversationtopics.Their route took them through citiesandvillages,forestsandfarmlands.Theywereseeninpersonbyover250,000Soviets,andin the Sovietmediabyover fifty million.TheWalkculminated with the firstSoviet-Americanstadiumrock·concertin history-on thefourth of JulyinMoscow.ProducedbyBillGraham for IPW, the showãincludedSantana,JamesTaylor,BonnieRaitt, the DoobieBrothers,CollectiveVisionandahost of Sovietstars.Threefilmsweremade of the Walk-a one-hour documentary, jointly filmed and editedbyAmericanandSovietcrews,anAmericanconcertspecialanda30 minute Sovietcinemapiece.TheSovietpeoplewelcomed the AmericanWalkers with excitementandenthusiasmbeyoridanyone'sgreatesthopes. And the stagewasset for evenmoreextraordinary joint eventsin1988. .. All Photog rap hs taken from t Photo :A
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