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  ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE [INTELLIGENT AGENTS PARADIGM] Professor Janis Grundspenkis Riga Technical UniversityFaculty of Computer Science and Information TechnologyInstitute of Applied Computer SystemsDepartment of Systems Theory and DesignE-mail: Janis.Grundspenkis@rtu.lv PLANNING AGENTS  Simple Planning Agents(1) ã PLANNING AGENT generates goals to achieve, constructs plan that achieves its goal , executes this plan until it is finished, and then begins again with a new goal  Simple Planning Agents(2) ã What is the difference between problem-solving agent and planning agent?  – Differences are in representations of  ã goals ã states ã actions  – Differences are in the representation and construction of action sequences (search for solutions)  Simple Planning Agent’s Program > Percept TELL(KB, MAKE PERCEPT SENTENCE (percept))CURRENT STATE DESCRIPTION (KB) > Goal generation  ASK (KB, MAKE GOAL QUERY)   GOAL > Plan construction CALL PLANNING ALGORITHM (CURRENT STATE DESCRIPTION, GOAL, KB)   PLAN  > Action First action from the PLAN TELL (KB, MAKE ACTION SENTENCE (action)) Return : action
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