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1. Cybercrime & solutions for Home users and Small Businesses Eddy Willems Security Evangelist EICAR Director Information & Press Eddy.Willems@kaspersky.be…
  • 1. Cybercrime & solutions for Home users and Small Businesses Eddy Willems Security Evangelist EICAR Director Information & Press Eddy.Willems@kaspersky.be Copyright by Kaspersky Lab
  • 2. Agenda About Kaspersky Lab History Cyber Crime ... Future Copyright by Kaspersky Lab
  • 3. About Kaspersky Lab International leader in internet security, visionary part Gartner quadrant Advanced antivirus, antispyware, antispam and firewall More than 250 million protected users worldwide 10 R&D and virus labs worldwide Over 1400 employees, 450 developers & engineers Local sales, marketing and technical support Local virus detection by Benelux virus lab Fast reaction time and automatic hourly updates Copyright by Kaspersky Lab
  • 4. Leading IT security players worldwide Have Chosen Kaspersky Lab Technology Copyright by Kaspersky Lab
  • 5. The Kaspersky Virus Lab - sharing knowledge through malware research Antivirus experts and virus analysts Industry-leading knowledge resource – http://www.viruslist.com Our team of virus analysts is active in AVIEN (Anti-Virus Information Exchange Network) CARO (Computer Antivirus Research Organization) ICSA (International Computer Security Association) AVAR (Association of Antivirus Asia Researchers) IMPACT (international partnership dedicated to combating terrorist activities in the area of information technology) EICAR (European Institute for Computer AntiVirus Research) Copyright by Kaspersky Lab
  • 6. TIME Copyright by Kaspersky Lab
  • 7. Some History: The old days ! Copyright by Kaspersky Lab
  • 8. Some years ago ... Virus SPAM Worm Trojan Copyright by Kaspersky Lab
  • 9. Today’s Threats … SPAM Virus Phishing Root-kits Spyware Adware Control Agent Control Agent Bot Remote- Remote Trojan Zombie Keystroke Premium- logger Rate Dialer Screen Worm Pharming grabber Password grabber Copyright by Kaspersky Lab
  • 10. What are the real threats ? Data Theft Viruses Worms Spyware PeerToPeer attacks Adware External Bad Stuff Internal Hacker Spam Hacker Exploits DoS User Phishing Identity Theft DDoS Mailers Vulnerabilities Copyright by Kaspersky Lab
  • 11. The end of global epidemics 25 20 Epidemics 15 10 5 0 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 Quarters Source: Kaspersky Lab Copyright by Kaspersky Lab
  • 12. Increasing Numbers 1.600.000 KL records 1.400.000 1.200.000 1.000.000 800.000 600.000 400.000 200.000 0 98 99 00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 Source: Kaspersky Lab Copyright by Kaspersky Lab
  • 13. Cyber crime Types of malware in daily updates 500 Cyber vandalism Petty fraud 400 Cyber crime 300 200 100 0 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 Source: Kaspersky Lab Copyright by Kaspersky Lab
  • 14. The Ecosystem E-Criminals Victims Police ITTP Industry Copyright by Kaspersky Lab
  • 15. The Rogues’ Gallery – The Script Kiddies Chen Ing-Hau – 24 Ing- Jeffrey Lee Parson – Sven Jaschan – 18 – (Taiwan) 18 – (USA) (Germany) Arrested September 21, 21, Arrested August 29, 2003 29, Arrested May 7, 2004 for 2000 for the CIH virus for the Lovesan.b virus Lovesan. NetSky and Sasser viruses Copyright by Kaspersky Lab
  • 16. The Rogues’ Gallery – Binary Thieves Jeanson James Farid Essebar -18 (Morocco), Atilla Ekici – 21 Ancheta – 20 (USA) (Turkey) Arrested November 3, 2005 Arrested on August 26, 2005 for creating zombie 26, for creating zombie networks using Mytob and Zotob (Bozori) worms Bozori) networks and leasing them for spam mailing and DDoS attacks on websites Copyright by Kaspersky Lab
  • 17. Today we are fighting these! Jeremy Jaynes Jay Echouafni Andrew Schwarmkoff Millionaire, CEO, Member of Russian and a spammer and a DDoS attacker mob, and a phisher Copyright by Kaspersky Lab
  • 18. One of the big problems: Botnets Copyright by Kaspersky Lab
  • 19. What is a botnet ? part 1 Copyright by Kaspersky Lab
  • 20. What is a botnet ? part 2 Copyright by Kaspersky Lab
  • 21. What is a botnet ? part 3 Copyright by Kaspersky Lab
  • 22. What can you see ? Copyright by Kaspersky Lab
  • 23. Using botnet DDoS for fun and glory Sending spam, making spamlists Phishing Stealing private data Ransoming Botnet renting Copyright by Kaspersky Lab
  • 24. New territories: Social Networking Blogs, forums Wiki MySpace, YouTube Other online communities: Who’s on Facebook? Copyright by Kaspersky Lab
  • 25. CyberCrime is Big Business Profitability Easy to do (technically and morally) morally) Low risk business New services that are profitable to attack Copyright by Kaspersky Lab
  • 26. Today’s Networks Lack Clear, Crisp Boundaries Internal/External network Individual Users connect from Telecomm uters multiple locations Managed/Unmanaged devices Contrac Individual devices operate both Network inside the network, and on public networks Mobile Users New Devices on the Network Wireless Internet eg. SmartPhones, etc …. Users Copyright by Kaspersky Lab
  • 27. Top 10: Safe Internet Security Tips 1. Make backups 2. Update software regularly and check this 3. Use upgraded anti-virus/spyware software and update regularly and check this 4. Use a personal desktop firewall 5. Use difficult passwords 6. Be very carefull with unknown files or programs 7. Surf sure and browse logically 8. Thnik twice when leaving personal data somewhere 9. do not react on SPAM 10. Use common sense Copyright by Kaspersky Lab
  • 28. What do we really need ? Data Theft Viruses Worms Spyware PeerToPeer attacks Adware External Bad Stuff Internal Hacker Spam Hacker Exploits DoS User Phishing Identity Theft DDoS Mailers Vulnerabilities Copyright by Kaspersky Lab
  • 29. Thank you Copyright by Kaspersky Lab
  • 30. KOSS Copyright by Kaspersky Lab
  • 31. Kaspersky Open Space Security Copyright by Kaspersky Lab
  • 32. So what do we have? A perfect combination of …. Legendary good detection with very quick reaction time New improved scanning engine with rootkit cleaning Improved Heuristic scanner (emulation+sandbox) Behaviour blocker + HIPS (proactive detection) An easy firewall Anti-Spam Vulnerability Scanner Web control and Device control Within one easy package !!! Copyright by Kaspersky Lab
  • 33. Don’t forget KMS Copyright by Kaspersky Lab
  • 34. Kaspersky Anti-Virus Mobile On-access monitor intercepts all data channels On-demand monitor for manual scan SMS spam filtering and other value-add features Firewall Anti-theft: SMS Block, SMS Clean, SIM Watch : Unique feature Digitally signed updates via WAP, HTTP or from PC folder Minimal amount of system resources used Flexible customization options for OEMs, mobile operators, device vendors and content providers Supports all popular devices, including SonyEricsson, NOKIA, Siemens, Samsung, Panasonic, Sendo and other vendors Available for Symbian, Windows Mobile Copyright by Kaspersky Lab
  • 35. A different view ... KHSS Copyright by Kaspersky Lab
  • 36. What do we offer? Kaspersky Kaspersky Kaspersky Hosted Mail Hosted Web Hosted IM Security Security Security Cascaded Virus Virus protection Virus protection protection Content Control SPIM protection Comprehensive Spam URL- URL-Filter Content Control protection Scalable Scalable Content Control Reporting Reporting Inbound and Outbound Scalable Reporting Copyright by Kaspersky Lab
  • 37. Consumer v2009 KAV & KIS Copyright by Kaspersky Lab
  • 38. New Technologies in v2009 KAV / KIS v2009 (8.0) : AV signatures + PDM + Emulator + Improved Heuristics - Behaviour control {Security Rating, WhiteListing, Rules engine} => Improved HIPS - Vulnerability Checker - Virtual Keyboard - In-the Cloud protection: Kaspersky Security Network - Online Check + Rescue Disk Image - Improved Anti-Rootkit - Improved Firewall - Improved Parental Control - Easier Wizards First Hybrid Technology Product in the world Copyright by Kaspersky Lab
  • 39. Automatic Classification of Applications Avantages : Each application is automatically categorized based on criteria managed by KIS 2009 Much less user interaction needed while less false postives Copyright by Kaspersky Lab
  • 40. Copyright by Kaspersky Lab
  • 41. Thank you ! Questions ? Eddy Willems Eddy.Willems@kaspersky.be Copyright by Kaspersky Lab
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