A Lack of Color

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harry potter fanfiction
  Posted srcinally on theArchive of Our Ownathttp://archiveofourown.org/works/677614. Rating:Teen And Up AudiencesArchive Warning:UnderageCategory:M/MFandom:Harry Potter - J. K. RowlingRelationship:Cedric Diggory/Harry PotterCharacter:Harry Potter,Cedric Diggory,Hermione Granger,Ron Weasley, Sirius Black,Dobby (Harry Potter),Arthur Weasley,Fred Weasley, George Weasley,Amos Diggory,Seamus Finnigan,Dean Thomas, Angelina Johnson,Molly Weasley,Ginny Weasley,Severus Snape, Albus Dumbledore,Minerva McGonagall,Rubeus Hagrid,Viktor Krum,Fleur Delacour,Alastor “Mad-Eye” Moody,Draco Malfoy, Bartemius Crouch Sr.,Bartemius Crouch Jr.,Ludo Bagman Additional Tags:Book 4: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire,Alternate Universe -Canon Divergence,First Time,First Love,First Crush Series:Part 1 ofTheLove So Green Collection Stats:Published: 2013-02-09 Updated: 2013-02-26 Chapters: 23/30 Words:78397 A Lack of Color bymisterkevoSummary In his fourth year, Harry falls for fellow Hogwarts student and Triwizardchampion, Cedric Diggory.Part 1 in The Love So Green Collection - SLASH, Harry/Cedric. M for some slight sexual content. Notes The following work is my first every attempt at writing a series. I started it in 2005, when Iwas barely twenty years old. It was srcinally going to be a long one-shot but I got carriedaway so it became what it is today.Also, fair warning, the earlier chapters are all around 1.5k-2k words, but over time theystart to grow. Eventually the average length per chapter is at least double that, if not triple.I’ve debated going back and consolidating some of these earlier chapters, but it doesn’tfeel right. Apart from minor edits for grammar and whatnot, this fic is mostly as it’s stoodsince the srcinal posting.Hope you enjoy it!  Prologue + In His Eyes The Love So Green CollectionPlaylist #1:a lack of color PROLOGUE Harry had never liked gray.His whole life before attending Hogwarts had been a big gray blur, full of abuse and crampedspaces. Gray was the color of Uncle Vernon’s mustache, the sky over Privet Drive , and theuniform he would have been forced to wear had he gone to Stonewall High as planned. It was asymbol of the life Harry always hated, never wanted. The life he couldn’t escape until an owl flewout of the cold gray sky with a letter that changed everything.The moment Harry saw the letter he knew it heralded something fantastic. It wasn’t the peculiarway it was addressed that got him, though this certainly was strange. The thing that struck Harrywas the brilliant green ink the address was written in, and the purple wax of the Hogwarts seal.Even the yellow tint of the parchment was fascinating to him. This was the most beautiful thingthat had ever been meant for him.Which only made him more desperate to discover what was inside after his aunt and uncle hadconfiscated it.From that moment on Harry learned that practically everything about the wizarding world wascolorful. From the many different hues of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans to the bright red of theHogwarts Express. It was probably the reason he had been attracted to the Weasley family on hisfirst journey from Platform Nine and Three-Quarters. The six heads of screaming orange hair wereso radically different from the gray and pale blond he was used to.Even the castle itself vibrated with hundreds of different colors. There were stones in every shade,gleaming silver suits of armor, drapes around the Great Hall with each House’s colors. It was afeast for the eyes and Harry might have found it all overwhelming if he hadn’t been so pleased.Colors, colors everywhere, and not an end in sight.Then he met Cedric.a lack of color  CHAPTER ONE “In His Eyes”Harry first met Cedric in his third year.Well, not so much met as caught a glimpse of him from a distance. Oliver Wood pointed him outwhen the Gryffindors were set to play Hufflepuff at Quidditch. Harry immediately saw why thefemale players on his team giggled whenever Wood mentioned the Hufflepuff Seeker. He wastall, muscular, and extremely good looking.The thing Harry found himself most drawn to was the fifth year boy’s eyes. They were an intenseshade of gray, somehow cool and warm at the same time. It took all of his resolve for Harry toturn away from them.When game day finally arrived, Harry was actually grateful for the torrential rain. Had it beenbright and sunny he might have been able to catch another glimpse of those eyes, and then hewould definitely not have been able to catch the Snitch.Not that he did anyway.Harry woke up in the hospital wing surrounded by pinched smiles, each one spouting reassurancethat they didn’t blame him for their loss. Not that he was listening to a single word of it; theywouldn’t have lost if he’d stayed on his goddamned broom. Every time those dementors camenear him the screaming started again and a cold, gray feeling spread through his body that madehim curse the color once more. When his closest friends presented him with the shattered pieces of his Nimbus 2000 it was just too much. Harry insisted that he was too tired for visitors and enduredan incredibly tight hug from Hermione before everyone shuffled out.It was dark when Harry woke up again, long enough after his friends had left that his pillow wasnow dry of the tears he'd sobbed into it. The first thing he noticed was that the remains of hisbroomstick were still on his bedside table. He mentally thanked Madam Pomfrey for being moreunderstanding than she appeared. The second thing he noticed was the figure sitting next to hisbed.“Who’s there?” Harry slurred, voice still hoarse from muffled sobs.“Uh, Cedric Diggory,” the figure said, leaning into a beam of moonlight coming through thehospital wing’s large windows. His face looked tired and care-worn. “I didn’t wake you, did I?”“No, the nightmares woke me,” Harry said before he could stop himself.“Do you want to talk about it?”“Er, no, that’s okay.” Harry stared. “What time is it? Shouldn’t you be in bed?”“I wanted to make sure you were okay,” Cedric explained. “Which I’ve done, so I shouldprobably go.” He stood, causing the chair to scrape loudly across the floor.“I heard what you did,” the younger boy said suddenly. “Trying to call off the match. I appreciateit.”“Well, it’s only fair, isn’t it?” Cedric asked, turning back to face Harry. “It was an accident, whathappened.” He chewed on his lower lip, like he was having some kind of internal debate. He took 
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