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samenvatting over het woord of het begrip AGLA
    Agla: A kabalistic word used by the rabbis for the exorcisms of theevil spirit. It is made up of the initial letters of the Hebrew words, Athah gabor leolam, Ado-nai, meaning, Thou art powerful andeternal, Lord. Not only among the Jews was this word employed,but among the more superstitious Christians it was a favouriteweapon with which to combat the evil one, even so late as thesixteenth century. It is also to be found in many books on magic,notably in the Enchiridion  of Pope Leo III.Bron: encyclopedia of ancient and forbidden secrets (blz. 2) Agla. One of the Kabbalistic names of God,which is composed of the initials of the wordsof the following sentence : '1~yK iT?y~7 77a 1'Idi, Atah Gibor Lolam Adonai, thou art mightyforever, 0 Lord . This name the Kabbalistsarranged seven times in the center and at theintersecting points of two interlacing triangles,which figure they called the Shield of David, and used as a talisman, believing that it wouldcure wounds, extinguish fires, and performother wonders. (See Shield of David.) A protective magical talisman, inscribed “ AGLA ,” designed for the reverse of the Sigil of Ameth by Dr. John Dee, under the [supposed] direction of the angel Uriel. It is a common form of an amulet already inuse for several hundred years. (The image at right is a facsimile from Dee’s handwritten notes) AGLA is a notariqon (kabbalistic acronym) of t he biblical phrase “Ateh Gibor Le-olam Adonai,  “The Lord is mighty forever.”  AGLA was condered aname of God by magicians of the middle   ages and appeared in magicalformulas for everything from protection to flying. By Renaissance times,the formula was a common inscription for amulets and talismans.   AGLA isused in its short form in a number of apotropaic circle-making forumulas. The Golden Dawn used it as the “God Name” of the North quarter in the “lesser   banishing ritual,” representing Earth, and in the GRP to representthe passive elements of water and Earth.   Agla also appears in Masonic lore, and some Masonic scholars havesuggested that AGLA   was a substitution for the “Word which was lost,” a primordial name of God or magical incantion which may represent thetetragrammaton.       A magical square from Reginald  Scott’s “Discoverie of Witchcraft,”  with God-names Detail from the 1427 “Ghent altarpiece” by Jan van Eyck;  AGLA  inscription in the floor tiles Related Symbols:    Bookmark It   131. Manuscripts may complement archaeological evidence. For example, in a design in Villard de Honnecourt’s renowned sketchbook, dating from the second quarter of the thirteenth century(Paris, Bibliothèque Nationale de France, MS 19093), the artist wrote an inscription consisting of  several divine names interspersed with crosses (“  I hc  xpc  agla  hel. iothe ”) surrounding  a monumental cruci W x in which Christ is X anked by the Virgin Mary and St. John the Evangelist. Onthe same folio, a later hand (post-1300) sketched designs for two pendants, one with the sameCruci W xionscene. It is dif  fi cult to know if any of these objects were actually executed. But divine namessuch as agla were common fare in textual amulets and pendants with apotropaic inscriptions.Theodore Bowie, ed., The Sketchbook of Villard de Honnecourt  (Bloomington: Indiana UniversityPress, 1959), pp. 30  –  31, plate 10.   Spiegel der Kunst und Natur 1615, detaille
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