Alcohol Beverage Labeling in the United States

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Alcohol Beverage Labeling in the United States. William H. Foster Assistant Administrator, Headquarters Operations March 8, 2008. What’s in a name (label)?. truthful and accurate information to describe the contents not misleading. TTB’s A uthority to R egulate.
Alcohol Beverage Labeling in the United States William H. FosterAssistant Administrator, Headquarters Operations March 8, 2008 What’s in a name (label)?
  • truthful and accurate information to describe the contents
  • not misleading
  • TTB’sAuthority to Regulate TTB derives authority to regulate labeling and advertising of alcohol beverages from the Federal Alcohol Administration Act of 1935 (FAA Act). Prior Label Approval
  • Before an alcohol beverage may enter interstate commerce in the United States, the producer, bottler, or importer must first obtain a Certificate of Label Approval (COLA) from TTB
  • Submissions are paper or electronic
  • Some products may require formula approval or sample submission
  • FAA Act Provisions
  • Prevent consumer deception;
  • Provide the consumer with adequate information as to the identity and quality of the products; and
  • Prevent statements or representations which are false or, irrespective of falsity, are likely to mislead the consumer.
  • COLAs processed Electronic COLAs 2001-2007 Paper COLAs 2001-2007 Applications for Labels for Imported Wine TTB Received in 2007 87% of all label applications are for wine In 2007,
  • 68,578 applications were received for imported wine
  • 42% were for wine from France
  • 21% were for wine from Italy, followed by Spain, Australia, Argentina, Germany, Chile, and South Africa
  • What’s new? 2007
  • Allergens
  • Serving facts
  • American viticultural areas
  • Allergen Labeling 2007 TTB published two rulemaking documents to implement the Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act. Interim Rule:
  • Voluntary allergen labeling according to specific temporary guidelines. Notice of Proposed Rulemaking:
  • Proposes mandatory allergen labeling of all alcohol beverages.
  • TTB Serving Facts Proposal 2007 In response to a petition and an industry member request, TTB proposed:
  • Mandatory statement of alcohol content on all alcohol beverage labels.
  • Mandatory “Serving Facts” panel on all alcohol beverage labels may appear anywhere on the container.
  • New reference serving sizes for wine, distilled spirits, and malt beverages.
  • A three year transition period if the proposal is adopted.
  • Proposed Serving Facts Panel 2007 Sample panel where the alcohol content is expressed elsewhere on the label: Proposed linear display for containers with a volume of 50 mL or less: Other Proposals 2007 Revision of American Viticultural Area Regulations
  • Part of our transparent system of designating distinctive grape growing areas.
  • Addresses the effect on established brand names. Modification of Mandatory Label Information
  • Conforms the TTB wine labeling regulations to the recent agreement reached by members of the World Wine Trade Group.
  • Rulemaking Process 2007
  • TTB is analyzing all comments submitted in response to these proposals before drafting Final Rules.
  • All ideas presented in the comments will be considered.
  • Alcohol Beverage Labeling 2007 in the United States
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