Arms and Disarmament 11

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  Arms and Disarmament   The conventional logicunderpinning normal practices of states  – and of non-state forces resorting to use of force to achieve political aims  Peace is not always good, war is not always bad  “Just war” and “unjust peace”  Weapons are neutral, what matters is who uses them and for what purpose  You can’t obtain and secure peace and justice without resort to violence as the final argument  Use of force in politics will always be with us  The best we can do is limit it   The antimilitarist position:The destructiveness of modern warfare  Weapons of mass destruction  In wars, most casualties are now civilianUse of force  – both by states and by non-state forces -is often politically counterproductive  If we address root causes of conflictand work for just solutions by political means, weapons may not have to be used  Peace works -if it is based on justice
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