Asuhan Keperawatan Komunitas Pada Lansia Dengan Hipertensi Di Krajan Utara

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  ASUHAN KEPERAWATAN KOMUNITAS PADA LANSIADENGAN HIPERTENSI DI KRAJAN UTARA RT 04 RW 03 DESA SUMBER PORONG LAWANG DI SUSUN OLEH :1.Yunda Pu!an n# N.1401$0004%$.&' d(a Ad )' an 1401$000*$3.A+ )a M,#a P.1401$000*-4.a nu' R/(a) A.1401$000*2*.Enda( Ra(aa) 1401$000-0-.R 5a T' A' a1401$000-36.&,nn A7u N/+ )a A.1401$000-62.L 8 5 &au a1401$00060%.R/99u Ba#u P.1401$0002110.&'an 5a Sa# )(a8 a1401$0002411.,)a Ina K.P.1401$000%01$.M/(aad I(an1401$000%413.M. &,nd7 Sa)7a1401$0002%  14.1*.1-.16. 12.POLITEKIK KESEHATAN KEMENKES MALANG1%.JURUSAN KEPERAWATAN $0.PROGRAM STUDI DIII KEPERAWATAN LAWANG$1.TAHUN $01-$$.$3.$4.$*.$-.$6.KATA PENGANTAR $2.$%. 30.D,n#an naa A88a( Yan# Ma(a P,n#a ( 8a# Ma(a P,n7a7an#; !u< 7u5u' 5,(ad 'a) A88a( SWT 7a# ),8a( 8 !a(5an 'a(a); )au= 5 dan ( da7a(>N7a ,( n##a !,nu8 da!a) ,n7,8,a 5an a5a8a( a)a 5u8 a( K,!,'aa7an K/un )a Pada Lan a D,n#anH !,'),n d K'a<an U)a'a R) 04 R 03 d,a Su9,' P/'/nn# Laan#.31.Pada 5,,!a)an n !,nu8  n# n ,n#ua!5an ),' a 5a ( 7an# ,9,a' ?  9,a'n7a 5,!ada :1.A#u S,)7/ U)// ,8a5u d/,n !,9 9 n# 5,!,'aa)an 5/un )a.$.K,)ua R) 04 K'a<an U)a'a.3.T,an ? ),an 7an# ),8a( ,9an)u da8a !,n7uunan a5a8a( 5,!,'aa)an5/un )a.3$.Da8a ,n7uun a5a8a( n ; !,nu8  ,n7ada' ,!,nu(n7a 9a(aa5a8a( n <au( da' 5a)a ,!u'na. O8,( 5a',na )u d,n#an 5,',nda(an (a) d,n#an,#a8a 5' ) 5 dan a'an da' ,ua ! (a5 7an# 9,' =a) ,9an#un a5an !,nu8 ),' a. Dan a5( 'n7a !,nu8  9,'(a'a! ,/#a a5a8a( n da!a) 9,'an=aa) 9a#  !,na9a(an 8u !,n#,)a(uan.33.34.Laan#; 10 D,,9,' $01-3*.3-. 37.  P,nu8 
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