AXIS Ethylene Oxide Gas Sterilizers

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A XIS Ethylene Oxide Gas Sterilizers. Axis-AX Series - Technology. New technology for Gas Sterilizers cancels the need for complex infra-structure, such as: Pressured air Water Vacuum line Drainage canals. What can be sterilized?. Heat and non-hea t resistant materials Rubber Metal
AXISEthylene Oxide Gas Sterilizers Axis-AX Series - Technology
  • New technology for Gas Sterilizers cancels the need for complex infra-structure, such as:
  • Pressured air
  • Water
  • Vacuum line
  • Drainage canals
  • What can be sterilized?
  • Heat and non-heat resistant materials
  • Rubber
  • Metal
  • Mechanical and electromechanical materials
  • Surgical materials
  • Laboratory equipments
  • Properties & Features
  • Usable capacity of up to 975 lt.
  • Microcomputer controlled
  • Minimum part usage ensures longer fault-free operation
  • Socket type components (replace without any tool)
  • No screws on the top cover
  • Properties & Features
  • Modular Cabinet
  • Enables the addition of sterilization bags during operation
  • Sterilization and Aeration in same cabinet
  • No need for an extra aerator
  • Advantages 100% Ethylene Oxide Low Temperature of Operation +54°C Can penetrate in accessible places of the materials to sterilize Easily neutralized with water Very effective as germicide, fungicide and antivirus Does not deform the sterilized materials. Ideal for biomedical termosensitive materials. Advantages Low gas consumption. Less than 1/10 of the competitors. Negative Pressure in the tank Lower environmental pollution Prevents gas leaks Increased Safety Enhanced safety for the user Sterilization Kit
  • 100% Ethylene Oxide gas cartridge
  • Liner bag
  • Humidity chips
  • Dosimeter
  • Easy to use
  • Put the elements to be sterilized in the liner bag along with the gas cartridge, humidity chip and dosimeter
  • Seal the liner bag
  • Insert the liner bag into the sterilizer
  • Press the button on the cartridge
  • Extra Features
  • Can be remotely accessed via a modem to update programming and update the system
  • Printing reports
  • Period, time
  • Function surveillance
  • Documentation
  • Error types
  • Sterilization reports can be kept up to a year back
  • Technical Specification * According to AAMI (Association for Advancement of Medical Instrumentation) ST 41 : 1999European Norm EN 550 : 2001 Conclusion
  • A new safe and easy to use Ethylene Oxide gas sterilization system.
  • User safety and long fault-free operation time were at utmost priority in designing the product
  • Manufacturer: KORDON TIP SAGLIK ARAC VE GERECLERİ LTD. ADDRESS: 275/10 Sokak No:3/1 D:1  35030 Bornova/ IZMIR - TURKEY Tel : +90.232. 3486060    Fax: :+90.232. 3486090 E-mail: [email protected]/* */ Website:
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