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  Gen infoNative to South America, The first species recorded in the Philippines wasBougainvillea spectabilis. The other species, B. glabra and B. peruviana wereintroduced much later. The cultivated hybrids have produced a considerablevariety in size, color, form and numbers of showy bracts. The genus is derivesits name from Antoiine de Bougainville, first Frenchman to cross the Pacific.BotanyBogambilya is a woody climber that can grow to a height of more than 10meters, with large thorny stems and long drooping branches. The leaves aredark green, petioled, alternate, ovate, with entire margins, 6 to 10centimeters long, broadest near the base. Thorns are the axils assist theplant in climbing. Flowers are in groups of threes, forming clusters at theterminal portion of the branches, each group subtended by three, broad,purplish, oblong-ovate and acuminate bracts, about 3 to 5 centimeters long.Flowers are small, each inserted on a bract, tubular, inflated midway throughits length, of varying colors.Numerous cultivars are cultivated in the Philippines, with single or multiplebracts, in varied colors of red, purple, pink, yellow or white.Constituents- Reported constituents on B. glabra are pinitol, betacyanine, flavonoids,tannins and alkaloids.- Study showed the presence of plastid-bound oxalic acid oxidase in theleaves.- Studies have isolated flavonoids, phenolic compounds, ribosomeinactivating proteins, amylase inhibitors, oxidase and pinitol.Properties- Leaves considered to have antiinflammatory activity.- Considered anti-diabetic, antibacterial.- Pinitol considered antidiabetic.Parts utilized  Leaves, stems, flowersUsesFolkloric- Not known in the Philippines for any medicinal use.- Traditional practitioners in Mandsaur use the leaves for a variety of disorders, for diarrhea, and to reduce stomach acidity.- Used for cough and sore throat.- For blood vessels and leucorrhea: a decoction of dried flowers, 10 g in 4glasses of water.- For hepatitis, a decoction of dried stems, 10 g in 4 glasses of water.- In Panama, an infusion of the flowers of B. glabra used as treatment for lowblood pressure.- Nupe people of Niger use a crude extract of leaves for diabetes. The plant can reach over thirty feet. It can either be vines, trees, or shrubswith sharp thorns. The leaves of the bougainvillea are shaped like little heartswith drip tips at the ends. They are dark rich green and look almost like ivyleaves. On the underside of the leaves there are little hairs. The flowers of thebougainvillea can be several different colors, from pink, to red, to orange, towhite and yellow. They are small tubes with three papery bracts around them. The flowers grow all over the canes and vines. The root system of thebougainvillea is very fragile and doesn't form a good firm root ball.Bougainvillea has many adaptations to its climate and environment. It hasmany hooks so it can cling and hold onto other plants for support. Also, it cangrow in full sunlight to semi-shade. It also has become a houseplant so it cansurvive house climates, and the Amazon's warm wet climate. The leaves havedrip tips so it can get rid of the rushing water fast and not get weighed downby the water. The plant of bougainvillea is very abundant in the wild and is not endangeredat all. It is not endangered because when it is vine like it spreads very quickly  even though it does not have seeds and also it is almost insect-free. Greatthorns protect it.In conclusion, the bougainvillea is a very wonderful plant and has its ownunique way of life. It leaves and flowers are very unusual also. It can grow inmany different ways from shrubs to vines to trees. It also lives in a veryinteresting place.
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