Buybacks and Delisting

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  BUYBACKS AND DELISTING Investment Banking  Buybacks and Delisting ã Introduction to share repurchase/buyback ã Equity repurchase in India ã Regulatory framework for equity repurchase ã Buyback by unlisted public companies andprivate companies ã Buyback by listed companies ã Investment banking perspective in sharebuyback  Buybacks and Delisting ã De-listing of listed companies ã Voluntary de-listing ã Compulsory de-listing ã De-listing pursuant to a right issue ã Re-listing ã Comparative scheme of buy-back versus de-listing  Buybacks and Delisting ã Introduction to share repurchase/buyback  – Share repurchases are cash offers for outstanding shares of common stock  – Share repurchases change the book capital structure of the firm by reducing the amount of  common stock
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