Coded Relationships

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  CODED RELATIONSHIP Coded relationship consists of two parts:1.   Code2.   Relation.PXQ means P is the father of Q. In the above example symbol ‘X; is coded to define relation for father.  This chapter is similar to that of Blood Relation. But due to code it is known as Codedrelation. In coded relationship we use any symbol to define relationship in our society. To solvethis type of question, a clear picture of the well defined blood relation in the society isimperative.Some of the relations which are prevalent in our society has been given in the followingimperative.1.   Grand father’s son - Father or Uncle2.   Grand Mother’s son - Father or Uncle3.   Grand fathers’ only son - Father 4.   Grandmother’s only son - Father 5.   Grandfather’s sister  - Grand aunt6.   Grandfather’ s Brother - Great Uncle7.   Mother’s or Father’s mother  - Grand Mother 8.   Mother’s or father’s father  - Grandfather 9.   Grandfather’s only daughter  -in-law - Mother 10.   Grandmother’s only daugh ter-in-law - Mother 11.   Mother’s or father’s Son - Brother 12.   Mother’s or father’ s Daughter - Sister 13.   Mother’s or father’s Brother  - Uncle14.   Mother’s or father’s Sister  - Aunt15.   Husband’s or wife’s sister  - Sister-in-law16.   Husband’s or wife’s Brother  - Brother-in-law17.   Son’s wife - Daughter-in-law18.   Daughter’s husband - Son-in-law19.   Brother’s son - Nephew20.   Brother’s daughter  - Niece21.   Uncle’s or Aunt’s son or daughter  - Cousin22.   Brother’s wife - Sister-in-law Forward-type coding P+Q means P is father of QP-Q means P is mother of QPxQ means P is brother of QP÷Q means P is sister of QP @ Q means P is husband of QP © Q means P is wife of QP ªQ means P is Son of QP B Q means P is daughter of Q Backward-type coding P+Q means Q is father of PP-Q means Q is mother of PPxQ means Q is brother of PP÷Q means Q is sister of PP@Q means Q is husband of PP © Q means Q is wife of PPaQ means Q is son of PPBQ means Q is daughter of P.  Format of questions: The format of the question is as follows.P +Q means P is the father of QP-Q means P is the wife of R PxQ means P is the mother of QP ÷Q means P is brother of Q. Example-1: 1.   In equation N+M-R x T÷U, what is the relation between N and U?1)father   –  in-law 2)Mother 3)Maternal Grandfather 4)Cannot be determined 5)None of these Example-2: 2.   If T+B-M x R, which of the following is true?1)T is grandfather of R 2)T is maternal Grandfather of R 3)T is paternal Grandfather of R 4)Cannot be determined5)None of these Example-3: 3.   If Z x T-S x U+P, what is U to Z?1)Mother 2)Grandfather 3)Father  4)Can’t be determined  5)None of theseTo eliminate the wrong choices I explain the following techniques.1)Check Gender/Sex2)Check Generation GapRemember generation gap of the followingGrandfather/Grandmother=+2Father/Mother/Uncle/Aunt=+1Brother/Sister/Husband/wife=0Son/daughter/Niece/Nephew=-1Grandson/Granddaughter=-2 Family Tree: Symbol used to draw family tree:+ for male-for FemaleFor above generationfor below generationfor same generation  Methods to draw family tree: N+M-R X T÷ U N(Father) M N(+) (+ for male)M(-) R(+) [M(wife) R]T UConsider the example given below:Example I:If P + Q means P is brother of Q, P-Q means P is sister o Q, P x Q means P is wife of , P ÷ Qmeans P is father of Q, then which of the following indicates ‘S is son of P’  1)P x Q ÷ R + S-T2)P x Q ÷ S  –  R+T3) P x Q ÷R-T+S4)P x Q ÷R-S+THere S is the son of p, so S must be male. But in option (1) and (2) S is female, so option(1) and (2) rejected directly. In option (3) sex of S is not determined, hence it can also beeliminated. But in option S is male. Now, check option(4).Draw family tree of option(4).(-) P Q(+)R (-) S(+) TClearly S is the son of P. Example 2: Study the following information carefully and answer the given questionsP $ Q means P is father of QP Q means P is mother of QP Q means P is son of QP*Q means P is daughter of QP # Q means P is wife of QP n Q means P is husband of QP @ Q means P is brother of QP © Q means P is sister of QWhich of the following inferences is not true on the basis of the equation given below?T # L $ M $ P / J N n K 1)   There are four males and three females in the family.2)   L.M and P are males.3)   Only T, J and K are females.4)   Sex of K can’t be obtained  5)    N is the grandson of T.  Hint Draw family tree.T(-) L(+)J(-) M (+) N (+) K (-) P(+)Except 4 all are true. So answer is 4. Example 3: P x Q means P is father of QP-Q means P is sister of QP +Q means P is mother of QP÷Q means P is brother of O.In the expression B + D x M ÷ N, how is M related to B?1)Grand daughter 2)son3)Grandson4)Grand daughter and Grand son5)None of theseTrick: B(+1) D (+1) M+1+1=2So there is a two generation gap between B and M, so M is the grandson, because M ismale. If generation gap between P and Q in forward type coding is +1 then generationgap between P and Q in backward type coding is -1.
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