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DEATHLESS written by Chris Knowles REVISION 454 Scripped March 24, 2012 Copyright (c) 2009-2012 Chris Knowles All Rights Reserved 1 EXT. FOREST- DAY Snow lightly falls on the forest, blanketing the ground in smooth pillowing mounds. Everything is muffled by the snow. Faint sounds of voices can be heard in the distance, men shouting orders and the rumble of a military 6x6 truck. 1 2 EXT. MEDICAL COMPOUND- DAY A windowless white building sits in the middle of the snow covered
  DEATHLESSwritten byChris KnowlesScrippedscripped.comREVISION 454March 24, 2012Copyright (c) 2009-2012Chris KnowlesAll Rights Reserved  EXT. FOREST- DAY11Snow lightly falls on the forest, blanketing the ground insmooth pillowing mounds. Everything is muffled by the snow.Faint sounds of voices can be heard in the distance, menshouting orders and the rumble of a military 6x6 truck.EXT. MEDICAL COMPOUND- DAY22A windowless white building sits in the middle of the snowcovered forest. One road winds through the trees, comesaround the white building to a loading dock. There, a 6x6truck sits, awaiting to unload its cargo.An OFFICER with a clipboard approaches the DRIVER of thetruck. He looks at his clipboard, then at the cargo, andback to the driver.OFFICER(in German)Weight?DRIVER(in German)Eighteen hundred and fifteenkilos.OFFICER(in german)Forty five of them?DRIVER(in German)No, fifty.The officer returns his gaze to his clipboard once more,writes down some information and waves the driver on.EXT. BACK OF 6X6 TRUCK- DAY33Two enlisted Nazis pull back the tarp covering the truck bedexposing the corpses of fifty concentration camp victims,they all are about 80lbs each.The two soldiers begin pulling them down from the truck,carelessly tossing them into a pile on the ground. Moreenlisted Nazi soldiers emerge from the back of the whitebuilding and begin bringing the bodies inside.INT. MEDICAL COMPOUND- DAYThe COMMANDING OFFICER, we'll call him SturmbannfuhrerFreitag, rounds a corner at the end of a long hallway. Heaproaches the door leading to the loading dock, cigar smokebillowing from his nose. He pauses for a moment, watchingthrough a small window in the door as the enlisted men carry  2.on a casual conversation while handling the bodies. Heslowly turns and heads back down the long corridor to findthe CHIEF MEDICAL OFFICER.INT. CHIEF MEDICAL OFFICERS OFFICE- DAYFreitag knocks on the CMOs office door then enters. Hedoesn't wait for a reply. The CMO, known as Dr. Klingemann,is reviewing charts and X-rays from failed past experiments,trying to define what went wrong. The doctor notices Freitagand immediately stands up.FREITAG(in German)The new arrivals are in.DR. KLINGEMANN(in German)I see. Hopefuly this batch willproduce some decent results.FREITAG(in German)Yes, let's hope so. For your sake.Dr. Klingemann looks up from his charts, staring meekly atFreitag.FREITAG CONT(in German)I'm sorry Doctor, but the Fuhrersaid that if we, I mean you,cannot give him what he hasordered, you will be removed fromOperation Phoenix. Permanently.Let us hope you do not disappoint.The doctor looks back down at his charts briefly, thenreturns his gaze to the CO. A bead of sweat runs down hisbrow.DR.KLINGEMANN(in German)Let us hope so.Freitag turns and paces off down the corridor back to hisoffice, his words and cigar smoke still lingering.  3.EXT. LOADING DOCK- DAY44The enlisted men have categorized the bodies into separatepiles; men, women and children. A loud speaker begins tocrackle.DR. KLINGGEMANN ON LOUDSPEAKER(VO in German)Listen up! I need one subject inthe lab. And don't drag it throughthe halls this time.Two enlisted NAZIS go over to the pile of dead men and pickup the corpse on top. They begin walking to the designatedsubject loading area, what appears to be a utilities shed 25meters from the cargo loading dock.EXT. SUBJECT LOADING AREA, TOP FLOOR- DAY55NAZI #1(in German)I still don't see why we have togo this way.NAZI #2(in German)Because they smell worse whenthey're warm. And they leak.Remember?A small buzzer is heard, indicating the door is unlocked.Nazi #1 lays down his side of the corpse and opens the door.He reaches down and grabs the dead man's legs.NAZI #2 CONT(in German)You guys aren't going to let meforget that are you?They step inside the door, into an elevator. Theysimultaneously and carelessly drop the body onto theelevator floor. The doors begin to close.NAZI #1(in German)No we won't. It leaked all the waydown the hall. It smelled fordays!
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