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h vgc from . . . THE RISE AND FALL OF Rabbi Yosef Della Reina The True Story of the Master Kabbalist Who Single-Handedly Attempted to Topple Satan Translation and Commentary by Rabbi Ariel Bar Tzadok Copyright © 2003 by Ariel Bar Tzadok. All rights reserved. This work in part or in whole may not be reproduced in any form electronic, print, or otherwise. This material may not be posted in any form on the Internet or sent electronically as email or in any similar or dissimilar form. Rabbi Ari
  h vgc from . . . THE RISE AND FALL OF   Rabb YoseDela Rena   The True Story ofthe Master KabbalistWho Single-HandedlyAttempted to Topple Satan   Translation and Commentary by Rabb Arie Bar Tzadok   Copyright © 2003 by Ariel Bar Tzadok. All rights reserved. This work in part or in whole may not bereproduced in any form electronic, print, or otherwise. This material may not be posted in any form on theInternet or sent electronically as email or in any similar or dissimilar form.  Rabbi Ariel Bar Tzadok – _________________________________________________________________________________________________    Copyright © 2003 by Ariel Bar Tzadok. All rights reserved.  2   IntroductionThe following is a translation and commentary to one of the saddest episodes inthe history of Kabbalists.This is the story of one Rabbi, Yosef Della Reina, a man possessed with a zealfor HaShem. Not much is known about him personally. His story only picks upwith this startling episode. All we know is that the story began sometime around1470 or so in Tzfat Israel, about one hundred years before the time of the Ari’zal.The following story spread far and wide in Kabbalistic circles to stand as awarning against those who would endeavor to delve where they do not belong.The story will speak for itself, yet there are many points in the story that areworthy to elucidate. Therefore, appropriate commentary will be included.In order not to inundate you with too much information at one time, I will beserializing this material and sending it out periodically. The finished material willlater be available as an online book.  The Rise and Fall of Rabbi Yosef Della Reina _________________________________________________________________________________________________   Copyright © 2003 by Ariel Bar Tzadok. All rights reserved. 3 THE RISE AND FALL OFRABBI YOSEF DELLA REINAPART 1TEXT “ Yosef Della Rina was a great man, wise, and an expert in the wisdomof magical Kabbalah. He lived in the Galil, in Tzfat (approximatelyone hundred years before the Ari’zal). He had five students who stoodby him day and night do perform his every request. They too wereexperts in this wisdom as they learned it from Rabbi Yosef.”“And he said to them, my sons, behold I have given over my heart toexplore and to investigate in wisdom all that G-d has given me. Not fornothing has G-d enabled me [to delve into this] wisdom but to providerest of spirit to Him who has Formed us, to remove the unclean spiritand the idols from the land, to bring our Mashiah and to remove fromus our sorrows.”“His five students all answered him together in one voice and said, ourmaster, our teacher, our rabbi, we are all ready to do all that whichyou command us, all that you desire we will do, for HaShem our G-d iswith you and will perform all that your soul desires.”“He said to them, if so, this is what I want you to do, purify yourselves,change your garments, be prepared for the third day, do not touch awoman, prepare yourselves, for on the third day we will set forth tothe fields and we will not return to our homes until the children ofIsrael will each receive their inheritance in the Holy Land, with thehelp of [the] supernal Power.”   COMMENTARY – Kabbalah Ma’asit The story of Rabbi Yosef is full of deep profound lessons of Kabbalisticexperience and practice. One reading the story without commentary is almostcertain to miss these highly significant points.As the story opens, we see that Rabbi Yosef is a man of passion, who very muchwants to make a significant contribution to the world. He has spent his livestudying that which is known as Kabbalah Ma’asit (magical Kabbalah). This veryrare form of Kabbalah was much more common in Rabbi Yosef’s day. Indeed,  Rabbi Ariel Bar Tzadok – _________________________________________________________________________________________________    Copyright © 2003 by Ariel Bar Tzadok. All rights reserved.  4 magical Kabbalah has fallen along the wayside in the last few centuries becausein part of what happened to Rabbi Yosef.In his Sha’arei Kedusha, Rabbi Haim Vital wrote that one should not useKabbalah Ma’asit because of what can happen if done incorrectly, as was thecase with Rabbi Yosef.In his Sha’arei Kedusha, Rabbi Hayim defines magical Kabbalah as theinvocation of angelic forces that dominate the realm known as Asiyah.Asiyah is the lowest of the four Kabbalistic worlds and correlates to our physicalworld of matter. As pointed out in his Etz Hayim, Rabbi Hayim states that ourphysical earth, upon which we walk and live, is actually the Malkhut of theMalkhut of Asiyah. His point is making such a specification is to inform us thatthere are realms of the Asiyatic universe, made up of physical matter as we are,that are still nonetheless invisible to the human eye.In these invisible realms are said to exist entire races of beings who like humansare a mixture of good and evil. These entities, Rabbi Hayim call angels, andascribes to them the function of maintaining the operations of physical matter.This lowest form of angel is said to exist in bodies made of the element of fire(and possibly also of air). By definition, this means that these entities inhabitbodies of what we would call some form of energy, as opposed to flesh andblood as we are. Yet, this energy in and of itself has a corporeal element to it.Maybe this corporeal, yet invisible form of “fire / energy matter” is what scientiststoday call “dark matter.” Without a full-scale scientific examination, we maynever know the exact nature of the anatomy of these beings. Yet, their existenceis real. They inhabit our planet Earth and are as indigenous to it as we are.There is another group of indigenous earth creatures also said to exist in suchfire / air bodies. These entities, like angels can be invisible, travel through the airby means of some natural form of flight, and have an ability to foresee the futurein the same way as we remember the past. At the same time these entities, eatand sleep, sexually procreate and die. Thus in one sense they are like angelsand in another sense they are like humans. This species and all of itssubstructures are what is referred to as demons.Magical Kabbalah becomes dangerous when the improperly trained noviceattempts to make contact with the other indigenous earth species and due to lackof knowledge makes contact with the wrong kind. Rabbi Yehudah Fatiyah in hisMinhat Yehudah points out that these entities, not being physical as we are havethe ability to manipulate the human mind and cause us to view them in any formthat they so choose.
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