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Accountant/consultant looks at details of Lansdowne partnership
  en .... 00 City of Ottqwa Review of the Lansdowne Live Proposal. March 2009 PRIVILEDGED AND CONFIDENTIAL Audit. Tax. Consulting. Financial Advisory.  Table of Contents ã Background ã Lansdowne Live -Proposal Description ã Operating Proforma ã Analysis ã Overa I Assessment ã Appendix 2 PRIVILEDGED AND CONFIDENTIAL 3 5 11 1736 © Deloitte & Touche LLP and affiliated entities.  BACKGROUND 3 PRIVILEDGED AND CONFIDENTIAL © Deloitte & Touche LLP and affiliated entities.  Background. ã In October 2008, the Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group( OSEG ), a consortiumowned and to be operated byRogerGreenberg, Jeff Hunt, John Ruddy and WilliamShenkman, submitted an unsolicited proposal to theCity of Ottawato materially transform Lansdowne Park into a vibrant, multi-purpose sports and entertainment destination, to be known as Lansdowne Live . ã Lansdowne Live would: ã build on the site's current attractions (OHL major junior hockey, amateur sports, farmers'market, public exhibitions, concerts and shows); ã materially refurbish Frank Clair Stadium ( FCS ) and the CivicCentre Arena (the Civic Centre ); ã return a Canadian Football League CCFL ) team to the City; andã a number of new features and developments, including a hotel, Canada's first walk through aquarium, a public amphitheatre l amateursport fields, formal gardens and reflecting pools, a variety of shops, boutiques and restaurants, and a small number of private residences. ã Priorto takingany course of action, the Cityretained Deloittetoundertake a review of the proposal, the purpose of which is to opine on the overall reasonableness of the proposal, its operating proformas and proposed business deal.ã This report is confidential tothe City of Ottawa, and should not be disclosed to any otherparty, quoted from or used by any other party without our prior written consent. No otherparty is entitled torely on our report for any purpose whatsoever. We reserve the right to . review all calculations included or referred to in this report, and jf we consider it necessary, to revise our conclusion in light of any new facts existing at the time of this report and which subsequently become known to us. 4 PRIVILEDGED AND CONFIDENTIAL © Deloitte & Touche LLP and affiliated entities.
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