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The weather feels great today. Gives a person a whole new perspective ! It's much easier to add another furry family member to your home when the sun is shining and the days are mild, so please browse to your heart's content and forward this newsletter so that others may help save a life.
  e-WOOF   is a bi-monthlye-newsletter produced by asmall group of Wyoming dogrescuers in an effort to high-light shelter dogs in criticalneed of help. e-WOOF spotlights manydogs that face euthanasiawithin days unless theyare rescued, fostered,or adopted. Transport can be arranged,in most cases, to approvedadoptive or foster homesor rescue organizations.Please help us! These aregood, healthy, happy, lov-ing dogs that are out of luckand out of time. We urge youto crosspost to e-mail listsand Web groups, forward tofriends, send to co-workers,and share with family. Wehope our efforts, combinedwith yours, will save manylives. For the Animals,Christina,Kathy,Sherry,  &  Vicki KEY:URGENT: Must bemoved this week. TIME LIMITED: Mustbe moved soon. Timecan be extended if a place is found andtransport is being ar-ranged. SPECIAL NEEDS/SENIOR:  Must bemoved soon. Time canbe extended if a placeis found and transportis being arranged. OTHER: In criticalneed of help but doesnot t in another cat-egory (i.e., hit by car,needs donations for emergency surgery). UPDATE: Good news.  You can nd e-WOOF on-line at:www.ewoof.petnder.comandwww.facebook.com/ewoof  URGENT - Casper, WYContact: Cathy Corbin at 307-267-6524 or rescuerangers2@yahoo.comSAVANNAH is a Heeler mix, 7 months old. “I am a very sweet and loving girl who just wants to be loved and be alap dog. I like people and other dogs. I’m a small girl who wouldabsolutely love to have a family who would let me curl up on theirlaps while we all watch TV or listen to music. I have nice mark-ings and have been told I am a real sweetheart. Pleasecome meet me at the pound--let’s go for a walk and getto know one another! I’m praying for a new home, and Ihope someone will give me a chance.” NIKO is a Pit Bull mix, about 1 year old. “ Check out my gor-geous brindle fur! I like people and other dogs. I like to go fora walk and when I know someone is going to take me out, I am very happy. I like to sniff while I am walking, and I also like toplay. I walk side-by-side with other dogs and have a great time. Iseem to be a quiet type of guy – no has heard me bark yet.I’m waiting at the pound for a new family to choose me.Please come meet me and let’s go for a walk.!” DEUCE   is a Pit Bull mix, 3 years old. “Hey, all you pit bulllovers – check me out! I’m a friendly guy who likes peopleand other dogs. I’m neutered, housebroken, easygoing, playful,and friendly.  And beautiful – did anyone say beautiful?   Iam quiet and enjoy going for a walk.  As you can see, some-one likely used a pair of scissors to “crop” my ears! I would enjoy spending time with anyone who wants to come meet me.I’m waiting at the pound while I am hoping to nd a new home!” SASSIE   is a Heeler mix, about 1 year old. “ My name is Sassieand I am housebroken and I like car rides and going for a walk as well as playing fetch. I appear to like people and otherdogs. I am a happy and playful type girl who is quiet. If youlike redheads, I’m certainly going to catch your eye. Please cometo the pound and meet me. I’ll bet we could have fun go-ing for a walk and then becoming a family!” ELECTRONIC NEWSLETTER for WYOMING’S OUT-OF-OPTIONS FURKIDS March 26, 2012 SAVANNAHSASSIEDEUCENIKO  Page 2 -- March 26, 2012 PLEASE NOTE:   Time is of the essence for helping the dogs featuredin the e-WOOF newslet-ters. Please contact thename/numbers for eachdog before contacting e-WOOF. In most cases, time is lim-ited for the dogs featuredin our newsletters--withthat in mind, we try to getthe word out to as manycontacts as we can usingthis publication. Work onbehalf of the animals for nding them homes and/or rescues comes frommany, many sources and isan ONGOING  effort dealtwith a sense of urgency.In some cases there maybe times when a suddenadoption and/or rescuecomes through at the exacttime our newsletter is is-sued. This is an unforeseencircumstance on our part---while we certainly under-stand the “crossover” maycause frustrations for youas the prospective adopter of an animal we hope you join us in rejoicing for ananimal being saved. We appreciate and thankyou for your continuedsupport FOR THEANIMALS!  You can nd e-WOOF on-line at:www.ewoof.petnder.comandwww.facebook.com/ewoof  URGENT - Casper, WYContact: Cathy Corbin at 307-267-6524 or rescuerangers2@yahoo.comSKITTLES   is a Pittie mix, 8 months old. “  You may remem- ber me - my name is Skittles, and just like the candy, I’m very sweet. I’m afraid being in the pound, and I have been here quite a while now. I am beginning to be very frightened about how  long I have been here. In fact, I don’tunderstand why I am here. I’m young and ready to learn all sortsof commands from a family who loves me. I don’t think I haveever had a family, but I love to play, and I enjoy beingoutside for a walk. My walking skills need a little work, but I’mlearning quickly how much fun it is to go walking. I like people andother dogs. Please come meet me. I’m very cute, and I’ll domy best to steal your heart. This is a plea for my life!”   ____________ Special Needs -- ColoradoContact: Evergreen Animal Protective LeagueJackie Bell at 303 674 4550 /   jbeapl@qaol.comor Wanda Lilly at 303-478-3750 /wanda_lilly138@yahoo.comPlease Note: Interested parties should complete anonline application athttp://www.eapl.com/RUFUS isa husky-GSD mix. He is neutered, current on shots,doggy-door trained, walks well on a leash. He gets along well with all people he meets (children and cats, unknown),and is an all-around nice dog; friendly, calm, quiet, gen-tle, loving, easy-going. Rufus is reddish in color with a coat re-sembling that of a golden retriever. Rufus is designated as a specialneeds dog. That should not concern any prospective adopter. Inhis case it simply means that because of a minor problem involvinghow he processes food, he needs to take two tablets before mealsand eat a special dry food (aka, kibbles). In addition, he shouldavoid table scraps including fats and meat products. Period. That’sit. Easy. Rufus has been in foster care for several monthsand his foster person says “Having had him with my other foster dogs for several months I can tell you that heis special in a much more important way: he is an abso-lute dear, a darling fellow who makes no fuss, is so very easy to be with, and wonderful in all respects!” ____________ City of Powell/Moyer Animal Shelter Contact: Anna at 307-754-1019 or aparis@cityofpowell.comROXY is an approximate 7-year-old spayed, vaccinated femaleBoxer. Roxy has a thyroid problem but her medications are work-ing and it looks like her sight may have some problems. Roxy haslost some weight and looking better but the shelter is looking for aperfect forever home. If you are this home please contact us!  ____________ SKITTLESRUFUSROXIE  Herd of Wyoming -- SheridanContact: Joan Adsit at 307-752-0812 or  http://www.herdofwy.comRAZZLE is a 5 year old Australian Shepherd/Border Collie, 5 years old. He is a gorgeous dog who has been waiting forhis forever home for almost 2 years. He loves to play ball. Hehas been started in basic agility. He loves hikes. Razzle does not do well in small conned spaces and will also mark when stressed.  Wehope this sweetheart will nally get his chance at a home! JEDI   is a Miniature Australian Shepherd/Heeler, approximately 2 years old. Jedi weighs 30 pounds. He is full of character andlikes to play tug, play with toys, and attack your feet as you walk. He has eyes of two different colors, but unlike somepeople may imagine this does not affect his vision at all, just addsto his character. Jedi does NOT particularly like men, however, and will need to go to a home with no men or with a very understand-ing man. Jedi would do best in a home without children. Jedi isne with cats and likes to play with them. He is good with mostdogs, but would do best with other dogs that like to play and rough house with dogs. Jedi likes to play and hike, but is not hyper or overactive. Jedi is neutered and current on vaccinations. MONTANA is a mix, 4 years old. Montana is a great dog whois very mellow when its time to be mellow, but loves torun when its time to get out and run. He loves to chase birdsand butteries. He is also inclined to escape from fences so needsa home that is committed to working with him and using a leash asnecessary. He does not like loud noises, so needs to be inside whenthe reworks go off. Montana is social and likes everyone hemeets. His personality is sort of a golden retriever per-sonality. He would probably be best in home without cats. TY is an Australian Shepherd, approximately 8 years old. Ty isa pretty red tricolor Australian Shepherd that has beenpassed over due to his age.   He is a sweetheart. Loves tocuddle, does great on off-leash hikes in the country. Re-ally enjoys life. Ty has an issue with marking indoors, but witha structured home we believe that could improve. He is crate-trained. Ty would do best in a home without cats. Ty loves men, women, and children--in general, Ty loves people! ACE   is an Australian Shepherd/mix, approximately 1 year old. Ace was born a stray and taken to the shelter at 1 day old. He got aslot in rescue and even got a home but due to the adopter’s aller-gies could not stay. He then went to a friend of hers who movedinto an apartment but could not keep him. So, now Ace is back in rescue waiting for the right people. He is an active happy puppy! He does well on hikes. He is smart and would loveto go to some classes with his new person. ____________ UPDATES Page 3 -- March 26, 2012  You can nd e-WOOF on-line at:www.ewoof.petnder.comandwww.facebook.com/ewoof  Casper: BELLA adoptedBDAR: Scout adoptedPark County: JOJO fostered TYACERAZZLEJEDIMONTANA Park County: BELLA andBERNARD still availableCasper: SONNY in rescue Casper: MISS PIGGY inrescue Casper: SKYLAR in rescue Casper: CHINO in rescue  Sheridan, WY, Dog and Cat Shelter Contact: 307-674-7694 or Chris at 307-620-0903 or Mary at 307-684-7801JESSIE: We have a very sad case here -- Jessie, 12 years young,is a 65 lb. neutered male, Lab/Husky (?) mix, who is current onall his shots. His lifetime partner has just shipped off with theservice. The rest of the family lives in the hottest part of Texas andthe landlord won’t allow pets indoors (there is no fence aroundthe yard.) Jessie is a sweet, gentle dog who loves going for walks.    We think he deserves a good family, who will lovehim for the rest of his life. He is now waiting at the Sheri-dan Dog and Cat Shelter, but he can’t gure out why he’sthere. There must be someone out there who will lovehim and give him a good home?!  ____________ TIME LIMITED -- Rawlins, WYContact: (307) 328-4534 or animalcontrol@rawlinspd.comPINKY: “I am a cute little female, spayed, Chihuahua. I get alonggood with small dogs but the bigger dogs and cats kinda scare me.I do not know what to think about small children but they might bea little scary also. I am kinda timid here in the shelter but do liketo be held and cuddled. If you would like me to lay on your lap and just hang out I think that would be wonderful.”  BLUE: “I am an adult male, xed, Blue Heeler mix. I am a very good and affectionate boy. I get along with most dogs andlike playing outside with my friends. I am pretty smart so you should have no trouble training me. It would be great to goon walks with you.”   BLACKY: “Hi, I’m Blackie! I am a male, xed, black Lab mix.Hard to believe since I am so short. I am a very energetic boy that loves to play. I get along good with other dogs. I am get-ting really bored here in the shelter and hoping to ndsomeone to take me on long walks. I really like it when you just sit next to me and pet me.”   FONZIE: “Hello. I am Fonzie! I am a male, not altered, Terriermix. Since my pal Chachi got to go home I have been kindalonely here. I get along with other dogs. Do not let my smallsize fool you as I have a very big heart. I will hang out andget as much loving as you will give me.” Page 6 -- March 26, 2012 JESSIE (photo not available) Sad Situation--This Dear Gent Needs a Home!   You can nd e-WOOF on-line at:www.ewoof.petnder.comandwww.facebook.com/ewoof  Rawlins: BOOG stillavailableRawlins: COTTON adoptedRawlins: NAHLA adoptedRawlins: HAMMIE adopted UPDATES (continued) PINKYBLUEBLACKYFONZIE MARCH WIND is a jolly fellow;He likes to joke and play.He turns umbrellas inside out And blows men’s hats away.He calls the pussy willows And whispers in each ear,“Wake up you lazy little seeds;Don’t you know that spring ishere?”
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