H5a Verzosa Residual Compensation

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  Working Group H5A CommonFormat for Configuration data“Residual Compensation  Jun Verzosa  Residual Compensation orZero-sequence Compensation? ãNames of Factors in Use by various relays –KNmagand KNangle–K0mag and K0angle–RG/RL and XG/XL (or RE/RL and XE/XLor KR and KX)–Z0/Z1 magand Z0/Z1 ang(or Z1ang, Z0ang)–No factor used in setting but calculated internally based on Z1 and Z0 (or R1, X1, R0, X0)–Etc.  Residual Compensation orZero-sequence Compensation? Formulas Used by some relaysKN or KG of KE or K0 or KZN= ZN /Z1 = (Z0 -Z1) / 3 Z1= (Z0/Z1 –1) / 3K0 = Z0/Z1 -1K0 = Z0/Z1 ⎟ ⎠ ⎞⎜⎝ ⎛ −=== 11031  R R RL RE RL RG kR   Kr and Kxare not applicableto MHO characteristicsDifferent formulas areattached to factor symbol K0.KN factor has only oneformula. ⎟ ⎠ ⎞⎜⎝ ⎛ −=== 11031  X  X  XL XE XL XG kX   Residual Compensation orZero-sequence Compensation? E A Z1Z s E B Z1Z s E C Z1Z s Z N Z Ns RelayLocationI A I C =0I N =residual current= 3I0 I B = 0 VaR Ph A–NFault F = (Z0 -Z1)/3 KN = ZN / Z1 = (Z0 –Z1) / 3Z1ZN = KN * Z1
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