International Cuisine Revised Syllabus

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Osmeña Colleges Masbate City Course Syllabus Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management Course No: Course Title: Semester: Class Meeting: Credits: PE 2 Rhythmic Activities Second Semester 2 hours per week 2 units lec-lab Pre-req: PE 1 Name of Instructor Educational Qualification : Jedidiah L. De Leon : BSED Major in Music, Arts, Physical Education and Health : Western music, Sports Officiating : 1 year : Osmeña Colleges, EDUC Dept. Osmeña St. Masbate City : 4-5 pm weekdays : 09094
  Osmeña CollegesMasbate City Course Syllabus  Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant ManagementCourse No : PE 2 Course Title : Rhythmic Activities Semester : Second Semester   Class Meeting : 2 hours per week Credits : 2 units lec-lab Pre-req: PE 1 Name of Instructor : Jedidiah L. De Leon Educational Qualification : BSED Major in Music, Arts, PhysicalEducation and Health Specialization : Western music, Sports Officiating Years of ExperienceIn Teaching : 1 year  Office Location : Osmeña Colleges, EDUC Dept.Osmeña St. Masbate City Consultation time : 4-5 pm weekdays Contact No : 09094494562 Vision Statement Osmeña Colleges envisions graduates equipped with knowledge, skills and values whowill be productive and self-sufficient individuals. Mission Statement With the aid of divine providence, Osmeña Colleges dictates itself to develop aresponsible citizenry who will be committed to serve God, country and home and toadhere to, and sustain the principles of productivity and self-sufficiency to translatedevelopment goals toward the attainment of a better quality of life. I. Course Description .   This course will introduce the students to the basics of International/WesternCuisine. Preparation of the different International/western dishes is the highlight of thecourse. Timing and organizational skills are emphasized. The course will focus on thecuisine of the five different countries; America, Mexico, France, Italy and Russia. II. Course Objective The course aims to fulfill the following objectives:1. Apply the basic cooking methods used in International/western cooking.  2. Demonstrate the cuisines of the different countries stated in the coursedescription.3. Evaluate the differences and similarities of the cuisine of the countries stated inthe course description.4. Appreciate the beauty of great cookery III. Methods of Instruction  Lecture/Discussion    Demonstration Method    Return-Demonstration    Discovery Method/Actual hands-On  IV. Course OutlineTime FrameTopics/Readings Activity(ies)Prelim  Week 1Nov 12-16Week 2Nov 19-23Week 3Nov 26-30Week 4&5Dec 3-11Dec. 13-14  Review about Osmeña CollegesMission, Vision Goals and Objectives    Overview of American History1.Spanish Influence2.English Influence3.French Influence4.North and South America5.Significance of the Statue of Liberty to the Americans    American Cuisine 1. Types of Oil2. Types of Soy sauce, vinegar, sauces3. Different ingredients4. Famous American dishes5. Meal structure    Mexican Cuisine 1.Nature of Mexican cuisine2.Ingredients of Mexican cooking3.Meal Structure of Mexican cuisinea. Almuerzob. Meriendac. Comidad. Cena4. Different Mexican recipes PRELIMINARY EXAMINATION Memorize andunderstand themission, vision,goals andobjectives of OsmeñaCollegesResearch worksrelated to thetopics indicatedin the syllabusProjects;identifying thedifferentingredients in AmericancookingReports andadditionalinformation cardsabout Mexicancuisine    Midterm Week 6Nov 19-24Week 7Jan. 7-11Week 8Jan 14-16Jan. 17-18 Semi-Finals Week 9Jan 21-25Week 10Jan 28-31Week 11Jan 4-8Week 12Jan 11-13February 14-15 Finals Week 14Feb 18-22Week 1525-28Week 16March 4-8   Week 17March 11-13    French Cuisine 1. Nature of French cuisine2. Regions of France and their distinctivecuisine3. Ingredients used in French cooking4. Meal Structure5. History of Potato6. Origin of French Fries7. French Brigade8. Dining room Brigade9. Kitchen Staff Brigade10. Famous French Dishes MIDTERM EXAMINATION Projectsregarding theindicated topicswithin the termCooking , American,Mexican andFrench Dishes    Italian Cuisine 1. Nature o f Italian Cuisine2. Ingredients used in Italian Cooking3. Methods used in Italian kitchen4. Italian Meal Structure5. Different Kinds of Pastaa. Spaghettib. Fettuccinic. Spaghetinnid. Etc.6. Pasta and its Shapes7. Different Italian Dishes SEMI-FINALS EXAMINATION Demonstration of the differentItalian recipesCooking differentItalian dishes    Russian Cuisine 1. Nature of Russian cuisine2. Ingredients used in Russian cooking3. Russian Meal Structure4. Different Russian RecipesSimulation of thedifferent recipesdemonstratedCookingLaboratory   March 14-15 FINAL EXAMINATION Final Function V. Course Requirement The students enrolled in this course are required to:1. Speak English inside the classroom.2. Participate in class discussion3. Submit project, assignment, and research works.4. Take oral and written exams.5. Take the major examinations6. Demonstrate the required skills in the subject7. Attendance VI. Grading System  Attendance 15% Assignment/Quizzes 15%Class Participation/lab 30%Project 10%Major Examination 30% _______________ 100% Equivalents Computations of Final Grades Prelim - 25%Midterm - 25%Semi-Finals - 25%Finals - 25%   1.0 - 99-1001.25 - 96-981.5 - 93-951.75 - 90-922.0 - 87-892.25 - 84-862.5 - 81-832.75 - 78-803.0 - 75-774.0 - 72-745.0 - Failed VII. Course Reading/Materials:A. Required Text: Professional Cooking, the Sixth Edition by Wayne Gisslein,2008, Cordon Bleau B. Other materials/Resources : http//www.wikipedia.comhttp//
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