International Women's Day readings

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1. INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAYWords of Wisdom and EmpowermentUniversal Peace Federation 2. INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAYPeople are like stained-glasswindows. They sparkle…
  • 1. INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAYWords of Wisdom and EmpowermentUniversal Peace Federation
  • 2. INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAYPeople are like stained-glasswindows. They sparkle andshine when the sun is out,but when the darkness setsin, their true beauty is revealedonly if there is a light fromwithin.~ Elizabeth Kübler-Ross, American psychiatrist
  • 3. INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAYIm not afraid of storms,for Im learning to sail my ship.~ Louisa May Alcott, Americannovelist
  • 4. INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAYIve learned that people willforget what you said, people willforget what you did, but peoplewill never forget how you madethem feel.~ Maya Angelou, Americanauthor and poet
  • 5. INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAYCharacter cannot be developedin ease and quiet. Only throughexperience of trial and sufferingcan the soul be strengthened,vision cleared, ambitioninspired, and success achieved.~ Helen Keller, American author,activist, civil and womens rightscampaigner; blind and deaf
  • 6. INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAYNothing could be worse than thefear that one had given up toosoon, and left one unexpendedeffort that might have saved theworld.~ Jane Addams, Americanleader in women’s suffrage andworld peace, awarded the NobelPeace Prize in 1931 for herefforts to bring World War I toan end
  • 7. INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAYA woman is like a tea bag – younever know how strong sheis until she gets in hot water.~ Eleanor Roosevelt, Americanpolitical leader, campaigner forwomen, human rights, andsocial justice; former First Lady
  • 8. INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAYI had applied for a job [atImperial Chemical Industries] in1948 and was called for apersonal interview. However Ifailed to get selected. Manyyears later, I succeeded infinding out why I had beenrejected. The remarks written bythe selectors on my applicationwere: "This woman isheadstrong, obstinate anddangerously self-opinionated!"~ Rt. Hon. MargaretThatcher, first woman BritishPrime Minister
  • 9. INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAYGreat events make me quietand calm; it is only trifles thatirritate my nerves.~ Queen Victoria, UnitedKingdom
  • 10. INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAYIf the first woman God evermade was strong enough to turnthe world upside down allalone, these women togetherought to be able to turn itback, and get it right side upagain!~ Sojourner Truth, Americanadvocate for abolition, womensrights, and temperance; she wasborn a slave
  • 11. INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAYWe want to disarm human heartsand human beings, one byone, country by country.We can choose to do thisindividually, by seeking truth andliving our lives with as muchintegrity as possible.~ Mairead Maguire, NorthernIreland, winner of the NobelPeace Prize in 1976, with BettyWilliams, for their extraordinaryactions to end the sectarianviolence in Northern Ireland
  • 12. INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAYPeace is not just the absence of war.It’s a world with justice and equality.It’s a world where the basic needs ofthe majority of the people on ourplanet are met. If we stop spendingmoney on war and the weapons ofwar, we’d have more than enough toinvest in these basics of long-termpeace. People should have basichousing, access to medicalcare, education, and work. Everyoneshould have clean drinking waterand food to eat every day.~ Jody Williams, US, awarded theNobel Peace Prize in 1997 for herwork to ban landmines through theInternational Campaign to BanLandmines
  • 13. INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAYWe can work together for abetter world with men andwomen of goodwill, those whoradiate the intrinsic goodness ofhumankind. Its the little thingscitizens do. Thats what willmake the difference. My littlething is planting trees.~ Dr. Wangari MutaMaathai, Kenya, awarded theNobel Peace Prize in 2004 forher actions to promotesustainabledevelopment, democracy andpeace.
  • 14. INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAYRegardless of whom you prayto, during war our experiencesas a community and as mothersare the same. If any changeswere to be made in society ithad to be by the mothers.~ Leymah Gbowee, Liberia,awarded the Nobel Peace Prizein 2011 for organizing a peacemovement that brought an endto the Second Liberian Civil Warin 2003
  • 15. INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAYWithout a revolution of the spirit, theforces which produced the iniquitiesof the old order would continue to beoperative, posing a constant threat tothe process of reform andregeneration. It is not enough merelyto call for freedom, democracy andhuman rights. There has to be aunited determination to persevere inthe struggle, to make sacrifices inthe name of enduring truths, to resistthe corrupting influences of desire, illwill, ignorance and fear.~ Daw Aung San SuuKyi, Myanmar, awarded the NobelPeace Prize in 1991 in recognition ofher work in the nonviolent strugglefor democracy and human rights inBurma
  • 16. INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAYPeople are oftenunreasonable, illogical and selfish.Love them anyway. If you dogood, you can be accused for selfishmotivation. Do good anyhow.Goodness you do today will beforgotten tomorrow. Do good anyway.Your sincerity and honesty will hurtyou. Be sincere and honest anyway.Your help is truly needed, but peopleattack you when you help. Help themanyhow. You give to the world yourbest and they break your teeth. Givethe world your best anyway. All of thisis not between you and them, butbetween us and God~ Mother Teresa ofCalcutta, Founder, Missionaries ofCharity, awarded the Nobel PeacePrize in 1979 in recognition of her workin bringing help to suffering humanity
  • 17. INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAYTo be a light to others you will needa good dose of the spiritual life.Because as my mother used tosay, if you are in a goodplace, then you can help others.But if youre not well, then go lookfor somebody who is in a goodplace who can help you.~ Rigoberta MenchuTum, Guatemala, awarded theNobel Peace Prize in 1992 inrecognition of her work for socialjustice and ethno-culturalreconciliation work based onrespect for the rights of indigenouspeoples in her native Guatemala
  • 18. INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAYEstablishing lasting peace is thework of education; all politicscan do is keep us out of war.~ Maria Montessori, Italianeducator
  • 19. INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAYEvery great dream begins with adreamer. Always remember, youhave within you the strength, thepatience, and the passion toreach for the stars to change theworld. I freed a thousand slaves.I could have freed a thousandmore if only they knew theywere slaves. ~ Harriet Tubman, Americanabolitionist and humanitarian;escaped from slavery
  • 20. INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAYHistory is calling forpeace, reconciliation, compassion, love, service and sacrifice. Itis an age in which the presentproblems cannot be solved bythe masculine logic of power.This is the age when the presentproblems must be solved by themore feminine logic of love, andthe direction of history must bestraightened out.~ Dr. Hak Ja HanMoon, Korea, Co-Founder, Universal Federationfor World Peace
  • 21. Compiled by the Universal Peace
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