Invertebrate Phylum Arthropoda

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Invertebrate Phylum Arthropoda. Vocabulary Cephalization = concentration of nerve tissue at anterior end of organism Molting = periodic shedding of exoskeleton to allow for growth Chelicerae = pincher-like mouth parts. Vocabulary
Invertebrate PhylumArthropodaVocabularyCephalization = concentration of nerve tissue at anterior end of organismMolting = periodic shedding of exoskeleton to allow for growthChelicerae = pincher-like mouth partsVocabularyMandibles = chewing mouth parts adapted for piercing and suckingAppendages = extensions of body parts; legs and antennaeCephalothorax = fused head and thoraxVocabularyPedipalps = sense appendage for holding and transporting food; carry sperm Chitin = complex carbohydrate; fungi cell wall, arthropod exoskeletonCharacteristics* Segmented bodies with paired, jointed appendages* Chitinous exoskeleton * Bilateral symmetrical coelomates* Must molt to grow* Open circulatory system* High degree of cephalization* Ventral nerve cordFour Subphylum:Chelicerata - horseshoe crabs, sea spiders, spiders, scorpions, ticks, mites* spiders - chelicerae modified asfangs that inject venom; spin silkCrustacea - crabs, lobsters, shrimp, crayfish, barnacles, water, fleas* branched antennae; pair of mandibles; respire with gillsUniramia – centipedes (bite), millipedes (herbivores), all insects * antennae, mandibies, unbranched appendages(Trilobita) - extinct organisms called trilobitesAntennaRostrumAnternnuleChelipedCompound eyeCarapaceHeadCephalothoraxWalk LegsThoraxAbdomenUropodTelsonMouthMandibleMaxillaMaxilliped
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