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Jacksonville Golf Magazine is a high-quality sports publication produced by local writers and printed by a local printer. It covers golf in North Florida, highlighting the people, places and events that make the game a major activity in this area. A free publication, it is delivered to every golf course in the area, providing advertisers access to the major decision-makers in North Florida. Website: www.jaxgolfmag.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/jaxgolfmag Twitter: www.twitter.com/jaxgolfmag
  GOLF     J    U    L    Y VOLUME 2  ã ISSUE 7 FREE   LOCAL GOLF & SPORTS MAGAZINE J A C K S O N V I L L E Anne Nimnicht Three tours one chair(woman) — page 6 USGA AMATEUR:THE PLAYERS: The journey starts hereCurtis Hazel — page 13— page 7  Want last minute tee-time deals ? Want last minute tee-time deals ? Open Times provides the bestgolf tee time deals for Jacksonville.Book your golf reservation online24/7 and receive discounts upto 75% on your next tee time! www.GolfOpenTimes.com 75 % save up toOFF Golf Tee Times! THE FOLLOWING COURSES ARE POSTING TEE TIMES EXCLUSIVELY ON OPEN TIMES!  Jacksonville Golf Magazine ã July 2011 ã www.jaxgolfmag.com 3 You hear it everywhere: the most af  - fordable golf anywhere is in North - east Florida. I hear it from the con - sumer, the salesmen and the courseowners.The consumer, of course, is happy.Those of us who venture outside theimmediate area know the price is re - ally right, not only for golf but alsofor equipment.The salesmen are both happy andnot-so-happy. On the one hand,they’re selling a lot of merchandiseto the pro shops and retail stores.On the other, they may not be get - ting the prices they want.The course owners, as we all know,are scrambling. The intense compe - tition for the golfer has driven pric - es lower and lower, and the deals arecoming fast and furious.Did you get the Hampton Golf deallast month, golf for $8.99? Howabout the discounts at the WorldGolf Village? And how about theerce retail competition betweenEdwin Watts, David Gates and thevarious franchises?I think that our courses and storeshave adjusted to the poor economybetter than anywhere else, becausewe’ve always had competition here.Sure, they aren’t making the moneythat owed just a few years ago, butwe’ve been fortunate here. I haveread about other cities that haveseveral courses closing, it’s beenminimal here. That’s because theyknow how to run their businesses.One factor that works in our favor isthat we aren’t a seasonal economy.Our prices are pretty much the same,no matter the time of year.Check out what you’ll pay in, say,Orlando. A good course’s dailygreens fee may top $100 in the win - ter and drop to $30 in the summer.Even Myrtle Beach has seasons andthe golf prices reect those.This economy can’t stay down but,almost for sure, it’s going to take awhile for normalcy to return. Thecourse operators will continue tohave a challenge. But, in numerousconversations, I haven’t been able tond a course that’s close to goingunder. Yes, some are hurting, butthese seem to be higher-end placesthat have outside nancial backing.With all this being said, why aren’tyou out there more often? I realizethat our pocketbooks are stretchedbut I also see prices that make anafternoon worth of golf about ex - pensive as an evening out at a mov - ie (by the way, does anyone knowwhy they have stopped making goodmovies?) or a dinner for two. If youplay late, you’ll have change leftover from a $20 bill at some courses.If you missed Hampton’s offer, toobad, but their prices are still morethan affordable. Same with the WGVand the courses that Mike Pullencontrols.Get out there. It’s time to let theeconomy work in your favor.Comments?I’m at brian@jagolfmag.com. Brian Lamarre  Publisher  Money talks Hello ellow Tweeps.Check us out at twitter.com/jaxgolmag PitchShot Tiger Woods announced earlier this month that due to inju - ries to his left leg that have not fully healed, he would missthe 2011 British Open. He has also bowed out of the U.S.Open and AT&T National, of which he has hosted for the pastve years. Let’s not forget he also walked out after 9 holeson Thursday at The Players. Who knows when he’ll return. From the Publisher  Tiger out.... SaturdayMorningsat 10:00 TSX   VOICE OF THE FaN  www.tsxradio.com   4 Jacksonville Golf Magazine ã July 2011 ã www.jaxgolfmag.com Selva Marina pro Russell Radel and membersLiz Crawford, Bess Godfrey and Ann Rudenwon the annual Northern Chapter PGA Pro-Lady last month at Mayport Windy Harbor.The team had a 119 total in the best 2-of-4format to win by two over the Marsh Creekteam of Cary Splane, Sue Foley, Laurie Mus - soline and Pam Celestino.Splane was the low pro with 65, one bet - ter than Flagler College’s Santiago Cavana - ugh. Host pro Jon Fine and Sawgrass’s BillyPomeroy tied for third at 69.There were 34 teams and tied for thirdwere Hidden Hills, with Wayne Ulmer, Lin - da Frank, Marilyn Poyner and Jane Verk - outeren; and Palencia, with Mike Broderick,Cindy Gates, Carol Dickman and Susan Agee. Selva teamtakes Pro-Lady “We built a golf course that people will enjoy playing...”  Introducing The Slammer Pass For a Limited Time onlyReceive Unlimited Green Fees for 1 yearto one of the area’s top rated courses...for 1 UNBEATABLE PRICE! Only at the Slammer & Squire Golf Courseat World Golf Village.   Act Now &   SAVE $400 Call Today: (904) 940-6088. Managed by Honours Golf www.HonoursGolf.com  www.GolfWGV.com Jeri Roche won the champion - ship of the Executive Women’sGA of Jacksonville last monthwith a 74 at the Country Clubof Orange Park. Monica O’Reillywas the net champ.Gross and net ight winners,as well as the winning scrambleteam, qualied for the semi - nals in Savannah with winnersthere going to the nationalchampionship.Gross ight winners, in addi - tion to Roche, were Nipa Polnoi,Sharon Zeimetz, Glenna Ries - terer and Sheila Woolsey.Joining O’Reilly as net win - ners were Donna Willard, Mar - gie Begley, Mary Pat Franz andLinda Hagan.The scramble champs were LoriCollins, Rosann Burdette, Bar - bara Ulch and Jennifer Eckens - berger.  Jeri Roche Roche wins EWC title
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