Jude the apostle

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1. Jude the Apostle 2. History-About St. Jude. <ul><li>Jude  was one of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus. </li></ul><ul><li>He is…
  • 1. Jude the Apostle
  • 2. History-About St. Jude. <ul><li>Jude  was one of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus. </li></ul><ul><li>He is generally identified with  Thaddeus , and is also variously called  Jude of James ,  Jude Thaddaeus ,  Judas Thaddaeus  or  Lebbaeus . </li></ul>
  • 3. <ul><li>He is sometimes identified with  Jude, &quot;brother of Jesus&quot; , but is clearly distinguished from  Judas Iscariot , another disciple and later the betrayer of Jesus. </li></ul><ul><li>He was Born in 1st century  AD in Roman Province of  Galilee . He Died in 1st century  AD Roman Province of  Syria . </li></ul>
  • 4. <ul><li>St. Jude was born into a  Jewish  family in Paneas, a town in Galilee later rebuilt by the Romans and renamed Caesarea Philippi. </li></ul><ul><li>In all probability he spoke both Greek and Aramaic, like almost all of his contemporaries in that area, and was a farmer by trade. </li></ul>St. Thaddeus, St. Sandukht and other Christians in Sanatruk's prison
  • 5. <ul><li>St. Jude was a son of Clopas and his wife Mary, a cousin of the Virgin Mary. </li></ul><ul><li>Tradition has it that Jude's father, Clopas, was murdered because of his forthright and outspoken devotion to the risen Christ. </li></ul>
  • 6. <ul><li>He is also said to have visited  Beirut  and Edessa, though the latter mission is also attributed to Thaddeus of Edessa, one of the Seventy. </li></ul><ul><li>He is reported as suffering martyrdom together with Simon the Zealot in Persia.  </li></ul><ul><li>The fourteenth-century writer Nicephorus Callistus makes Jude the bridegroom at the wedding at Cana </li></ul>
  • 7. <ul><li>St. Jude is traditionally depicted carrying the image of Jesus in his hand or close to his chest, denoting the legend of the  Image of Edessa , recorded in apocryphal correspondence between Jesus and Abgarus which is reproduced in Eusebius'  History Ecclesiastica, I, xiii . According to it, King Abgar of Edessa (a city located in what is now southeast  Turkey ) sent a letter to Jesus to cure him of an illness that afflicts him, and sent the envoy  Hannan , the keeper of the archives, offering his own home city to Jesus as a safe dwelling place. </li></ul>
  • 8. <ul><li>The envoy either painted a likeness of Jesus, or Jesus, impressed with Abgar's great faith, pressed his face into a cloth and gave it to  Hannan  to take to Abgar with his answer. </li></ul><ul><li>Upon seeing Jesus' image, the king placed it with great honor in one of his palatial houses. </li></ul><ul><li>After Christ had ascended to heaven, St. Jude was sent to King Abgar by the Apostle St. Thomas. </li></ul>Saint Jude Heals King Abgar of Edessa
  • 9. <ul><li>The king was cured and astonished. </li></ul><ul><li>He converted to Christianity along with most of the people under his rule. </li></ul><ul><li>Additionally, St. Jude is often depicted with a flame above his head. </li></ul><ul><li>This represents his presence at Pentecost, when he received the Holy Spirit with the other apostles. </li></ul>Saint Jude Heals King Abgar of Edessa.
  • 10. <ul><li>According to the Armenian tradition, Saint Jude suffered martyrdom about 65 C.E. in Beirut, Lebanon together with the apostle Simon the Zealot, with whom he is usually connected. </li></ul>
  • 11. <ul><li>Their acts and martyrdom were recorded in an  Acts of Simon and Jude that was among the collection of passions and legends traditionally associated with the legendary Abdias, bishop of Babylon, and said to have been translated into Latin by his disciple Tropaeus Africanus, according to the  Golden Legend  account of the saints. </li></ul>
  • 12. <ul><li>Saints Simon and Jude are venerated together in the Roman Catholic Church on October 28. </li></ul>
  • 13. <ul><li>Sometime after his death, Saint Jude's body was brought from Beirut, Lebanon to  Rome  and placed in a crypt in  St. Peter's Basilica  which is visited by many devotees. </li></ul>
  • 14. <ul><li>According to popular tradition, the remains of St. Jude were preserved in a monastery  on an  island  in the northern part of Issyk-Kul lake in Kyrgyzstan at least until mid-fifteenth century. </li></ul>
  • 15. <ul><li>St. Jude Thaddeus is invoked in desperate situations because his  New Testament  letter stresses that the faithful should persevere in the environment of harsh, difficult circumstances, just as their forefathers had done before them. </li></ul>
  • 16. <ul><li>  Therefore, he is the  patron saint  of desperate cases. (The epithet is also commonly rendered as &quot;patron saint of lost causes&quot;.) </li></ul>
  • 17. <ul><li>Saint Jude is the patron saint of the Chicago Police Department and of Clube de Regatas do Flamengo (a popular football ( soccer ) team in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) </li></ul><ul><li>His other patronages include desperate situations and hospitals. </li></ul>
  • 18. <ul><li>One of his namesakes is St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis,  Tennessee , which has helped many children with terminal illnesses and their families since its founding in 1962. </li></ul>
  • 19. <ul><li>His feast day is October 28 ( Roman Catholic Church  and Lutheran Church) and June 19 (Eastern Orthodox Church). </li></ul>
  • 20. St. Jude in India. <ul><li>St. Jude India ChildCare Centres is a not-for-profit organization incorporated in Mumbai, India. The organization was establised by the founding members to continue their abiding interest in the welfare of children in India. </li></ul>
  • 21. St. Jude Shrine in Jhansi. <ul><li>The devotion to St. Jude Thaddaeus, was practically unknown in India, and it was the late Bishop F. X. Fenech who started it in Jhansi, which was a Prefecture Apostolic in those days.  </li></ul><ul><li>  It was not easy to do especially during the World War II, but Bishop Fenech was a man of great faith, he made a promise to St. Jude that if he helped him, he would build a Shrine in Jhansi in his honour. </li></ul>
  • 22. <ul><li>Now it is 35 years, since the Shrine dedicated to him was built. </li></ul><ul><li>It is situated in Jhansi. </li></ul>
  • 24. <ul><li>Thank you for Watching. </li></ul>
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