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    Angel of Ascension .. Out of Darkness into Light © Astrea Aurora Beloveds, it is the Lord Kuthumi .. as we link our energies together onthis evening of total lunar eclipse .. grounded by Mother Gaia as youanchor your pathway of light deep within the earth .. and assisted by themany angelics from various dimensions to open your higher chakras tothe Source realms .. with Divine Mother assisting now to allow the heartto fully open on all levels .. expanding with the breath to allow your lightbody to fill completely with light .. connected to both the heavenly realmsof inspiration and the earthly realms of anchoring and bringing into realitythose heavenly gifts you each hold.And we introduce now many emissaries from the realms of Arcturus andAndromeda .. and your energy bodies receive fine tuning, releasing the  memories of parallel lifetimes and patterns of sabotage, of inability, of lack of faith, lack of belief and trust .. which have anchored within thebodies of light that are returning and which have anchored into yourbeing. And you may work consciously with the emissaries bysurrendering up for release the challenges both recent and of longstanding within which you are currently ‘stuck’, opening your heart, yourmind, and your entire being and surrendering for release all thatchallenges and confuses, saddens and limits you. And these oftenmanifest within the physical body as blockages and illnesses .. and thesemay be offered for release also. If you will work consciously with this finetuning, much acceleration is gained .. and much may be achieved. It is inthe creation of a vacuum, releasing all that is duality and distortion .. thatthe team of lightworkers who support you and whose role is one of assistance and guidance and enablement .. may offer you greatdownloads of light codes of restoration, of repatterning, of inspiration, of acceleration and of empowerment.Each of the dimensions of your being receives attention, your mentalbody, emotional body, spiritual body, star body, soul body, etheric body,divine masculine and feminine body .. all the dimensions and thegateways of your being receive lifting of the distortions held .. andrepatterning to divine perfection .. a gift given to you all in each podlinking of your energies .. that you receive relief from any physicalchallenges and burdens from this path of greatness along which you walk.There is great acceleration within the energies sent to the earth plane ..and many are the changes that are occurring, both individually and on aplanetary level. You each stand as great channels of light, like beacons of light you hold these energies and embody them and share them with all,once they have transfigured you.We wish to share with you the nature of the path you walk, which is oneof transfiguration and transformation. Every cell and every atom of yourbeing is changing and transforming into crystal light.The portals within your body receive linking and connection with thegalactic portals .. and also with the physical portals of mother earth. Thelei lines and meridians of your body are connecting with the pathways of light in the galaxies .. and with the lei lines of mother earth. You arebecoming multidimensional .. transforming the nature of your being,opening pathways within your physical being which have their parallelsboth in the galaxies and within the physical earth. You walk as livingtransmitters of divine Source energy .. bringing divine light, inspiration,  and great impulses of unconditional love .. for all to share. And so, thereare physical challenges within this transformation .. as each celltransforms and crystallises into light .. and as your frequencies changeand lift, becoming more and more aligned with the higher galactic andcosmic frequencies.And there are great impulses of these galactic charges of energy ..followed by what seem to be lulls of energy .. of emptiness and of wondering and doubting .. when all appears to grind to a halt, and therefeels to be no progress, no direction, no divine inspiration, no charge of energy, no thrills and spills of excitement and passion and the newparadigms of energy which stir you and bring change. And the oldpatterns of doubt and loss of faith creep in at these times .. and all thatyou have been through, the initiations you have passed through, thetransformation you have gained, the personal challenges you have walkedbeyond .. seem of little value or importance in these times .. for theenergy appears to have stopped and in these quiet times you are oftenunable to recall the heightened raising of the senses, of the closeness tomight and divinity just recently experienced, of the exhilaration of walking beyond personal challenges .. all appears to have stopped, thisprogress and excitement and challenge and success.And you look at others who are racing ahead, and compare yourself andfeel lacking in progress, lacking in connection, lacking in divinity. Eachhas his own path to greatness .. and some have a more accelerated path.. some have a fire within the belly which sees them forging ahead,working with huge levels of determination and discipline .. and that thereis a timing of the divine for each which varies .. and some with the fire inthe belly are forced by this inner fire to tumble through initiations and arebuffeted about by the energies they encounter .. and others choose amore graceful, and sometimes less exciting, less profound path of evolution .. with not the bells and whistles of those with the inner fire.But say to you clearly .. that each of you holds the same capacity of greatness. And that what you see in another indeed and in fact is themirror of your own greatness .. only the timing differs. Each of you holdsthe same degree of greatness and divinity .. only the path differs, and thetiming. Each of you holds greatness within.We say to you that you are holding the gains you have made .. holdingthese fast, channeling these into the earth .. anchoring these personalsuccesses and overcoming of challenge .. anchoring this transformation of your crystal bodies of light .. into the portals and meridians, the lei linesof mother earth .. acting as transmitters of divine light and frequency and  of the overcoming of previous challenges and obstacles .. you pass allthat you have gained in personal acceleration and growth and evolutioninto the earth core where it is shared with all humanity.And it is in these lull times, when all energy appears to have stopped ..that in fact you are offering all that you have gained to humanity and tomother earth .. and in these lull times, those others of humanity aregiven time to absorb and to accept and to integrate what you have gonebefore to bring them. And it is a service and a gift to humanity you bringthem, in allowing them extra time to catch up and to absorb and to cometo terms with the new paradigms you bring, for you are the new creatorsof the new world.It is from your own heart’s dreams that you create this world on behalf of all. It is what makes your heart sing .. which is the preprogrammedimpulse which sets you about your path of transformation. Your heartholds divine wisdom and knowledge .. and when you are true to yourheart’s wisdom and its divine desires .. you bring about an entirely newparadigm of life upon this earth. You stand as creators of the new realityand it is from your hearts that you bring these new concepts of rightaction, right thought, right living .. to the new world. Individually youhold desire for change in all the levels of living and of physicality .. desirefor change in equality, in freedom of choice, in free will, of justice andequality, of fairness and peace, of nutrition of the physical body, of purityof water and food without contamination by chemical alteration, of healing and methods of treatment for illness, of natural remedies .. desirefor ways of living and being .. of living and loving and sharing incommunity and care for each other .. of assisting and supporting eachother and living in harmony and peace .. in working together, sharingyour beautiful gifts and personal attributes .. in synergy of your energiesand your gifts and individual qualities of greatness.You are held in high regard and honour by the family of light .. and thereis such support for you and assistance. It is seen the personal challengesyou endure in the face of enormous changes occurring all around andwithin you. It is our desire that you be made aware of the divine natureyou each hold and of the path you walk and of the new world you bringwith you to humanity.If you will open your hearts now and your minds .. as many angelicbeings from Arcturus bring tools of healing and of remembrance .. tobreak free of the patterns of limitation you hold as beings of physicality that you may have memory now of your divinity and of the greatness
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