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  Fundamentals of 3GPP Long Term Evolution (LTE)Radio Access Network (RAN) Lily Zhu, LTE Product ManagerQi Bi, Bell Labs Fellow  2| LTE Fundamentals | September 2008All Rights Reserved ©Alcatel-Lucent 2008 Outline of the Presentation  Introduction to LTE  History, Requirements, and Terminology  Fundamentals of the LTE Radio Access Network  OFDM basics  Downlink air interface structure  Uplink air interface structure  MIMO support  Scheduling and resource allocation principles  Duplexingmodes  Key features of intra-LTE handover  3| LTE Fundamentals | September 2008All Rights Reserved ©Alcatel-Lucent 2008 Standards Technology Evolution –Overview Note: ã Dates shownare standards completion dates (or expected completion dates.)ã“Initial VoIP”not as spectrally efficient as “Optimized VoIP”.ã“Mobility”indicates when each particular standard supports mobility inter-operability between the terminal and BTS. IEEE/WiMAX Forum   Rel-5(HSDPA)Rel-6 (HSUPA, MBMS)R-99(UMTS)IS-856 Rev B(MC, 64QAM) Rel-7 (EnhancedHSDPA) IS-1006-A(EBCMCS) 802.16e Wave1&2802.16 (WiMAX)802.16a802.16d16e Rev. 2Rel1.5 19992000200120022003200420052006200720082009 IS-1006(BCMCS) Rel-8(LTEDC HSPA) 3GPP23GPP   MobilityMobility Init.VoIP Opt.VoIP IS-856 Rev 0(1xEV-DO)IS-856 Rev A(Optimized UL & VoIP) Opt.VoIP UMB Rev. 0 (FDD)Rev. A (TDD)   IS-2000 (CDMA 2000 1x)   Mobility Init.VoIP Opt.VoIPOFDMOFDMOFDM 802.16m Rel2.0 Rel-9 (more LTEfeatures) OFDM IS-856 Rev C( MIMO/SDMA, DO Enhancements )1x-adv (IS-2000) 2010   eHRPDEPC Primarily TDD w/ FDD optionsPrimarily FDD w/ TDD options 2011 Rel-10(LTE-adv) Focus for this talk  4| LTE Fundamentals | September 2008All Rights Reserved ©Alcatel-Lucent 2008 3GPP Standards Evolution (Initial Plan) Release 99: WCDMA March 2000Release 5: HSDPA, IMS March 2002Release 6: HSUPA, MBMS March 2005Release 7: HSPA+ MIMO, HOM, CPC, network architecture Sept 2007 20102004200620002002 Release 8: HSPA+ reduced latency, multi-carrier 2008 2008 Kickoff in RAN LTE workshop Nov 2004LTE Feasibility Study initiated Dec 2004LTE Work Item created March 2006Release 8: LTE Stage 3 “complete”Dec 2007 UMTS/HSPA/HSPA+LTE 2 Mbps DL 384 kbps UL14.4 Mbps DL 384 kbps UL14.4 Mbps DL 5.76 Mbps UL28.8 Mbps DL 11.5 Mbps UL43.2 Mbps DL 11.5 Mbps UL
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