National Highway 1 Panipat

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construction of nh-1 in panipat
  INDUSTRIAL TRAINING REPORT   6 LANING OF THE NH1 FROMPANIPAT TO JALANDHAR   SUBMITTED IN PARTIAL FULFILLMENT OF THE REQUIREMENT FOR THE AWARD OF THE DEGREE OF BACHELOR OF TECHNOLOGY(Civil Engineering)AT   SOMA-ISOLUX SUBMITTED BY YAMAN   0909061   SESSION 2011-2012   Department of Civil Engineering   D.C.R UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY     ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS  This report is an overview of the methods and techniques employed by the Soma isoluxto carry out the construction of the 6 laning of the NH1 Project. Before beginning the project report I would like to thank those without whose support and help this work would not have been possible. I am highly grateful to   Mr.Pramod kumar  , Project Manager for providing me with thisopportunity to experience and learn some construction methods being employed inthis project.The constant guidance and support received from Mr.M.L.Sharma  and  Mr.Anjani Kumar  hasbeen of great help in carrying out the present work and is acknowledged with   reverential thanks. I also acknowledge my earnest regards to the staff at Soma-isolux for their unstinted support, patience, valuable suggestion, intellectual inferences and timely assistance offered during mytraining period. And last but not the least I would like to devote my sincere gratitude to my university for incorporating industrial training as a part of the learning process.Yaman0909061 B.Tech(Civil Engineering) DCRUST, Murthal       CONTENTS-S.NO PARTICULARS CertificateAknowledgementContents(1)- Project overview(2)- Pavement crust details (3)-SubgradeScope,materials and testing(4)-Granular sub baseScope,materials and requirements(5)-WMMScope,materials and requirements(6)-DBMScope,materials and requirements(7)-BCScope,materials and requirements (8)- HM Plant(9) WMM Plant(10) Batching Plant(11) RE Wall Expansion Joint(12) Bridge Bearings(13) Concrete Girder(14) Construction Machinery  (15) Reasons of delayment of project   PROJECT OVERVIEW-National Highway 1 Panipat  – Jalandhar Toll Road Project  On October 23, 2008, the board of Asian Development Bank (ADB) was presenteda proposal to approve a loan of $ 240 million for National Highway 1 Panipat-Jalandhar Toll Road Project. This Project would help address the problem of capacity shortage in the road sector in India and is important from the point of socio-economic development and economic growth of the country. The Presidentof ADB, Mr Haruhiko Kuroda, was confident that the proposed loan would serveADB's strategy of poverty reduction through infrastructure-led growth.The proposed highway runs through the so called bread basket of India. It is partof the historical Grand Trunk road which runs from Sonargaon in Bangladesh toPeshawar in Pakistan. The road was upgraded to four lanes in the past decade andis now being expanded to six lanes due to rapid growth in traffic and increasingcongestion. There was little debate on the merits of loan as it satisfied all theexisting criteria of ADB. The loan was consistent with ADB's private sector development strategy, country strategy, sector strategy and the long term strategyof infrastructure development through increased private sector participation. The proposed ADB financial assistance would be catalytic, allowing the Project to raiselong-term debt financing. 1.1 Introduction to Indian Roadways Roads are considered to be one of the most cost effective and preferred modes of transportation. Roads are critical for country's overall socio-economicdevelopment. An efficient and well-established road network is inevitable for  promoting trade and commerce as well as meeting the needs of a soundtransportation system in the country. Road transport accounts for about 65 per centof freight (in ton-km) and 86.7 per cent of passenger traffic (in passenger-km) inIndia. India has one of the largest road networks in the world with a total roadlength of 3.34 million kilometres. Indian road network consists of expressways,national highways, state highways, district roads and village roads. The number of vehicles has been growing at an average rate of 10.16 per cent per annum over thefive years (2003-2008). The share of road in total traffic has grown from 13.8 per cent of freight traffic and 15.4 per cent of passenger traffic in 1950-51 to anestimated 65 per cent of freight traffic and 86.7 per cent of passenger traffic by theend of 2004-05. This rapid growth in traffic has led to deterioration of road
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