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Matters Concerning Petitions of Declaration of Nullity, Annulment and Legal Separation Grounds (see Persons Effects of Pendency of How can Marriage be Who can Invoke Action? When to File Action? Reviewer)
  Matters Concerning Petitions of Declaration of Nullity, Annulment and Legal Separation Grounds (see PersonsReviewer) Who can Invoke Action?When to File Action?Effects of Pendency of ActionHow can Marriage beatified? Petition for Declaration of Nullity (Void Marriages) Absence of RequirementsA petition for declaration of absolutenullity of void marriage may be filed solely by the husband or the wife  (!ec # AM No $ %&&%&$%!')'ompulsory or intestate eirs can still question te validity of te marriage of te spouses# not in a proceeding for declaration of nullity but upon te deat of te spouse in a  proceeding for the settlement of the estate of the deceased spouse filed in the regular courts  ('arlos v !andoval) General Rule  *nly te usband or wife can question te validity of marriage Exceptions  (ie wen tird partiesmay question)&)+en te petition for absolutenullity was filed before March! # $%%& , or  )-e marriage was solemni.ed before the Fa'ily (ode (August /# &011) AM No $ %&&%&$%!' coversmarriages under te 2amily 'ode of te Pilippines (August /# &001)#and is prospective in its application(3nrico v 4eirs of Medinaceli)-e action or defense for tedeclaration of absolute nullityof a marriage sall not  prescribe  (as amended by RA 8533, approved February 23, 1998) Void marriages can be questioned even after the death of eiter party but voidable marriages can be assailed only during te lifetime of te parties and notafter deat of eiter# in wiccase te parties and teir offspring will be left as if te marriage ad been perfectly valid (Ninal v 5ayadog)6f tere is no written agreement between te spouses# te court sall provide&)for te support   of te spouses  and common children , )for te custody    of te teir common children ,/)for appropriate visitation rights  of te oter parent (Art 70# 2')-e court sall ta8e into account all relevant considerations# especially te coice of te cild over 9years of age# unless te parent cosen is unfit (Art &/# 2')No cild under 9 years of age sall be separated from te moter unless te court finds compelling reasons to order oterwise (6d)Void marriages cannot be ratified5igamous Marriages5efore :udicial Declaration of  Absolute Nullity5efore :udicial Declaration of Presumptive Deat (Art 7&# 2')5ad 2ait of 5ot !pouses (Art 77# 2')Psycological 6ncapacity (Art /;# 2')6ncestuous Marriages (Art /9# 2')Marriages Against Public Policy (Art /1# 2')Non%'ompliance <nder  Article =/  Petition for  Annulment (Voidable Marriages) Absence of Parental 'onsentparty wo was not able to get parental consentw>n = years after attaining &During te proceedings for annulment of marriage te spouses and teir cildren sall be supported from te properties of te absolute community or te con?ugal partnersip After te final  ?udgment granting te petition# te obligation of mutual support between te spouses ceases (Art &01# 2')!upport pending litigation for spouse and cildren will first come from te 'P@>A'P 6f insufficient# will be ta8en from te eclusive properties *nce te decree as been issued# support will be ta8en from te liquidated and distributed properties of te spouses (Mawis)free coabitation after reacing &parent or guardianbefore cild reaces &cannot be ratified trougcoabitation6nsanityte sane  spouse before the death  of te eiter partyfree coabitationparent or guardiancannot be ratified troug coabitationte insane spouse during lucid interval  free coabitation after regaining sanity2raudte in?ured partyw>n = years from discovery of fraud  free coabitation after 8nowledge of fraud2orce# 6ntimidation and <ndue 6nfluencew>n = years from cessation of cause free coabitation after cause as disappearedPysical 6ncapacity>6mpotentte potent partyw>n = years after marriage cannot be ratified but action prescribes Affliction wit !-D-e ealty partyPetition for Begal !eparationRepeated Pysical Violenceor @rossly Abusive 'onduct<nder Article 00 of te New 'ivil 'ode# Cno person sall be entitled to a legal separation wo as not resided in te Pilippines for one year prior to te filing of te petition#unless te cause for te legal separation as ta8en place witin te territory of tis Republic4owever# today# te 2amily 'ode is silent wit tis requirement under  Article == An action for legal separationsall be filed within five years   from  te time of te occurrence of the cause  (Art =9# 2') a.Cooling! #eriod   An action for legal separationsall in no case be tried before six months   sall ave elapsed since te filing of te petition (Art =1# 2') b.Rig$% o Consor%ium  After the filing of the  petition  for legal separation# te spouses sall be entitled to live separately from eac oter (Art ;&(&)# 2')!ee Persons Reviewer on ReconciliationPysical Violence or Moral Pressure to 'ompel Petitioner to 'ange Religion or Political  Affiliation  )nly  te husband  or te wife  can file for petition for legal separation (Mawis) &.Adminis%ra%ion o #roper%y  -e court# in te absence of a written agreement betweente spouses# sall designate eiter of tem or a tird person to administer te absolute community or con?ugal partnersip property -e administrator appointed by te court sall ave te same powers and duties as tose of a guardianunder te Rules of 'ourt (Art ; ( )# 2') d.'uppor% and Cus%ody #enden%e i%e During te pendency of te action for legal separation# te provisions of  Article 49   shall likewise apply   to te support of te spouses and te custody and support of te common cildren (Art ; # 2')During te proceedings for legal separation te spousesand teir cildren sall be supported from te properties of te absolute community or te con?ugal partnersip After te final  ?udgment granting te  Attempt to 'orrupt Petitioner or 'ild to 3ngage in Prostitution2inal :udgment !entencing Respondent to More tan ; ears 6mprisonmentDrug Addiction or 4abitual  AlcoolismBesbianism or 4omoseuality'ontracting by *ne !pouse of Anoter Marriage!eual 6nfidelity or Perversion  petition# te obligation of mutual support between te spouses ceases -e court may order tat te guilty spouse sall give support to te innocent one# specifying te terms of suc order (Art &01# 2') Attempt by *ne !pouse  Against te Bife of te *ter  Abandonment of *ne !pouse by te *ter for more tan & year 
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