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  Process Plant & Machinery Solutions from IndiaProcess Plant & Machinery Solutions from India Estd. : 1978ISO : 9001-2000 Poly Plast Chemi Plants (I) Pvt Ltd           P       r       o          d       u       c         t Poly Plast Chemi Plants (I) P.Ltd engaged in Design & fabrication of Chemical plants and IndustrialEquipments out of FRP & its composites with Thermoplastic Liners such as PP, PVC, CPVC, PVDF, ECTFE,TFM, and FEP etc.Storage Tanks Contact Mould Hand lay up tanksFilament wound tanks made on CNC filament windingmachinesDual laminated tanks with a thermoplastic liner, Process/Reaction Vessels Poly plast manufactures process/Reaction vessels of differentsizes and shapes as per the Customer's specifications,ranging from 200 ltrs. To 1,00,000 ltrs capacity with conical,dished or flat bottom and top.The Material of Construction depends on chemical,temperature and pressure conditions of the processrequirement.Equipments supplied with complete stirring assembly withindependent mounting structure and suitable sealingarrangements as per the customers requirements.All thermoplastic liner weld joints are provided with non-metallic conductive materials to facilitate spark testing.Similarly FRP lined metallic vessels are also tested with sparktesting for pin hole or discontinuity of lining. These vessels area ideal replacement to the conventional M.S glass-lined andNobel metal claded vessels, in majority of the cases. P r o d u c t s Pipes and Fittings Pipes  Polyplast offers hand lay up & filament wound pipes rangingfrom 50 mm, NB, made using CNC controlled windingmachines. These pipes being mechanically very strong cantake high pressures and vacuum, Polyp Plast offers Pipes fromvarious resins like Isopthalic, Vinylester Bisphenol and otherImported resins. These pipes can also be made of duallaminated plastics like PVC-FRP, CPVC-FRP, PVDF-FRP, PP-FRP,FEP-FRP etc. FRP Sand cored Pipes For Rehabilitation of Old Sewers FRP Sand cored pipes are made out of GRPand sand with resins as core materials. Threaded FRP Pipes Threaded FRP pipes up to 150NB Dia arealready developed, supplied andSuccessfully tested for 52.5 Kg/Cm2Pressure) Further sizes are underdevelopment. Pipe Fittings Polyplast also manufactures Pipefittings likeTees, Reducers, Bends Flanges, Stubends,actuator fitted Valve, PVDF Fittings and PVDFValves etc. Biggest Size FRP (PP lined ) Reaction Vessel Manufactured By Poly Plast Client:M/S. Hindustan Inks & Resins Limited, VapiGujaratCapacity:50000 LtrsType:Vertical Cylindrical with integral dish bottom and flat bolting type topcover fitted with M.S/PP lined stirrer, stirring assembly, baffles(350mm wide x 4000mm LSize:3600mm dia x 4000mm vertical shell ht. Biggest size FRP(sand cored) Pipes manufactured by Poly Plast Client:M/s Per Aarsleff, Denmark for municipal Corporation of greaterMumbai Sewage rehabilitation project through world Bank FinanceConsultant:M/s. Trenchless Technology International, AustraliaQuantity:10000 mtrs.Size:Ranging from 1800mm dia , circular to 2700mmx1800mm in a voidconstruction. Biggest size FRP pipes manufactured by Poly plast Client:Oswal Chemicals & Fertilizers Limited ., Paradeep for PAP/DAPProjectSize:2000mm diaDesign Pressure :150mm W.C to 3 Kg/Cm2 YearTurnover (Rs. in Lacs) Export(Rs. in Lacs)R & D(Rs. in Lacs) 2002 - 2003741.942003 - 2004581.452004 - 20051613.80 Financials n One of the largest rectangular tanks in(80,000 Lts.Capacity) having size:9200x3400x2800mm.Poly Plast holdsthe record of manufacturing: n Largest capacity horizontal typePressure Vessel of 50,000 ltrs, 180m3capacity HCL storage tank in verticalconstruction. n A 180m3 capacity HCL storage Tank invertical construction.       I     n     n     o     v     a      t      i     o     n Poly Plast Designed and ManufacturedExport ConsultancyTechnology Arrangement Joint VentureManufacturing LicenceMarketing  Process Plant & Machinery Solutions from IndiaProcess Plant & Machinery Solutions from India Pollution Control Equipments –Polyplast offers Scrubbing Systems, which gives results of less than 5ppm(1 to 1.5 PPM) inExhaust air.–Supply Scrubbing Systems for SO2, NOX, NH3, and H2s Fumes.–Company also supply exhaust blowers, completely made out of plastic such as PP/FRP,PVC/FRP, PVDF/FRP, FRP Materials capacity ranging from 100CFM to 50,000 CFM andstatic pressure ranging from 50 mm, to 500 mm WC.–Company also make Ducting and Stacks of any size , any pressure rating as per customerrequirement and also undertake installation of ducting at customers site too. Lining FRP lining to large volume C.S/ M.S Tanks, Silos, Petroleum Tanks, Molasses Alcohol StorageTanks and pressure Vessels using different resin system such as Isopthalic Bisphenol, VinylEster and other such imported resins. Company also line C.C/S.S Reaction Vessels, ProcessVessels, Stirrers with conventional Plastic such as PVC, PP, CPVC, FRP, PVDF, ECTFE, FEP,PTFE and TFM etc. M.S/TFM Lined Column TFM have remarkably unique property, TFM can replace in many cases the conventional highcost materials such as alloy steel, Hastoalloy, Titanium, Monel and glass-lined equipments.Poly plast manufacture and supply dual laminated Fluoropolymers / FRP equipments, whichare economical in price, light in weight and easy to handle and install, in situ reparability.Chemicon Engg Consultants Pvt LimitedChemtex Engg of India Ltd.ConsultechDalal Mott Macdonald P Ltd.Development Consultants Ltd.Engineers India LimitedEquipment Design Engineers P LimitedHindustan Door Oliver Limited.JACOBS H &G LimitedKvaerner Powergas India LimitedKREBS &CIE (I) Limited.Kinertics Technology India LimitedLurgi India Co P. Ltd. Domestic Customers Ballapur Industries LimitedBayer India LimitedBlue Star LimitedCIPLA lIMITEDM.N.Dastur & CoMetallogical & Engg Consultants (I) LimitedMonsanto DMCC Envirotech Engg LimitedPipecon Consultants & Pvt Limited.R.J.Associates & Engineers Pvt Limited.Shriram Projects Engg & Cons ServicesLimited.Shroff Cons & Associates Pvt LimitedSIEL Project Engg Cons Pvt Limited.SPB Proj & Consultancy LimitedSimon India LimitedThaper Chemtex Consultants LimitedTATA Consulting Engineers.Uhde India Limited Registration with Major ConsultantsSome of Major Domestic and Overseas Customers DCM Shriram ConsolidatedE merck (India ) LimitedExcel Industries LimitedEssar Steels LimitedGujarat Fertilizers Corp LimitedGlaxo India LimitedHerdilia Chemicals LimitedHindustan Fluorocarbons LimitedHindustan Zinc Limited.Ranbaxy Lab LimitedRaymonds SteelsReckitt Benekiser LimitedAshaw Wallace Gelatines LimitedSudarshan Chemicals Inds LimitedTata Oil Mils LimitedThermax LimitedWipro LimitedWokhardt (I) limited Overseas Customers Saudik Contracting Co Ltd, Dammam,Saudi Arabia (KSA)Basic Chemical Industries LimitedDammam, Saudi Arabia (KSA)Abul Khair Steel Products Limited,BangladeshM/S. International Industrial Chemical Park(IICP) EgyptTunetanken A/S, DenmarkM/s. Arabian Chlorine Co Limited, kingdomof Saudi ArabiaThe national Titanium Dioxide, kingdom ofSaudi ArabiaKYCR Coil Industries LimitedPolymer Composite (Asia) SDN BHI,Malaysia.Transchart SDN, BHD MalaysiaAbul Khair Steel Products Limited -BangladeshM/S.Megarap Tubes Moroco.M/S.Galva Metals. ThaneM/S. National Petrochemical Co Iran InfrastructureManufacturing Facilities 2 Manufacturing Locations in Thane and 1 Manufacturing Locations in Dadra & Nagar HaveliPoly Plast employs 120 technical manpower n Poly plast manufactures at factory premises up to 5.1 mtr Dia equipments.Be yond this size, we manufacture equipments at customers site. n Poly plast have 2 workshops to manufacture Mould, Mandrill & Permanent mould fordished and flat ends right from 500 mm to 6500 mm dia. for manufacturing equipments. n Poly Plast have 2 CNC control filament winding pipe-making machines on which pipes rightfrom 50mm to 3000 mm dia x 6mtr, length can be manufactured n Post Curving Oven n Other Machineries and Testing Equipments Case StudiesBiggest Size FRP Storage Tank Manufactured by Poly Plast Client:M/S.IFFCO, Kalol GujaratCapacity:170 MType:Vertical Cylindrical with Flat bottom andIntegral conical topSize:6000mm dia x 6000mm vertical shell ht. ApplicationInstalled Capacity of MajorProductsConsultancy
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