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Quote Book 2006-2007 School Year “The quote book is basically the biggest inside joke ever.” –Cat And So It Begins… “Don’t tell mom we’re setting things on fire, okay?” –M “Does anyone want clammy cheese?” –M “Yay! Poison!” –Anna “Bitch Nazi Fucker!” –Cassy “Altos, don’t listen to the second sopranos, they’ll lead you astray.” –Mr. Wilhelm “I’d rather jump off a bridge and land on a seal.” –Cat “Yes, I run a cookie whoring business.” – M “Kick him while he’s down and give him the boot in the fa
  Quote Book 2006-2007 School Year  “The quote book is basically the biggest inside joke ever.” –Cat And So It Begins… “Don’t tell mom we’re setting things onfire, okay?” –M“Does anyone want clammy cheese?” –M“Yay! Poison!” –Anna“Bitch Nazi Fucker!” –Cassy“Altos, don’t listen to the secondsopranos, they’ll lead you astray.” –Mr.Wilhelm“I’d rather jump off a bridge and land ona seal.” –Cat“Yes, I run a cookie whoring business.” – M“Kick him while he’s down and give himthe boot in the face.” –Mrs. Hicks“How could you fall asleep during theLord of the Rings?!?!” –Maddie, Katie,and Brian“That doesn’t make sense to me, butyou’re very small. Perhaps you’re right.” –Treebeard“A half-step and a wiggle” –Mr. W“A friend will bail you out of jail. A truefriend will be sitting next to you saying‘damn that was fun’” –M“Flappy! Your big ass is hiding mywood!” –Potato“Do you know that everyone thinksyou’re a jerk?”“Wait, six-ish isn’t a time!” –M“It was the French who screwed up our  pronunciation. The French! Those damn bastards.” –Mr. Horan♫ I got stolen memories ♫ -M“Wood + Head = Bad” –Kacey“Cameras are my spawn.” –Katie“At least Japan has a culture. We’re justlike ‘Woo, Fries!’” –M“And then we dance with cookies andfairies and whee!” –Lina“Smell my sexy man-dog” –Lina“This is not Cat-tastic” – Cat“This is not a bosco stick!” –M“Maddie- I’d like bosco sticks, cookies,and a SpriteLunchperson- No SpriteM- SpriteL- No SpriteM- Yes, Sprite!”“Would you like to put things into boxes?”“Do you enjoy building birdhouses?”“Do you like counting money?”“Do you want to ride a lawn mower?”- Questions on the PLAN test  “A word [fuck] can’t die just because I’mnot there!” –Cassy“Life is like an unfriendly box of chocolates that tries to bite you when youtake a piece.” –Cat“That’s like the pot calling the kettle black. It says, ‘You’re just saying that‘cause I’m black.’” –Mr. Horan“White boy!” –Bernard“Sticky crumbs!” –Cat“What does fudgitive mean? Someoneget me a dictionary. Ohhh. It’s Fugitive.” –Dad of Cat“Never try to turn when there’s no placeto turn to.” –Cat“I like your cheese fries.” Sarah W.“My typemetron is broken.” –M“Ohh…there are cats in my closet.” –M“Hand guns, knives, and other weaponsare turning up in locker checks at our  junior high school.” –Comma correctionwebsite thing“It sounds like smoraphyll but beginswith a C” –Mrs. Baker “Mr. Paige- You’ve lost the fifth calendar I’ve given you?Lina- YesMr. P- You’re a tree killer, you knowthat?L- Yes, can I get a calendar now?Mr. P- Yes, but the deaths of those treeswill haunt your conscience for eternity.”“Ivan the terrible didn’t kill people- hesort of helped them die.” –Mr. Wilbur “When a dog sniffs something there are 3things that go through its mind:Can I eat this?Can I kill this?Can I mate with this?” –Mr. Horan“I have to go find my pants.” –M“Heavy metal makes me warm inside.” – Brian“I am not a coat rack.” –M“I have your eternal soul.” –Brian“Stabage!” –Lina“Play with passion fruit!”“If there are any 3 rd clarinets, then theviolins may go, add bicycle, cool timpaniwith small fan, if you are a 2 nd clarinet player, play the violin that was given toyou.”-Concert Band Audition Music“I’m not wearing pants, you fool!” –M“Katie- Why are there two nuts on this bolt?Sara- Why are there two nuts on your mom?”“It’s shaped kind of trapezoidal” –M“What’s wrong with these Altoids?They’re nothing but pins! Those fuckingBritish!” – Alex, brother of CatAttempted Scrabble WordsBalmad, Pij, Podoo, Tcats, Jotethi, Rooo,Seeee, uluvit, mopenguing, cum, cumand,ghettoz, wyful  “M- One plus one…Cat- That’s ELEVEN!”“Watch them tear Gandalf to shreds!” – Patrick, Brother of M“Cat- You got 192M- Yeah, but times that by 56 and Itotally beat you!”“Sometimes it’s fun to end things incommas.” –CatScrabble Paragraph(Used all the words from a game of Scrabble)Aaya and Finny’s child, Milto, cumandsthe cat’s trivia wyful pods. Her ax balmled the mopenguing rebels to the ghettozof suds. The rooks seeee them and rooothe nitwit’s qaa. Their AP wit had UV OJthe beeps with ET. Face.“Let me clarify something for you, younglady. The Bears aren’t football; They’reLIFE!” –Matt, Boyfriend of Cat’s sister “The postcard: the dry hump of marketing schemes.” –Frisky Dingo“Kevin- Hi, do you like Star Wars?Bernard- Hell yes I like Star Wars!”“Sexy broomstick ghost”“Han Like Egg”-M and Cat“Motherfucking Nazi Whore” –Cassy“obsessive compulsive penguins of doom” –Lina“Flappy, are you wearing a bra?” – Chelsea“My turtle ran away.” –Elise“How do you draw marms?” –Cat↑ mormons? No!“There is a head stuck in my song.” – Jenny KimballSporck (Lina spells it with a ‘ck’)Brian- Our Spanish teacher sucksLina- Yes, she must be eliminatedBrian- We will kill her with a sporck Lina- Isn’t that kind of soft and bendy?Brian- Fine, so we’ll use a massivetitanium sporck and kill her Lina- and then we’ll sacrifice her body tothe devilBrian- and our souls so that the devil willmake Maddie a vampireBoth- Sweet!(exchange hi-5’s)Lina- Ow, your hi-5’s hurt”“This is not a coke” –M“Contiminated!” –Lina“Lina! Stop hitting people withsandwiches!” –Kacey“There’s something suspicious in mysalad!” –M“Snackage: its like stabbage, butdifferent” –Katie“If Brian were in this school, my Brian-radar would be going off.” –M“Maddie and Brian sitting on a couchM-A-K-E-O-U-T!” –Cat“I can’t videotape things whilesomeone’s charging under my legs!” – Bernard  “Your [Cat] boobs smell funny.” –Lina“A nose by any other name would stillsmell.” –Freshmen Play“Where the flap is Flappy?” –Lina“Even little nerdlings can find love; Whycan’t I?” –Cat“You’re just the town bicycle aren’t you?Everyone gets a ride.” Mike W.Sugar Packet Quotes“Name the place you want to go buthaven’t been [in bed]?”“If you knew no fear, what would you do[in bed]?”“If you could be any animal, what wouldyou be [in bed]?”“What wouldn’t you do for $10,000 thatyou’d do for $1,000,000 [in bed]?”“MMM *bites into breadstick* Fuck YES!” –Flappy“Thank you for-no, no. You’re not goingto lick your ass.” –Lina“Death is going to come and… touchyour footprints?” –Cat“The footlights spawn in Charlie’s pants” –Lina“Ha ha, dude, it’s Stalin!” –Lina “I don’t do polka baby” – Six StringSamurai“Beware of the Spinach monster!” – Death“I have great hair for head-banging” – Anna“What are they going in there to do?Circle jerk!” – Anna“Flappy, we don’t want to see your manly breasts!” –Gaby“I love your mom’s face” –Cat“I’m scared to hold knives because Ithink I am going to cut myself.” –Josh“Katie: Maddie, you’re Cat’s pajamas.M- What?”“Stop touching my arrrrrrrrrMEOW!” – Cat“Rachel- So how’s sound going?Josh- This is lights…”“You know those girls who wear thosetight shorts with the writing on the assthat call you a pervert when you read it? Icall them indirect whores.” –Andy“I think I’m losing my mind.” –Katie“A sacred sacrifice in Sacramento- CatInvolving Sargento! - KatieJesus Christ!” –M“This morning I was so cold I couldn’tget out of bed, so I had to grab a cat andcarry it around with me because theygenerate heat.” –M“Realisticality” –Cat“I need a knife attachment for my phone” –M“You drank him [a teddy graham]” –M“Katie- What was the Price Revolution?
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