Radical America - Vol 16 No 4&5 - 1982 - July October

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Editors: Margaret Cerullo, Margery Davies, John Demeter, Marla Erlien, Phyllis Ewen, Linda Gordon, Allen Hunter, Joe Interrante, Neil McCafferty, Jim O'Brien, Donna Penn, Billy Pope, Judy Smith, Gail Sullivan, and Ann Withorn. Interns: Susan Mitchell and Antonio Sousa. Staff: John Demeter. Associate Editors : Peter Biskind, Carl Boggs, Frank Brodhead, Paul Buhle, Jorge C. Cor­ ralejo, Ellen DuBois, Barbara Ehrenreich, John Ehrenreich, D
  Editos Magaet Ceuo Magey Davies John Demete Maa Eien Phyis EwenLinda Godon Aen Hunte Joe Inteante Nei McCaffey Jim OBien Donna PennBiy Pope Judy Smith Gai Suivan and Ann Withon Intens Susan Mitche andAntonio SousaStaff John DemeteAssociate Editos Pete Bisind Ca Boggs an Bodhead Pau Buhe Joge C Coaeo Een DuBois Babaa Eheneich John Eheneich Dan Geogaas Matin Gabeman Jim Geen Michae Hisch Mie Kain Ken Lawence Staughton Lynd BettyMande Ma Naison Bian Peteson Sheia owbotham Annemaie Toge MathaVicinus Stan Wei David Widgey Cover: Iustration and design by Nick Thorkelson from a Goya paining. Radical America welcomes unsolicited manuscripts but can retu tem only if sufcient postage is incuded rtersmay also send absacts or nquies to anuscrpt Coordinator, c/o Radica AmericaRADCAL AERCA (USPS 8880) is publised bimontly by te Alternave Education Project, nc, at 8 UnionSque, Somerve, A 024 () 28-585 Copyrigt @ 982 by Radical Amerca Subscription rates $5peryear, $2 for 2 yes, $er year for unemployed Add $.00 per year to  prces for forei subscriptons Doublerates for instuons Free to prisoners ulk rates 40% reducton from cover prce for ve or more copies Distribuon n Eand by Soute Distribton,  A alfe Street, ldg K, Albion Yard, London N9ED Enand US distributonby Carrier Pigeon ypesetng by New ississippiSecond cass postage paid at oston, ass and addional post ofces POSTMASTER: Send adess changes to  RADCAL AERCA  Union Square, #4 Somervle, M 4 RADCAL AERA is avalable on microm from Xerox UniVersity icrolms, 00 Nort Zeeb Road, Ann Arbor, 480, and ndexed in Alternave Press Center ndex, P O. ox 229, almore, D 228 t is also indexed in  Ameca Histo and Life Socioloical Abstracts and Women's Studies Absracts.       VOL. 16, N4VOL. 16, N5Juyu. 198S.O. 198  INTRODUCTION 2SMLE AND SAY FREEZE7Marcy DarnovskyLET'S FAKE A DEAL: A HSTORY OF ARMS CONTROL10Marcy DarnovskyPOEM18 Sharon KurtzA CURE FOR THE COMMON COLD WAR21Tom AthanasiouM*A*S*H MARCHES ON37Karen LindseyPOEMS42Dick Lourie, Bronwen WallaceFGHTNG UNION BUSTING N THE 80s45Dan Clawson Karen Johnson, and John SchallLETTER TO READERS65The EditorsTHE POLITICS OF WELFARE67Ann WithornPOEM 74  A GriersonTHEMAJORTY AS AN OBSTACLE TO PROGRESS77RADCALS, PEASANTS, AND THE RSSAN REVOLUTIONEsther Kingston-Mann  INODUCION Wen Ronad Reagan charged n ear October that partcpants n the Amercan ncearfreeze movement ere beng manpated by those ho seek to eaken the Untedtates, t as a scene remnscent othe 60s At that tme, smar cever chrges ( agentsofa foregn poer) ere tossed n the mdst of Cv Rghts and antar movements Therprposeremans tofod: to confse the sses rased by a arge grong soca movement;and, by appeang to an endemc natonasm, to soate thoe thn the movements hoseek to brng abot radca soca changeFoong the artces n   prng, 2 peca sse (o 16, Nos 2 e are contnng to address n these pages the program, content and drecton of thedsarmament movement n the Unted tates It s or cear ntent to pose, rgent and provocatve, the need for the Amercan e to enter the movement and ts debates For themanyaeady nvoed, e offer hat e hope are perspectves that  psh ths broad movement coser to transformng ths socety rather than beng coopted by t.Whe conventona ars from Centra Amerca, to the oth Atantc, to the Mddeast, have commanded most of the ord press attenton these past fe months, the socaand potca shock aves from the massve mobzaton aganst ar of the ncear varetycontne to reverberate throghot rope and North Amerca. 2
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