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Inside... 5 us in the Great 4 Join Cause to Wake Up God’s Covenant Nations The God-given purpose to spread the Christian Message 6 Precious Stone 14 This The Appointed Place as promised by God Birthright of the 5 The West Story of Eau 17 The The fascinating properties of water Why the best years of the Western Nations lie ahead Great Plan 6 God’s Introducing the theme of this issue 8 Falsely so Called 18 Science Is the theory of evolution really scientific? Continuing Kingdom 8 The of
  Inside... Join us in the GreatCause to Wake Up God’sCovenant Nations The God-given purpose tospread the Christian Message The Birthright of theWest Why the best years of theWestern Nations lie ahead God’s Great Plan Introducing the theme of thisissue The Continuing  Kingdomof God upon Earth Without doubt - the GreatestLove Story of All Time The Forgotten Birthright The prophetic signi fi cance ofJacob’s blessing The Anointings of Jesus Special events preparing OurLord for what was to come 45681112 This Precious Stone The Appointed Place aspromised by God The Story of Eau The fascinating properties ofwater Science Falsely so Called Is the theory of evolution reallyscienti fi c? The Tower of Babel andits Modern Counterparts God will deal with modernman’s ambition too British-IsraelPlaces of Interest Places to visit in the South andMidlands English Literature A Treasure of WesternCivilization The English classics are part ofour foundations Operation Manna A life-saving mission at the endof the Second World War 14171820212326 56 Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressedin the articles are generally well-researchedand considered. However, they do notnecessarily reflect those of the publisher. 823142026  THE WORLD in the 21st century should be a better place to live in than that of the previous century. Amidall the unspeakable chaos it clearly is not and the slide to disaster accelerates. The reason for this is that thekey to civilization ordered by Almighty God is being substituted for a pagan globalization, dominated bymaterialism, causing God’s Covenant Nations to be merged with Mammon and a hierarchy of evil.Only with an understanding of the Great Plan and Purpose for the company of great Christian nations,which emerged to lead the world in civilization over the past 500 years, can we hope to prevent destruction.In The Covenant Nations our mission is to demonstrate that the spread of the Christian message is theDivinely appointed task of the Britannic peoples throughout the world; those today who are descended fromGod’s Servant people, Jacob-Israel, whose covenant responsibility has ever been the proclamation of theGospel of the Kingdom of God. While He has endowed them with authority and power to discharge thisheavy duty, it can only be executed if, like the patriarch Abraham, they believe God and obey Him, leaningon the righteousness of Christ. This is a message of great hope for all who will allow the Holy Spirit to reveal to them what Godpurposed to remain hidden as the treasure in the field of the world, until this appointed Age-end periodof history. As events unfold we will continue to develop the scriptural theme of a dedicated people in the light of current affairs as proclaimed in prophetic vision by our Lord Jesus Christ and the apostles He commissioned.The dedicated family and Company of Nations are soon to emerge again and rise up, to the astonishment of those who seek a One-World Order of man.This message of overruling Providence in history is of supreme importance at this time of the end of theAge – a tempestuous period of which our Lord warned in His final address to His disciples. He foretold thatHis arch-enemy, Satan, would be increasingly active in a final endeavour to prevent the establishment of theKingdom of God on earth. The world today reflects the tragedy which he said would herald the finalmanifestation of His Kingdom and His Return in power and glory to take-up the Throne of David, establishedon earth as an everlasting throne of righteousness.We invite you to use The Covenant Nations as a witness to all who will receive this message. Please helpus to make the maximum contribution to the spread of His Age-end counsel among our Christian Israel peoples – as a first crucial step towards world peace! Page 4The Covenant NationsPage 4  Join us in the Great Cause to Wake UpGod’sCovenant Nations!
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