Talisman Magick

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Amulets and Talismans, there uses and an introduction to praxis
  ã   Talisman Magick What is Talisman Magick? Talisman magick is closely connected towith the magick of symbols and is a very personal form of magick. A Talisman is anobject which carries the power or force thatit intended to represent. Talismans areimbued with the particular energy that isrepresents with ritual inscription,consecration, and empowerment. MostTalismans are round as circles are said tohold energy, and they can be made of anything that can be drawn upon, includingmetal, wax, cardboard, or even paper.On the front of the Talisman is a symbol of your need or goal, such as a Rune,Astrological Sign, Number, or a self-created Sigil. The reverse indicated who theTalisman is for, again, this is typically done with the language of symbols. You canwrite your magickal name in Runes, inscribe your Natal Chart, or arrange specificinformation about yourself in a manner pleasing to the eye.Alternately, you can design a personal symbol which is intended to represent yourself.In addition, and this is my favored form of signing the Talisman, you can use themethod of Crossing and Covering, in the manner of writing your petitions. After thename paper has been signed, you can write a keyword or phrase around the names in a perfect circle. For example:     How to Make a Talisman Talismans are made in sacred space during the Full Moon on the day and in the hour of the planetary influence associated with your goal. As in our previous example, theTalisman should be made on a Thursday, during the Full Moon, in the hour of Jupiter.However, it is suggested that you design your Sigil and personal signage on a separate piece of paper beforehand.At the appointed hour, gather your materials and create sacred space. Inscribe your sigil on the front of the Talisman while focusing on your goal, visualizing it as if ithas already come to pass. Next, inscribe your signage on its reverse, again visualizingyour goal.   When you are done, ‘smoke’ the Talisman in incense as you recite a spell calling onthe force with which you intend to charge the Talisman. As in the example above youmay say something like:“  Jupiter!On this your day & in your hour, I humbly call upon your power;that it may my talisman bless,& crown my works with success!”  There have been many methods devised on how to create your own sigils in magick,which will be briefly reviewed here: 1.Write out a statement of your intent, being specific as possible but also brief.For example: “I will be a successful doctor.” Now look at the letters of thealphabet, and remove all the letters which repeat themselves. Take theremaining letters and rearrange them, moving pieces of one letter into another,finding one letter in the shape of another, etc… Play with them until theydon’t resemble anything remotely associated with your intent.2.Using those Runes which correspond to your goal, create a Bind Rune and useit as a symbol in the making of your Talisman.3.A third choice, involves using symbols which have been created and used byothers, such as The Seals of Solomon.4.Finally, render each letter in a keyword to its numerical equilvalent andsigilize it on a magick square, or Kamea, which corresponds to your goal. TheKameas and their correspondences are as follows.Kameas, or magick squares, represent planetary energies in a mathematical format. Tomake a sigil, or magickal symbol, using a Kamea you must first determine a keywordthat best describes your goal. For example, if your intent was to be a successful physician, you might choose the word ‘doctor’  to represent yourself as beingsuccessful in your chosen vocation. Using the Western system of Numerology, render the keyword to its numeric equivalent:    Now add up all the numbers that correspond to the letters making up the word,4 +6+ 3+ 2+ 6 +9= 30= 3  Now choose a square which corresponds to your goal. As in the example above,Jupiter rules success in one’s chosen profession. Draw a circle around the first number in the given sequence signifying the start of the sigil, then draw a straight line to thenext number in the sequence drawing a parallel line across the last one signifying theend of the sigil. In the case of a number appearing twice in a sequence, this issymbolized by two triangles joined at the upper-most point. Finally, draw a squarearound the number which corresponds to the sum of the digits.
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