Teaching Paperless in Social Studies and in M any O ther Subjects

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Teaching Paperless in Social Studies and in M any O ther Subjects . https://smartssocialnetworking . wikispaces.com /. 10 Reasons to Go Paperless in Your Classroom.
Teaching Paperless in Social Studies and in Many Other Subjects https://smartssocialnetworking.wikispaces.com/ 10 Reasons to Go Paperless in Your Classroom
  • 10. Work doesn’t get “lost” in the bottom of a backpack.9. Save space (no file cabinets).8. Nobody ever forgets their pencil.7. Collaboration is easy from anywhere.6. No carrying notebooks (only netbooks).5. Students are building digital portfolios.4. No more “no-name” assignments.3. You never have to wait in line for the copier.2. Save paper, save the Earth.1. The dog can’t eat your homework.
  • SugataMitra- “Hole in the Wall” experiments In the absence of supervision or formal teaching, children can teach themselves and each other, if they're motivated by curiosity You do not have to be the expert Let your students be the experts. Giving control over to our students What do you need?
  • A willingness to change your way of thinking
  • Some students
  • Access to computers or wireless devices
  • A willingness to think outside the box and allow your students to as well
  • A good set of headphones is an asset
  • A recognition that learning is messy, but the rewards will be huge
  • Steps We Followed…
  • Start with the outcome
  • What are the big questions?
  • Brainstorm using different techniques to come up with how we could get those questions answered
  • Directed learning but tried not to give answers
  • Spent time teaching digital citizenship and how to find the information we need and judge the worthiness of that information
  • Tools to Use Blogs and Wiki Spaces
  • Both are interactive and collaborative spaces but are for very different purposes.
  • Blogs are more of a personal writing tool where we invite other people in to read what we have written and comment
  • Wiki spaces are a collaborative tool where we can gather and organize information
  • Other tools and how we used them…
  • Power Point How do we use Power Point in the right way so we do not have to read everything to our audience? Prezi.com Online presentation product that requires nothing but inquisitive children
  • More tools…Toondoo.com 5. Toondoo and comic making sites. Photo Stories
  • Voicethread.com
  • Animoto.com
  • Photo Story
  • Animations, Timelines and Posters
  • Xtranormal.com
  • Glogster.com
  • Dipity.com
  • Skype and Connect Pro Connect Pro with the Mayor
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