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1. Teleportation:<br />Science Fiction… Or Fact?<br /> 2. Outline of the talk<br />Introduction<br /> What is teleportation?<br />How can…
  • 1. Teleportation:<br />Science Fiction… Or Fact?<br />
  • 2. Outline of the talk<br />Introduction<br /> What is teleportation?<br />How can it be done?<br />Real teleporting experiments<br />Real applications<br />Metaphysical questions and the future.<br />
  • 3. INTRODUCTION<br />Ever science the wheel was invented more than 5000 yrs ago, people have been inventing new ways to travel faster from one point to another.<br />Bicycle ,automobile ,airplane and rocket…..<br />They require us to cross a physical distance ,which can take anywhere from minutes to many hours depending on the starting and ending points<br />
  • 4. <ul><li> But what if there were a way to get you from home to the supermarket without having to use your car or from your backyard to the international space station without having to board a spacecraft….?</li></ul>teleportation<br />
  • 5. TELEPORTATION<br />Teleportation involves dematerializing an object at one point and sending the details of that object’s precise atomic configuration to another location, where it will reconstructed.<br />What this means is that time and space could be eliminated from travel—we could be transported to any location instantly, without actually crossing a physical distance.<br />
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  • 8. Teleportation: Recent Experiment<br />In 1993, the idea of teleportation moved out of the realm of science fiction and into the world of theoretical possibility.<br /> It was that physicist charlesbennett and a team of researchers at IBM confirmed that quantum teleportation was possible, but only if the original object being teleported was destroyed<br />In 1998, physicist at the california institute of technology (caltech), along with two european groups, turned the IBM ideas into reality by successfully teleporting a photon, a particle of energy that caries light.<br />
  • 9. Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle<br />This principle state that you cannot simultaneously know the location and the speed of particle .<br /> or<br /> The more accurately an object is scanned, the more it is disturbed by the scanning process, until one reaches a point where the object’s original state has been completely disturbed, still without having extracted enough information to make a perfect replica.<br />
  • 10. But if you can’t know the position of particle, then how can you teleport it? <br /> Or<br /> If one cannot extract enough information from an object to make a perfect copy, it would seen that a perfect copy cannot be made.<br />In order to teleport a photon without violating the Heisenberg Principle, the Caltech physicist used a phenomenon known as ENTANGLEMENT or EINSTEIN-PODOLSKY-ROSEN (EPR) EFFECT.<br />
  • 11. ENTANGLEMENT OR EPR EFFECT<br />The existence of an “entangled state” was suggested in a thought experiment by the 3 scientists in 1935.<br />Entanglement of a pair of object means that measurements on one will instantaneously change the properties of the other-no matter how far they are.<br />
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  • 13. In entanglement, at least 3 photons are needed to achieve quantum teleportation<br /><ul><li>Photon A: The photon to be teleported
  • 14. Photon B: The transporting photon
  • 15. Photon C:The photon that is entangled with photon B</li></ul>If researchers tried to look too closely at photon A without entanglement, they would bump it, and thereby change it. By entangling photon B and C, researchers can extract some information about photon A, and the remaining information <br />
  • 16. Would be passed on to B by way of entanglement, and then on to photon C. When researchers apply the information from photon A to photon C, they can<br />Create an exact replica of photon A. However, photon A is no longer exists as it did before the information was sent to photon C.<br />
  • 17. Other Teleportation Experiment<br />In 2002, researchers at the Australian National University successfully teleported a laser beam.<br />In oct. 4,2006 at the NielsBhor Institute in copenhagen,denmark. Dr. Eugene Polzik and his team teleported information stored in a laser beam into a cloud of involves teleportation between light and matter, two different objects.<br />
  • 18. Real Application<br /><ul><li>Quantum Cryptography</li></ul> Quantum cryptography allows the transmission of information with 100% security ensured by the law of physics. <br /> potential application for commerce and military.<br />
  • 19. <ul><li>Quantum Computation</li></ul> Moore’s law predicts that computer double its speed, memory performance, etc. every 18 months. But the size and weight of computers remain the same.<br /> this means more and more is expected from fewer and fewer atoms. Eventually, classical physics will no longer valid. A new way of computing will be required.<br />
  • 20. What’s new..!!<br />It is seem that mere stealth technology is not enough; the United States Airforce wants to get from here to there without even traversing the space in between.<br />
  • 21. How hard is it to teleport an atom?<br />Photons have very few pairs of parameters:<br /> color, duration, amplitude, phase, polarization, beam size. That’s about it.<br /> Atoms on the other hand, have a lot more (about 100 different pairs)- and we don’t know how to teleport any one of them!<br />
  • 22. How hard is it to teleport a living thing?<br />To date there is no science experiment that has created life. The smallest living organism are viroids. Some are as small as 10,000 atoms.<br /> We have teleported one pair of information.<br /> Teleporting a viroid is 100*10,000 times harder= roughly a million times harder.<br />
  • 23. How hard is it to teleport a human?<br />27<br />There is about 10 <br /> (1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000)<br /> atoms in a person.<br />With 100 parameter pairs per atom, that’sabout 10 pair of information.<br />So far we have done 1 pair, so a human is about 10 times harder.<br />29<br />29<br />
  • 24. How big is 10 ? <br />29<br />Assume that our experimental success is measured in distance and we have travelled 1mm.<br />The universe is >150,000 times wider than a galaxy.<br />Teleporting a person is equivalent in difficulty to a trip from one side of universe to the other.<br />A galaxy is 100,000 light years across<br />
  • 25. Is that possible to recreate the travelers’ memories, emotions, hopes and dreams?<br />What if the molecules couldn’t be even a millimeter out of place, lest the person arrive with some severe neurological or physiological defect?<br />And if all these things are possible one day, then the time travel would be possible…??<br />
  • 26. Fact or still a science fiction……??<br />What we get after discussing all these thing is that the fact of the whole concept is restricted upto the teleportation of photon and the teleportation of living thing is still a science fiction.<br />
  • 27. THANK YOU<br />
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