The DL_POLY Molecular Dynamics Simulation Package

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The DL_POLY Molecular Dynamics Simulation Package. W. Smith Computational Science and Engineering Department CCLRC Daresbury Laboratory Warrington WA4 4AD. DL_POLY Background. General purpose parallel MD code Developed at Daresbury Laboratory for CCP5 1994-today
The DL_POLYMolecular Dynamics Simulation Package W. Smith Computational Science and Engineering Department CCLRC Daresbury Laboratory Warrington WA4 4AD DL_POLY Background
  • General purpose parallel MD code
  • Developed at Daresbury Laboratory for CCP5 1994-today
  • Available free of charge (under licence) to University researchers world-wide
  • DL_POLY Versions
  • DL_POLY_2
  • Replicated Data, up to 30,000 atoms
  • Full force field and molecular description
  • DL_POLY_3
  • Domain Decomposition, up to 1,000,000 atoms
  • Full force field but no rigid body description.
  • Initialize Initialize Initialize Initialize Forces Forces Forces Forces Motion Motion Motion Motion Statistics Statistics Statistics Statistics Summary Summary Summary Summary Replicated Data Advantages Simple to implement Reasonable scaling Good load balancing Dynamic load balancing possible (not much help!) Complex forcefields easy Highly portable (+MPI) Disadvantages Large RAM requirement High comms overhead Suboptimal scaling Unsuitable for massive parallelism Replicated Data MD B A C D Domain Decomposition Advantages Local comms Good load balancing Distributed RAM requirement Good scaling Handles BIG systems (~106 atoms !) Dynamic load balancing possible Disadvantages Short potential cut off Parallel mapping problems Complex force fields non trivial Suboptimal scaling for small domains Domain Decomposition MD DL_POLY Force Field (a)
  • Intermolecular forces
  • All common van de Waals potentials
  • Sutton Chen many-body potential
  • 3-body angle forces (SiO2)
  • 4-body inversion forces (BO3)
  • Intramolecular forces
  • Bonds, angle, dihedrals, inversions
  • DL_POLY Force Field (b)
  • Coulombic forces
  • Ewald* & SPME (3D), HK Ewald* (2D), Adiabatic shell model, Reaction field, Neutral groups*, Bare Coulombic, Shifted Coulombic
  • Externally applied field
  • Walled cells,electric field,shear field, etc * Not in DL_POLY_3
  • Boundary Conditions
  • None (e.g. isolated macromolecules)
  • Cubic periodic boundaries
  • Orthorhombic periodic boundaries
  • Parallelepiped periodic boundaries
  • Truncated octahedral periodic boundaries
  • Rhombic dodecahedral periodic boundaries
  • Slabs (i.e. x,y periodic, z nonperiodic)
  • Algorithms Verlet leapfrog RD-SHAKE Euler-Quaternion* QSHAKE* [All combinations] *Not in DL_POLY_3 Ensembles NVE Berendsen NVT Hoover NVT Evans NVT Berendsen NPT Hoover NPT Berendsen NT Hoover NT Algorithms and Ensembles DL_POLY_2&3 Differences
  • Rigid bodies not in _3
  • MSD not in _3
  • Frozen atoms not in _3
  • Standard Ewald not in _3
  • HK_Ewald not in _3
  • DL_POLY_2 I/O files work in _3 but NOT vice versa
  • No multiple timestep in _3
  • DL_POLY_2 Spin-Offs
  • DL_MULTI - Distributed multipoles
  • DL_PIMD - Path integral (ionics)
  • DL_HYPE - Rare event simulation
  • DL_POLY - Symplectic version
  • The DL_POLY Java GUI The DL_POLY Java GUI
  • Works on any platform (Java 1.3)
  • Allows visualisation/analysis of DL_POLY input and output files
  • Input file generation features
  • Force field builders (ongoing)
  • Can be used for job submission
  • Extendable by user
  • Run GUI from `execute’ directory
  • Register on-line:
  • Need project code & password from PI
  • Register, then PI sends notification
  • Get userid & password from HPCx website
  • Login
  • ssh -l userid -X
  • Tools
  • emacs, vi, loadleveller...
  • Compiling DL_POLY on HPCx
  • Copy Makefile from `build’ to`source’
  • Use `make hpcx’ to compile
  • Executable in `execute’ directory
  • DLPOLY.X is DL_POLY_2 executable
  • DLPOLY.Y is DL_POLY_3 executable
  • Standard executables available on major platforms
  • Running DL_POLY on HPCx
  • Script:
  • #@ wall_clock_limit = 00:59:00 #@ account_no = xxxx # #@ output = $(job_name).$(schedd_host).$(jobid).out #@ error = $(job_name).$(schedd_host).$(jobid).err #@ notification = never # #@ queue # export MP_SHARED_MEMORY=yes poe ./DLPOLY.Y #@ shell = /bin/ksh # #@ job_type = parallel #@ job_name = gopoly # #@ tasks_per_node = 8 #@ node = 8 # #@ node_usage = not shared #@ network.MPI = csss,shared,US # Running DL_POLY on HPCx
  • Job submission: llsubmit job_script
  • Job status: llq -u user_id
  • Job cancel: llcancel job_id
  • DL_POLY_3 on HPCx
  • Test case 1(552960 atoms, 300Dt)
  • NaKSi2O5 - disilicate glass
  • SPME (1283grid)+3 body terms, 15625 LC)
  • 32-512 processors (4-64 nodes)
  • Test case 2(792960 atoms, 10Dt)
  • 64xGramicidin(354)+256768 H2O
  • SHAKE+SPME(2563 grid),14812 LC
  • 16-256 processors (2-32 nodes)
  • DL_POLY_3 on HPCx Case 1 DL_POLY_3 on HPCx Case 1 DL_POLY_3 on HPCx Case 1 DL_POLY_3 on HPCx Case 2 DL_POLY_3 on HPCx Case 2 DL_POLY_3 on HPCx Case 2 DL_POLY_3 on HPCx Case 2 DL_POLY People
  • Bill Smith DL_POLY_2 & _3 & GUI
  • [email protected]
  • Ilian Todorov DL_POLY_3
  • [email protected]
  • Maurice Leslie DL_MULTI
  • [email protected]
  • DL_POLY Event DL_POLY Training Workshop Edinburgh 10 February 2003 Information W. Smith and T.R. Forester, J. Molec. Graphics, (1996), 14, 136 /DL_POLY/index.shtml W. Smith, C.W. Yong, P.M. Rodger, Molecular Simulation (2002), 28, 385
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