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Dr.Mohan Agrawal, Professor, CMILT, Marketing, IMT Dubai With the growing acceptance of logistics and supply chain management as critical business concerns, there is an emerging realization that more investment is needed to develop appropriate managerial skills and competencies of supply chain managers. To this direction, Prof. John Mangan of University of Hull (UK) and Prof. Martin Christopher of Cranfield University (UK) published recently a skills profile for the logistics and supply chain manager of the future. Given the relevance and importance of the study, the proposed presentation summarizes their framework and makes a critical analysis for the way forward in the UAE Presentation Coverage: 1. Role of the Supply Chain Manager 2. Mangan-Christopher Skill Set of Supply Chain Manager 3. A Critical Analysis of the Mangan-Christopher Profile 4. Supply Chain Management in the UAE 5. Adaptation to the UAE Supply Chain Manager
  • 1. The Future Supply Chain Manager-Analysis of Mangan-Christopher Framework ….and Way Forward for the UAE<br />Discussion Facilitator<br />Dr. Mohan Lal Agarwal<br />Professor, Marketing <br />IMT Dubai<br />Email:<br />Mobile: (055) 6589767<br />
  • 2. Agenda<br />Role of the Supply Chain Manager and Challenges<br />Mangan-Christopher Skill Set of Supply Chain Manager<br />A Critical Analysis of the Mangan-Christopher Profile<br />Supply Chain Management in the UAE<br />Adaptation to the UAE Supply Chain Manager<br />
  • 3. Who am I?<br />Teach at such leading business schools as California State Polytechnic University (USA), Bentley College (USA), University of Manitoba (Canada), Tec De Monterrey (Mexico), ESSEC Business School, Paris (France), Leicester Business School (UK), Southern Denmark University (Denmark), University of Queensland and Bond University, Australia.<br />Taught at the IIM Calcutta, IIM Lucknow, IIM Indore, MDI, IMT, XIM, SP Jain, XLRI Jamshedpur.<br />Invited for a professional interaction in a number of countries including Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Finland, Germany, Holland, Hong Kong, Italy, Luxembourg, Male, Mexico, Nepal, Singapore, Switzerland, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, UAE, the UK and the USA.<br />
  • 4. Recent Teaching Awards<br /><ul><li>2011: Best Professor in Marketing Management in Asia, WEF Dubai, UAE
  • 5. 2010: International Best Case Writing Award Winner, New Delhi, India
  • 6. 2009: Dean Recognition for outstanding teaching; U of Manitoba, Canada.
  • 7. 2008: Dean Recognition for outstanding teaching; U of Manitoba, Canada.
  • 8. 2006: Educator award, Lerner School of Business, U of Delaware , USA, Nominated
  • 9. 2005: Master Teaching Award” Marketing Management Association, USA, Nominated
  • 10. 2004: Distinguished Teaching Award”, California State University, USA.
  • 11. 2003: “Most Outstanding Marketing Teaching Award”, California State University, USA.
  • 12. 2001: Ishan National Teaching Award, New Delhi (India).
  • 13. 2000: US Fulbright Fellowship (USA)
  • 14. 1993: Euro-India Cooperation and Exchange Program (France) Fellowship
  • 15. 1989: Association of Management Development Institutes in South Asia
  • 16. 1986: British Council Commonwealth Fellowship (UK)</li></li></ul><li>Section 1<br />Supply Chain Management<br />
  • 17. Supply Chain Management<br />a. First appearance – Financial Times <br />b. Importance - <br /> -> Inventory ~ 14% of GDP<br /> -> GDP ~ $12 trillion<br /> -> Warehousing/Trans ~ 9% of GDP<br /> -> Rule of Thumb - $12 increase in sales to = $1 savings in Supply Chain<br />c. Last frontier of management, 1982 Peter Drucker – <br />d.. Supply Chain problems can cause ≤ 11% drop in stock price<br />3. Customer perception of company<br />
  • 18. SCM Functions<br />Order Processing<br />Received<br />Processed<br />Shipped<br />Costs<br />Minimize Costs of<br />Attaining SCM<br />Objectives<br />SCM <br />Functions<br />Warehousing<br />Storage<br />Distribution<br />Automated<br />Transportation Rail, Truck, Water, Pipeline, Air, Intermodal<br />Inventory<br />When to order<br />How much to order<br />Just-in-time<br />
  • 19. Stages Towards Adopting Supply Chain Management<br />0<br />
  • 20. Role of a Supply Chain Manager!<br /><ul><li>Planning, coordinating, motivating and , controlling all activities, processes and systems associated with the flow and transformation of goods and services from raw materials to the end user, the customer
  • 21. Managing the sequences of business activities from suppliers through customers that provide products, services, and information to achieve customer satisfaction</li></li></ul><li>Section 2<br />Mangan-Christopher Skill Set of Supply Chain Manager<br />
  • 22. John Mangan and Martin Christopher, (2005) "Management development and the supply chain manager of the future", The International Journal of Logistics Management, Vol. 16/ 2, pp.178 - 191<br />Highlights<br />
  • 23. M&C View: <br />SCM works in an horizontal organizational environment<br />
  • 24. SCM Competencies Framework<br />
  • 25. M & C View: Skill sets amongst managers<br />Management development process must focus on a holistic view of the way in which customer value is created and delivered. <br />Awareness of how the interface in a supply chain needs to be managed.<br />How actions taken in one area might affect the performance of the whole. <br />Need for a greater level of “cross-training” across functional boundaries to ensure that the whole becomes more than the sum of its parts.<br />
  • 26. Seven Business Transformations and Management skills <br />
  • 27. Seven Business Transformations and Management skills <br />
  • 28. Seven Business Transformations and Management skills <br />
  • 29. Seven Business Transformations and Management skills <br />
  • 30. Seven Business Transformations and Management skills <br />
  • 31. Seven Business Transformations and Management skills <br />
  • 32. Seven Business Transformations and Management skills <br />
  • 33. SCM Competencies Framework<br />
  • 34. M&C View: Sources of Insights<br />Providers. Academics and management developers engaged in the development of supply chain managers.<br />Users. Students (in the case of graduate programmes and participants in the case of executive programmes who partake in such development).<br />Buyers. Corporate who pay for such development.<br />
  • 35. Future SCM - Key Knowledge areas, competencies and skills <br />
  • 36. Section 3 :<br />M&C Questions!!!!<br />
  • 37. New Challenges for SC Managers1. Supply Chain Uncertainty<br />Lead times<br />Batch ordering, <br />Price fluctuations, <br />Inflated orders<br />Distorted information<br />
  • 38. New Challenges for SC Managers 2. Electronic Business<br />Greater choices and more information for customers<br />Improved service<br />Collection and analysis of customer data and preferences<br />Virtual companies with lower prices<br />Leveling the playing field for smaller companies<br />Global access to markets & customers<br />
  • 39. New Challenges for SC Managers 3. Vendor-Managed Inventory<br />Not a new concept – same process used by bread deliveries to stores for decades, variation of JIT<br />Reduces need for warehousing<br />Increased speed, reduced errors, and improved service<br />Onus is on the supplier to keep the shelves full or assembly lines running<br /> P&G - Wal-Mart<br />
  • 40. New Challenges for SC Managers 4. Trends of Co- Distribution and Outsourcing<br />a. Collaborative planning, forecasting, and replenishment (CPFR) started by Nabisco.<br />b. Allows suppliers to know what is really needed and when<br />c. Electronic-based exchange of data and information<br />d. Significant decrease in inventory levels and more efficient logistics.<br />3. Companies work together for benefit of all of the supply chain<br />
  • 41. New Challenges for SC Managers 5. Security Threats in SCM<br />
  • 42. Section 4 : Supply Chain Manager in UAE<br />Challenges and opportunities<br />
  • 43. SCM- Challenges in UAE<br />The increasing outsourcing of production to the Far East has introduced heightened complexity.<br />Product life cycles are shortening.<br />Customers are becoming more demanding and reducing inventory.<br />Supply chain disruption is becoming more of a risk.<br />
  • 44. Effect of The Recent Slowdown<br />
  • 45. 7. Culture competent<br />SCM Trends<br />3. Shift from Asset Heavy to Asset Light<br />
  • 46. Section 5:<br />Future Supply Chain Manager for the UAE<br />
  • 47. SCM CompetenciesReco-1 <br />People Management & Relationship Management Skills: (downward, upward or horizontal.<br />Data Analysis for effective business decisions: Using Business Intelligence Tools, Knowledge Management tools, Analytics tools to visualize patterns and hidden insights)<br />Online Collaborations:- intensive knowledge workplace, online meetings, interactive workshops, Webinars, e-learning concepts etc.<br />Project Management:- Real-time Global resource management, Contact Management, Anytime- Anywhere-Any type information access.<br />Social and Business Networking .<br />Adapted from Source:<br />
  • 48. Future SCM Competencies Reco-2 <br />Problem solving/analytical skills<br />Leadership/mentoring capabilities <br />Communications<br />Teamwork/networking<br />Specific job knowledge<br />Adapted from Source:<br />
  • 49. Future SCM CompetenciesReco-3 <br />Consulting /advisory skills<br />Green awareness <br />Business Management <br />
  • 50. THANK YOU<br />
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