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Winter 2009 D? BB 2 Players Meet with Members of Congress 9ED9KII? ED JH7KC7J? 9 8H7? D ? D@KHO 4 Concerns Raised for Players’ Safety ;H Dear Team, The regional directors and I have met with players from all 32 teams to discuss the state of
Winter 2009 \ue012\ue00a\ue010\ue014\ue005\ue000\ue017\ue005\ue00f\ue009\ue016\ue000\ue013\ue012\ue000\ue007\ue005\ue014\ue00d\ue017\ue013\ue010\ue000\ue00c\ue00d\ue010\ue010\ue0002\ue000 Players Meet with Members of Congress \ue007\ue013\ue012\ue007\ue018\ue016\ue016\ue00d\ue013\ue012\ue000\ue001\ue000\ue017\ue015\ue005\ue018\ue011\ue005\ue017\ue00d\ue007\ue000 \ue000 \ue006\ue015\ue005\ue00d\ue012\ue000\ue00d\ue012\ue00e\ue018\ue015\ue01c\ue000\ue0004\ue000 Concerns Raised for Players\u2019 Safety\ue000 \ue000 \ue00a\ue00d\ue012\ue005\ue012\ue007\ue00d\ue005\ue010\ue000\ue00a\ue00d\ue012\ue009\ue016\ue016\ue009\ue00016\ue000 NFLPA Introduces Financial Learning Center \ue000\ue016\ue018\ue014\ue009\ue015\ue000\ue006\ue013\ue01a\ue010\ue000\ue01b\ue010\ue00d\ue019\ue00028\ue000 What\u2019s Happening in South Florida Strengthen Retired Players Relationships \ue00010 \ue00a\ue005\ue009\ue00c\ue002\ue000\ue003\ue00d\ue008\ue00a\ue006\ue00e\ue000\ue00c\ue002\ue00e\ue00f\ue000\ue001\ue000 \ue00c\ue00d\ue004\ue00e\ue004\ue00a\ue00f\ue000\ue00f\ue00b\ue006\ue004\ue00f\ue007\ue004\ue00dDear Team, The regional directors and I have met with players from all 32 teams to discuss the state of our Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). Throughout these visits, the players expressed their thoughts and their concerns, but above all, they continue to pledge their commitment to the ONE TEAM mission of the NFLPA. During our team meetings, players held team elections where a record 42 new Player Representatives were selected. This striking decision to lead made by so many players strengthens our union like never before during this monumental time in NFL history. I want to take this opportunity to congratulate all the Player Representatives for standing up to lead. Over the course of the last few months, issues of player health and safety have gained signi\ufb01cant public attention. Thanks to the tireless efforts of Sean Morey, Kevin Mawae and NFLPA Medical Director Dr. Thom Mayer, the NFL has reacted and responded to our call to make the game safer. There are certain health and safety issues that are dictated by the CBA, but the health and safety of NFL players will never be something I bargain over. We will continue to press for greater transparency, innovation and protections to improve well beyond our recent gains and in January, the NFLPA\u2019s own Concussion and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Committee will meet for the \ufb01rst time. You can read about it in this issue of The Huddle. This edition of The Huddle also offers unique perspective on the work the NFLPA has done to bring together all NFL players, past and present. Preserving the historical connection of the game\u2013from one generation of players to the next\u2013is an important and worthy goal. This year, the annual Player Representative meeting will also coincide with the meeting for former players. This bridge must be strengthened. As we look to the New Year, there are many uncertainties on the horizon. But one thing is certain: our union is strong because its members\u2013the players of the National Football League\u2013are united and actively leading. Sincerely, DeMaurice F. Smith 1133 20th Street, NW Washington, DC 20036 (800) 372-2000 Toll Free NFLPLAYERS.COM EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR: DeMaurice F. Smith EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: Carl Francis MANAGING EDITOR: Joanna Comfort DESIGN DIRECTOR: Veronica Jenkins CONTRIBUTORS: Mike Donnelly Alex Fink Eli Fitch Khalil Garriott Glendalyn Junio Melanie Kaplan Kevin Koski Jilane Rodgers Heath Smith Leah Webb COVER PHOTO: Woods Wheatcroft \ue007 \ue003 \ue00b \ue00b \ue003 \ue00a \ue000 \ue004 \ue00a \ue009 \ue008 \ue000 \ue00b \ue005 \ue003 \ue000 \ue003 \ue00e \ue003 \ue001 \ue00c \ue00b \ue006 \ue00d \ue003 \ue000 \ue002 \ue006 \ue00a \ue003 \ue001 \ue00b \ue009 \ue00aPAGE 1 WINTER 2009 \ue015\ue00d\ue013\ue017\ue008\ue000\ue01a\ue008\ue012\ue00c\ue019\ue000\ue016\ue015\ue000\ue00a\ue008\ue017\ue010\ue01a\ue016\ue013\ue000\ue00f\ue010\ue013\ue013\ue000 Players Meet with Members of Congress \ue00a\ue016\ue015\ue00a\ue01b\ue019\ue019\ue010\ue016\ue015\ue000\ue001\ue000\ue01a\ue018\ue008\ue01b\ue014\ue008\ue01a\ue010\ue00a\ue000\ue000 \ue009\ue018\ue008\ue010\ue015\ue000\ue010\ue015\ue011\ue01b\ue018\ue01f\ue000 Concerns Raised for Players\u2019 Safety \ue015\ue00d\ue013\ue017\ue008\ue000\ue009\ue018\ue010\ue015\ue00e\ue019\ue000\ue017\ue008\ue019\ue01a\ue000 \ue001\ue000\ue017\ue018\ue00c\ue019\ue00c\ue015\ue01a\ue000\ue01a\ue016\ue00e\ue00c\ue01a\ue00f\ue00c\ue018 Strengthen Retired Players Relationships \ue00d\ue010\ue015\ue008\ue015\ue00a\ue010\ue008\ue013\ue000\ue00d\ue010\ue015\ue00c\ue019\ue019\ue00c\ue000 NFLPA Introduces Financial Learning Center \ue019\ue01b\ue017\ue00c\ue018\ue000\ue009\ue016\ue01d\ue013\ue000\ue01e\ue013\ue010\ue01c What\u2019s Happening in South Florida 10 24 28 16 UNION NEWS NFL PLAYERS Visit U.S. Capitol Unions Unite for Worker Solidarity NFLPA Addresses Head Injuries Headquarters Renamed to Honor Upshaw NFLPA Donates to MLK Memorial Leadership Corner: Jeff Saturday 2009-2010 NFLPA Player Representatives FEATURE ARTICLE NFLPA Brings Past & Present Together PLAYER PROGRAMS Guidelines for Your Football Career NFLPA Financial Learning Center Kaplan Prepares Players for Post-NFL Careers CSSI Background Investigations Safe Ride Solutions Security to Go NFLPA & NCAA Coaches Internship 2010 Player Development Programs COMMUNITY NEWS USA Football/NFLPA \u201cAll-Fundamentals\u201d Team 22 4 6688 10 14 16 17 18 19 20 22 23 25 26 27 27 28 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 \ue000\ue01a\ue008\ue009\ue013\ue00c\ue000\ue016\ue00d\ue000\ue00a\ue016\ue015\ue01a\ue00c\ue015\ue01a\ue019 NFLPA Joins President Obama in Call to Service Native Vision Sports & Life Skills Camp Player Community Events SUPER BOWL EVENTS Super Bowl XLIV Events NFL PLAYERS NEWS Caricature Partnership NFL PLAYERS & ESPN 2009 NFL PLAYERS \u201cHelmets Off\u201c Sponsorship Spotlight RETIRED PLAYERS NEWS Retired Players Convene in D.C. 2010 NFLPA Retired Players Convention Retired Player Pro\ufb01le: Terry Hoage NFLPA & NCSA Chapter News: Holiday House in Dallas COACHES NEWS Lockout Clauses LOCKER ROOM ROUNDUP NFLPA Brings Past & Present Together NFLPA Introduces Financial Learning Center What\u2019s Happening in South Florida Concerns Raised for Players\u2019 Safety Players Meet with Members of Congress 4 28 16 2 10 10% Cert no. SW-COC-002262   for Worker Solidarity BY GLENDALYN JUNIO “We have always had very strong relationships with labor unions. Without the AFL-CIO in our history, our union would not have survived,” Smith said. “I just wanted to say thank you to them for being such good friends to us in the past and to commit to them that we will be strong partners in the future. I am thrilled to announce the reunited alliance between us, the United Steelworkers, the AFL-CIO, but most importantly, labor unions all over the country.” With the partnership, the unions will collaborate on efforts to build power for workers, cooperate on legislative and political efforts, and create a stronger bond between all labor unions. The meeting was the first of a series of discussions aimed at building unity between the NFLPA and blue collar workers across the nation. “I’m proud to welcome some of the world’s finest professional athletes and their union to Pittsburgh as they kick off this series of solidarity events,” USW International President Leo W. Gerard said during the visit. “It doesn’t matter whether you work on the shop “Never before, that I know of, has the union taken this direction of going to Congress,” NFLPA President and Tennessee centerKe v i n Mawae said. “But we want to let members of Congress know we’re more than just football players. We are businessmen and we know that if there’s a lockout it would hurt us in providing for our families, hurt our communities and hurt everyone whose work is affected by NFL games.” Players who participated in the day’s meetings included: Charlie Batch (Pittsburgh), Kris Brown (Houston), Mark Bruener (retired),Chris Draft(Buffalo), Domonique Foxworth(Baltimore), Nolan Harrison (retired), Ben Hartsock (New York Jets), Hunter Hillenmeyer (Chicago), Kevin Mawae(Tennessee), Mike McBath(retired), Quintin Mikell (Philadelphia), Brandon Moore (New York Jets), Takeo Spikes (San Francisco), Joe Thomas (Cleveland), Adalius Thomas (New England), James Thrash(retired), Scott Turner(retired), Mike Vrabel(Kansas City) and George Wilson (Buffalo). The 14 active and five retired players met with more than a dozen members of Congress over eight hours, including Representative Nancy HIT THE HALLWAYS OF U.S. CAPITOL They wore dress shoes instead of cleats and walked down corridors instead of running yards on the field. But for the 19 NFL players who visited Capitol Hill in July, it was all part of the game plan. During his stop in Pittsburgh for the 2009 NFL Kickoff, NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith visited with members of the United Steelworkers (USW) to announce a strategic partnership between the two organizations to build union-to-union solidarity. BY MELANIE KAPLAN NFL PLAYERS ON THE STEPS OF THE CAPITOL UNION NEWS PAGE 2 WINTER 2009
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