Vocabulary Premiere League 20 20 Season 3 Improving English Vocabulary

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VPL 20-20 is 3rd in the series of English Vocabulary presentations by Akash Gautam who is a Top Motivational Speaker in India for Youth Events. The idea for VPL came from Bollycabulary, an event Akash does for youth events and college fests where 100 difficult English words are discussed in 100 minutes with the help of Hindi movies, songs, cricket, advertisements etc. as mnemonics and memory keys. VPL season 3 has 30 difficult english words done in the most simplest and craziest ways to ensure that you will never forget them if you do them once! Whoever said Vocabulary is difficult! To know more about Akash, please visit: http://akashgautam.com/motivational-speakers-in-india/
  • 1. Tips, Tricks and CRAZY ways to learn English. Stuff you would have . Check out the ENGLISH section of Akash's blog for more awesome ways of learning English!
  • 2. By Motivational Speaker, Corporate Trainer, Happy Guy  A , he memorized the entire Oxford dictionary during his college days.
  • 3. 1. INAMORATA Meaning[in-am-uh-rah-tuh]: a woman who loves or is loved; female sweetheart or lover. Synonyms: PARAMOUR Key: Song from Baajiraao Mastaani: Kehte hain ye Deewani (INAMORATA) mastaani ho gayi…
  • 4. 2. RAPTUROUS Meaning: full of, feeling, or manifesting ecstatic joy or delight. Synonyms: UPBEAT, JOCUND Key: We pay RAPT attention to RAPTUROUS things. Kehte hain ye INAMORATA RAPTUROUS (mastaani) ho gayi…
  • 5. 3. REVERIE Meaning: a state of dreamy meditation or fanciful musing. Synonyms: STUPOR Key: MANALI trance = Manali REVERIE Riverside stroll can send a person into a peaceful REVERIE
  • 6. 4. PRECIPICE Meaning [pres-uh-pis]: a cliff with a vertical, nearly vertical, or overhanging face. Keys: Manjhi, the PRECIPICE man!
  • 7. 5. SCIMITAR Meaning [sim-i-ter]: a curved, single-edged sword of Oriental origin Synonyms: SABER, DIRK Keys: Movie TALVAR = SCIMITAR Ek miyaan mein do SCIMITARS nahi reh sakte.
  • 8. 6. IGNIS FATUUS Meaning [ig-nis-fa-chu-aai]: a deception or delusion, visual that is not real, a deceptive goal or hope. Keys: DRISHYAM = IGNIS FATUUS IGNITED FIREFLIES (jugnoos) create A beautiful IGNIS FATUUS of light.
  • 9. 7. NOISOME Meaning: Offensive or disgusting, as an odor. Synonyms: Putrid Keys: Gulaabooo.. Gandh faila do = Gulaabooooo NOISOMENESS faila do !!
  • 10. 8. GADABOUT [gad-uh-bout]Meaning: a person who moves about restlessly or aimlessly Synonyms: ITINERANT (ITINERANT is a v imp word) Key: Koi mujhko yoon mila hai … Jaise GADABOUT ko ghar !!
  • 11. 9. INCOGNITO Meaning: to have real identity concealed. Synonyms: camouflaged, masquerading Keys: Krrish , SPIDERMAN wear a mask to remain INCOGNITO Hindi movie- Anjana Anjani (incognito)
  • 12. •Kaanoon ki nazar se muzrim zyada din tak incognito (chup ke) nahi rah sakta.. •History - Pandavas spent 1 yr incognito, Rawan went to Sita incognito to abduct her. •Tu nikla Incognito rustam! •Jab nahi khulwana chahtey ho pol, toh incognito browser khol :)
  • 13. Remember that speech?
  • 14. Meaning: the purging of the emotions or relieving of emotional tensions, especially through certain kinds of art. (BHADAAAS nikaalna) Synonyms: Purgation Key: That speech in Pyaar Ka Punchana is a CATHARSIS. Bhai bhara pada thaa; CATHARSIS ho gaya  10. CATHARSIS
  • 15. Meaning: Roundabout; not direct Synonyms: labyrinthine Key: A CIRCUITOUS argument 'Jalebi Bai' = CIRCUITOUS Bai (in shape) Afghan Jalebi = Afghan CIRCUITOUS 11. CIRCUITOUS
  • 16. 12. SCAMPER Meaning : to run or go hastily Key : SCAM karne ke baad neta media se SCAMPER karte hain. Usage : The rats SCAMPERED away at the sound of footsteps.
  • 17. 13. BUCOLIC Meaning: or, or relating to, or suggesting an idyllic rural life Synonyms: RUSTIC Key: BULLS ke saath rehne waali life = BUCOLIC life Meri DESI look = Meri BUCOLIC look Make some noise for the BUCOLIC boyzz!
  • 18. 14. SUPPLICATE Meaning: To seek or ask for by humble entreaty Synonyms: EXHORT, ADJURE Key: The Movie Guzzarish = SUPPLICATE / ADJURE Boys SUPPLICATE to God for a consistent SUPPLY of good girlfriends 
  • 19. 14. SUPPLICATE Mann jaa ve.. Mainu shopping kara de… REQUESTAAN paaiya ve = SUPPLICATION
  • 20. 15. IRATE Meaning: Angry Synonyms: Indignant, enraged Key: Your Favorite game: ANGRY BIRDS = IRATED BIRDS.
  • 21. 16. AMOROUS Amorous (Adj): Showing, feeling, or relating to sexual desire. KEY: AAMO ka RASS, makes Katrina Kaif AMOROUS  The students were getting AMOROUS in the college corridors. The CCTV camera caught it … Hawwwwww ji !!
  • 22. 17. FIRMAMENT Firmament= Sky Key: Tata Sky = Tata FIRMAMENT Akash Gautam = FIRMAMENT Gautam Neelay neelay FIRMAMENT par… chand jab aaye,
  • 23. 18. INDIGENCE Meaning: extremely poor Synonyms: Destitute Key: An Indian GENT ; after marriage - becomes INDIGENT
  • 24. 19. BURLY Meaning: Large in bodily size, sturdy. Synonyms: hefty, thickset Key: An alternative title for SHAKTIMAAN: ‘BURLYMAAN’
  • 25. 20. BUTTRESS Meaning: Sahara, support, strengthen Synonyms: mainstay, pier Key: SAHARA one = BUTTRESS one Really want to give some REST to your BUTT…?? Take a chair, and BUTTRESS your BUTT
  • 26. 21. SALACIOUS [suh-ley-shuh-s] Meaning: lustful or lecherous Key: Saali ko dekh kar SALIVATE karne wala jija = SALACIOUS jija
  • 27. 21. SALACIOUS Synonyms: 1. Libertine 2. Libidinous 3. Lascivious 4. Prurient
  • 28. 22. AFFICIONADO [uh-fish-yuh-na-doh] Meaning: An ardent devotee, fan Synonyms: VENERATOR Key: Salman’s AFFICIONADOS attack his critiques like TORNADOS.
  • 29. 23. UNRELENTING Meaning : not yielding or swerving in determination or resolution Synonyms: Ruthless Key: Your RELATIONSHIPS will have no LASTING, if you become UNRELENTING.
  • 30. VPL 20-20 ki 3 PPTs yaad karne ke baad bhi Angrezi naa seekhnay waalo - Yaad rakhna : Jantaa maaf nahin karegi (Janta will be UNRELENTING of you)
  • 31. 24. CAMARADERIE Meaning : brotherhood, bonhomie, good fellowship. Synonyms: Conviviality, Jollity Key: When two friends can share a KAMRA & a DARRI ; they have CAMARADERIE ...
  • 32. 25. DILLY - DALLY Meaning: To waste time by loitering or delaying, or in indecision. KEY: DHEELE - DHALE log har kaam me DILLY-DALLY karte hain.
  • 33. 26. HASP Meaning: To be indecisive or inactive to gain time or delay acting. Key: HASP mat khadkaao Raaja…. (Sing along)
  • 34. 27. UNFETTERED Meaning: To be free from restraint Key: BEFIKAR ~ UNFETTER So, sing along now  - HASP mat khadkaao Raaja.. UNFETTERED andar aao Raaja… Love the way she sings – “Taaja, Taaja” 
  • 35. 28. EFFRONTERY [ih-fruhn-tuh-ree]Meaning: Shameless or impudent boldness Synonyms: Impudence, Chutzpah [hoot-spuh] Key: PDA (public display of affection) INFRONT of parents is EFFRONTERY. Saari night EFFRONTERY ki height (song from “Main Tera Hero”)
  • 36. 29. PALADIN [pal-uh-din] Meaning: Any knightly or heroic champion Key: ALADIN was an Arabian PALADIN “Tera dhyaan kidhar hai ye tera PALADIN idhar hai”….
  • 37. 30. UNEQUIVOCALLY Meaning: unambiguous, clear Key: Mary 100 takka (100%) teri hai= Mary UNEQUIVOCALLY teri hai !!
  • 38. Follow us on Slideshare For the rest of series! Akash Gautam Motivational Speaker in India for Corporate Events & Youth @akash_vaani @akashgautamspeaks @akashspeaks
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