VPL 20-20 Season 2: Killer ways for Improving English Vocabulary

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This is second in the series of English vocabulary presentations by Akash Gautam, Top Motivational Speaker in India for Corporate Events & Youth. To know more about him, you may visit: http://www.akashgautam.com/ It contains 20 more awesome memory keys to learn 20 new, difficult words. The words have been done in the most interesting, contemporary, Bollywood style. We guarantee these tips and tricks will help the reader tremendously in improving English Vocabulary, if done right. Download, share, read. It is all yours! The first in the season can be found here: http://akashgautam.com/2015/07/03/vocabulary-20-20-best-ways-of-learning-english/
  • 1. www.akashgautam.com is back!! With double dose of fun & more better ways to learn English. Something you Check out the ENGLISH section of Akash's blog for more awesome ways of learning English!
  • 2. www.akashgautam.com By Motivational Speaker | Corporate Trainer | Happy Guy A , he memorized the entire Oxford dictionary during his college days.
  • 3. 1. UNCONSUMMATED Meaning: imperfect, unfinished Key: Sounds like UNCONSUMED. The movie:- Hamari Adhuri Kahani = Hamari UNCONSUMMATED Parable . www.akashgautam.com
  • 4. www.akashgautam.com Have you seen these movies?
  • 5. 2. PUISSANT [pyoo-uh-suh-nt]Meaning: powerful, mighty, potent Key: BAHUBALI = PUISSANT Dum laga ke haisha = PUISSANCE laga ke haisha www.akashgautam.com
  • 6. 3. HITHERTO [hith-er-too]Meaning: up to this time, until now Key: Ab tak Chappan = HITHERTO chappan The facts about Earth-2 were HITHERTO unknown to mankind. www.akashgautam.com
  • 7. 4. PROFOUNDLY LOONEY PROFOUND Meaning: penetrating or entering deeply into subjects of thought or knowledge Main Ghani Bawri Ho Gayi Key: Ghani bawri = PROFOUNDLY LOONEY www.akashgautam.com
  • 8. 4. PROFOUNDLY LOONEY LOONEY - Meaning: lunatic, insane www.akashgautam.com
  • 9. So, sing along – “Sharma ji ! Main PROFOUNDLY LOONEY ho gayi ” www.akashgautam.com
  • 10. Remember Anushka’s hit song from PK :- Tinga Tinga Nanga Punga Dost ? www.akashgautam.com
  • 11. 5. MIDGET, AU NATUREL [oh nach-uh-rel] Dost [mij-it] Meaning: an extremely small person having normal physical proportions. Au Naturel :- Nanga Punga , In natural State Key: A MIDGET won’t be able to see if he stands in the MIDDLE of the crowd. www.akashgautam.com
  • 12. And do you remember this one from PK :- Love is a Bhaste of time !! www.akashgautam.com
  • 13. 6. INUTILE [in-yoo-til]Meaning: Of no use or service Key: TILL the time you learn to control your mind, working hard would be INUTILE. www.akashgautam.com Love is a bhaste of time = Love is INUTILE.
  • 14. 7. EK PAHELI LEELA www.akashgautam.com
  • 15. 7. CONUNDRUM Meaning: A riddle. Anything that puzzles Synonym: QUANDARY Key: Ek Paheli Leela = Ek CONUNDRUM Leela Kya kare, kya naa kare ye kaisi QUANDARY haye! www.akashgautam.com
  • 16. 8. MALEFACTOR [mal-uh-fak-ter] Meaning: a person who violates the law, criminal Key: Ek Villain = Ek MALEFACTOR www.akashgautam.com
  • 17. 9. PULCHRITUDE [puhl-kri-tyood] Meaning: physical beauty, comeliness Key: The famous song ‘Abhi to Party Shuru Hui hai’ is from the movie ‘Pulchritude’ Roop tera mastaana = PULCHRITUDINOUS www.akashgautam.com
  • 18. 10. RANCOUR [rang-ker] Meaning: bitter, rankling resentment or ill will Synonyms: REPRISAL Key: BADLAPUR = RANCOURpur / REPRISALpur www.akashgautam.com
  • 19. 11. CONFLAGRATE Meaning: to set on fire Key: Deggi mirch ka tadka, ang ang fadka = Deggi mirch ka tadka, ang ang CONFLAGRATE hua !! www.akashgautam.com
  • 20. Meaning: Originator, founder, Pitaaji KEY: Rishte mein to hum tumhaare PROGENITOR (Baap ) lagte hain.... Naam hai Shahenshah 11. PROGENITOR www.akashgautam.com
  • 21. 12. GAINSAY Meaning: to deny, dispute, or contradict. Usage: There was no GAINSAYING that she would have, with her kind of marks, gotten admission into any college in India. NANA PATEKAR = GAINSAY PATEKAR www.akashgautam.com
  • 22. Can you guess the word?? www.akashgautam.com
  • 23. 13. UNPREPOSSESSING Meaning: 'Prepossessing‘ is something that impresses favorably; engaging or attractive. So, unprepossessing is the opposite. Key: His addiction habits make him an UNPREPOSSESSING person. No one would want to POSSESS an UNPREPOSSESSING thing / person. www.akashgautam.com
  • 24. Meaning: disappointed or unhappy, and quiet Key : (Picture) Pankaj Udhas = Pankaj GLUM Syns:- MOROSE, WOEBEGONE 14. GLUM www.akashgautam.com “Plenty of GLUM faces could be seen after India's defeat at the hands of Bangladesh.”
  • 25. 15. GINGERLY [jin-jer-lee]Meaning: with great care / caution, warily Key: Ginger ko GINGERLY kaato, nahi toh FINGER kat jayega! GINGERLY dekhiye is chehre ko !! www.akashgautam.com
  • 26. Dhyaan se Dekhiye= GINGERLY Dekhiye www.akashgautam.com
  • 27. [kuh-los-uh-l]Meaning: Big, gigantic, huge Key: VIRAT Kohli = COLOSSAL Kohli Syns:- Gargantuan, Goliath 16. COLOSSAL www.akashgautam.com
  • 28. Benediction(Ashish) Nehra 17. BENEDICTION www.akashgautam.com
  • 29. Meaning: duayein, blessings Babul ki duayein leti ja can be also be titled as – Babul ki BENEDICTIONS leti jaa Ashish Nehra = Benediction Nehra 17. BENEDICTION www.akashgautam.com
  • 30. [fawr-tyoo-i-tuhs] Meaning: lucky / fortunate Lucky Ali can be renamed as FORTUITOUS Ali Key: Only FORTUITOUS people get a fortune without working. Oye Lucky Lucky Oye= Oye FORTUITOUS FORTUITOUS Oye  18. FORTUITOUS www.akashgautam.com
  • 31. [suhk-er] Meaning : Help, relief, aid, assistance. KEY: RAHAT Fateh Ali Khan = SUCCOR Fateh Ali Khan . Problem ke waqt SUCCOR feels like SHAKKAR in your morning tea  19. SUCCOR www.akashgautam.com
  • 32. 20. DIABOLIC Meaning: evil, extremely cruel. Key: Think of the DIABOLIC and the DIABOLIC is here! An idle mind is a DIABOLIC’s workshop. www.akashgautam.com
  • 33. More Memory Keys to drill DIABOLIC into your head -Nayak nahin Diabolical hoon main.... -Arz kiya hai:- Bilawal Bhutto ko nahi mila india ka lagaaw.. because he was Diabolic in swabhaw. -Diabetes is a Diabolic Disease! -Vikram aur Diabolic.. (Betal) www.akashgautam.com
  • 34. www.akashgautam.com And here’s VPL Season 1 (in case you missed it) If you can think of more such awesome memory keys, our is just the place for you !! 
  • 35. www.akashgautam.com Follow us on Slideshare for… coming soon !! Akash Gautam Motivational Speaker in India for Corporate Events & Youth @akash_vaani @akashgautamspeaks @akashspeaks
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