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1. Composition 2 Week Five Thursday September 22, 2016 Reminder: QUIZ over second half of Sleepy Hollow TODAY If you do not have a hard copy of your Mini Paper rough…
  • 1. Composition 2 Week Five Thursday September 22, 2016 Reminder: QUIZ over second half of Sleepy Hollow TODAY If you do not have a hard copy of your Mini Paper rough draft, speak to me before class begins Allegory- A narrative form in which the characters are representative of some larger humanistic trait (greed, vanity, bravery) and attempts to convey some larger lesson or meaning to life Examples of allegories: X-Men evils of prejudice Harry Potter dangers of seeking racial purity
  • 2. Mechanics Tip: Commas • Use commas to separate independent clauses when they are separated by coordination conjunctions • Coordinating conjunctions: and, but, for, or, not, so, yet • Example: It was very late, but I didn’t want to go home. • Ex: We ran out of ice, so I went out to get some. • He left early in the morning, and I didn’t even say good-bye. •Use commas after introductory clauses • Common words for introductory clauses: after, although, as, because, when, while • Ex: Because I didn’t have any money for gas, I took my bike to work. • Ex: Although she spent all day at the spa, she still did not feel relaxed. • Ex: While we were waiting in line, someone broke into our car and stole the CDs.
  • 3. Commas (Cont.) •Use a pair of commas in the middle of a sentence to set off clauses, phrases, and words that are not essential to the meaning of the sentence • Does it interrupt the flow? • Does the sentence make sense without it? • Example: That day, which happens to be our anniversary, is the perfect day to meet up with the family! • Ex: I noticed, however, that the girl seemed bored and tired. • Ex: My dog, on the other hand, loves riding in the car with me. • Use commas to separate three or more words • Ex: I cooked turkey, mashed potatoes, and green beans for dinner last night. • Ex: Garrett, Jamal, and Greg went to the park to play disc golf.
  • 4. Commas (Cont.) •Use commas to separate two or more coordinating adjectives that describe the same noun • Does the sentence make sense if the adjectives are reversed in order? • Does the sentence make sense in the word “and” is written between the adjectives? • Example: The strong, diligent woman was a wonderful mother to her sons. • Ex: The girl wore a soft, green jacket. • Ex: The musician had a relaxed, inviting demeanor. • Use commas to set off all geographical names, dates, addresses, and titles in names. • Ex: My grandma lives in Kincaid, Illinois. • My niece was born on December 5, 2015. • The invitation said to go to 1001 West Main Street, Atlanta, Georgia. • Doctor S. Pepper, MD. will be our keynote speaker
  • 5. In-class Exercise Add commas to the following sentences: 1. I wanted to buy her the necklace but I didn’t have enough money. 2. She was a beautiful vibrant woman who deserved to have what she wanted. 3. I went to Virden Mississippi to see if they had something similar for less money. 4. I bought train tickets which wasn’t cheap and spent the whole day traveling. 5. Since I didn’t find anything in Virden I decided to pick up some extra shifts to buy her the one she wanted. 6. I texted Gary Janelle and Brent to see if they would want to give a shift up this week. 7. After I had saved up enough money I returned to the store and they told me the necklace was sold out and would be back on sale January 1 2017.
  • 6. Basics of Peer Review
  • 7. Why peer review? •Helps you to understand your audience and how your work will be received by the public. • This uncovers biases and uncertainties in your paper • Engagement with someone on your own level of learning • Helps receive and process constructive feedback • Strengthens your own work when you consider it comparatively
  • 8. What to consider in peer review •The first step is discovering what argument the author is making and why •The second, considering the support. • Does the information presented in the body validate the thesis sentence? •After you understand the authors intentions, decide if you agree • Why do agree or disagree? Is it a moral or scholarly disagreement? •Consider the formatting. • What the paper easy to read? Did it have a good flow? • Was the paper bogged down by mechanical errors? •Decide if you can refute the claim made in the paper • Is the information valid and convincing?
  • 9. What to avoid in peer review •Condescending language • Treat your peers with respect and consideration •Avoid giving bad feedback because you disagree with the topic • Consider the work objectively •Do not rewrite their paper • Give your feedback, but do not feel inclined to fix their mistakes •Do not give criticism without compliment • Every written work is a product of reflection and intent. All serious works have merit. Find it.
  • 10. In-Class Activity: Mini Paper Peer Review •Your instructor will pair you up with a peer. Exchange papers and write your name on the top of your paper with the words “Reviewed By” and the date • Ex: Reviewed By: Erin Schafer 9/20/16 •Read your peer’s paper and annotate the following elements: • Enclose the thesis statement in brackets […] • Number all the main points to the best of your ability • Underline all quotes, paraphrases, or borrowed material • Check attributive and parenthetical citations for accuracy • If inaccurate put a slash through it. • Circle all mechanical errors and spelling errors
  • 11. In-Class Activity (Cont.) •Answer the questions on the handout •Discuss your ideas and criticism concerning each other’s work. Talk about what you liked about your peer’s paper. Be honest about aspects that were confusing. Inform your peer if there are any prejudices or biases prevalent in their work. •After you have discussed each other’s papers get my attention •I will review your rough drafts and peer reviews for participation points •After you have spoken with me you are free to go
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