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Pacolet & Lawson’s Fork Blueway Project of SC Department of DNR Spartanburg County Palmetto Conservation Found. 2 PHASES OF THE PROJECT. PHASE 1 Glendale Riverfront Greenway Restoration of the Historic Bridge-$642,000 Project
Pacolet & Lawson’s Fork BluewayProject of SC Department of DNRSpartanburg CountyPalmetto Conservation Found. 2 PHASES OF THE PROJECT
  • PHASE 1
  • Glendale Riverfront Greenway Restoration of the Historic Bridge-$642,000 Project Water Recreation Paddling Trail-Open Pacolet & Lawson’s Fork River to Broad River Basin
  • PHASE 2
  • Restoration of Glendale Lake Use released Water of four dams in dry seasons Preservation of Historic Properties Water Recreation Objectives
  • Glendale Greenway on 25 Acres of Riverfront Property of
  • PCF, SPACE, and Wofford College
  • Portage path across restored Glendale Pedestrian Bridge
  • Canoe/kayak trail From Spartanburg to Pacolet River
  • Canoe/kayak trail on Pacolet River from Converse to Lockhart
  • River Access Trail from GOLS to Glendale Greenway
  • Public Access to Rivers for Recreation
  • Open Pacolet River to Broad River Recreational Resources
  • 50 Miles Of Exciting Boat Trips
  • 9 Miles On Lawson’s Fork to Pacolet River
  • 41 Miles on Pacolet River from Converse to Lockhart on the Broad River
  • Falls with Class 3 Rapids
  • 13 takeout's & Put-ins for public use
  • Cooperation of landowners
  • Connects to over 100 Miles on Broad River below Lockhart
  • Riverside parks at Clifton, Glendale, & Pacolet
  • Expanded Paddling Trail Map Hurricane Shoals Town of Pacolet Upper Dam Pacolet Lower Dam Pacolet Lower Dam Plan Lawson Fork “Five Falls” Rapids Lawson Fork Shoals Shoals Near Goldmine Road Open Pacolet to Broad River Paddling Trail Budget
  • Project Budget Spent
  • Blueway Budget July 2013
  • Bank Rehabilitation $20,000 $18,110
  • Dam Rehabilitation 4,000 3,827
  • Remove River Obstacles 10,000 9,749
  • Improve Water Flow 3,000 1,950
  • Lawson’s Fork Put-ins 123,500 122,581
  • Clifton Put-ins 45,500 19,453
  • Pacolet Put-ins 69,000 67,160.
  • Blueway Total $275,000 $242,850
  • Glendale Bridge $642,000 $125,000
  • Partners Contribution $5,000,000
  • Our investment will Bring
  • Distinctive Water Recreation Activities
  • Revitalization of Dying Textile Communities
  • Public Access to a Beautiful Natural Area
  • Restoration of a Meaningful History
  • Tourism Programs
  • Training & Recreation for Citizens
  • Foundation for Future River Recreation Projects
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