2011 Mercedes Benz C 300 Sport Sedan Silver Star Montreal QC Canada

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2011 Mercedes Benz C 300 Sport Sedan brochure provided by Silver Star Montreal located in Montreal, QC Canada and serving Laval residents as well. Find the 2011 Mercedes Benz C 300 Sport Sedan for sale in Quebec; call about our current sales and incentives at 1 (888) 856-0285. http://www.silverstar.ca/
  • 1. Silver Star Montreal 7800, boulevard Decarie Montreal, QC H4P 2H4 2011 C-Class 1 (888) 856-0285 http://www.silverstar.ca/
  • 2. Introducing the 2011 C-Class. For more information, please visit MBUSA.com/C-Class C 300 Sport Sedan shown on covers with optional Iridium Silver metallic paint, 18" AMG alloy wheels and Premium 1 Package.  C 300 Luxury Sedan shown above with optional Iridium Silver metallic paint and Premium 1 Package. C 350 Sport Sedan shown above right with optional Obsidian Black metallic paint.
  • 3. A performance pedigree. A luxury legacy. Engineering starts with a soul. What drives us to engineer a sedan not just to pass countless trials of endurance, safety, comfort and performance, but to stand the test  of time? It begins with the same passion and ingenuity that invented the first car, won the first auto race, and built an unmatched 125‑year  legacy of driving innovation. Our heritage is not just where we’ve been, though — it’s who we are. And it’s what inspires Mercedes‑Benz to   keep making new history, and to set the pace for an industry. Swift, sporty and sophisticated, every 2011 C‑ Class Sport Sedan and Luxury  Sedan embodies the enthusiasm, confidence and quality leadership that have made the Three‑Pointed Star a source of inspiration for all  cars — and drivers — for generations. And it’s living proof that the right car for changing times is one that anticipates the needs of tomorrow.  From its very soul, the C‑Class is crafted not just to express the driving passion of its engineers, but to bring yours to life as well.
  • 4. Tuned on the racetrack. With a soundtrack to match. The C 300 and C 350 Sport Sedans. From the bold Star in its slatted grille to the growl of its exhaust, a C‑Class Sport Sedan plays up its finely tuned performance  everywhere you look, listen or drive. A lowered, sport‑tuned suspension takes a confident stance on staggered‑width 17" wheels. New LED Daytime Running Lamps  call your eyes to the deep front air dam. The wind sweeps along sculpted side sills to the wraparound rear valance, where dual polished chrome tips play the powerful  musical score of a sound‑optimized exhaust. A harmony of mellow tones fills the cockpit, with smooth aluminum trim in the C 300, or rich Black Birdseye Maple wood  in the C 350. And in either model, sport‑contoured front seats, rubber‑studded aluminum pedals and a 3‑spoke sport steering wheel let you be the maestro of it all. Contrasting. New dark‑tinted headlamp inlays and bright  Compelling. With a 228‑hp V‑6 and either a short‑throw  Commanding. Staggered‑width wheels are wider at the  white LED Daytime Running Lamps add to the aggressive  6‑speed manual gearbox or optional driver‑adaptive 7‑speed    rear axle, to balance surefooted acceleration with crisp  visage of the Sport Sedans. The optional Lighting Package  automatic, the C 300 Sport Sedan accelerates to 60 mph   steering feedback. The standard 17" alloy wheels, with  adds the night‑piercing brilliance of Bi‑Xenon headlamps  in 7.1 seconds.1 The C 300 also offers the option of 4matic™  distinctive 5‑spoke designs for the C 300 (shown) and  featuring chrome surrounds and Active Curve Illumination,  all‑wheel drive. The C 350 is driven by a 268‑hp V‑6 and the  C 350, each offer an enticing view of the perforated front  along with headlamp washers and LED rear turn signals. 7‑speed automatic, and can run 0–60 in just 6.1 seconds.  brake discs. 18" AMG twin 5‑spoke wheels are optional.2
  • 5. C 300 Sport Sedan shown with Arctic White paint and optional Lighting and Premium 1 Packages. Please see endnotes at back of brochure.
  • 6. C 300 Luxury Sedan shown with optional Sand Beige metallic paint and Premium 1 Package. Please see endnotes at back of brochure.
  • 7. Tradition with a twist. Refinement with a well-honed edge. The C 300 Luxury Sedan. When your heritage includes some of the most celebrated luxury cars in history, traditions tend to run deep. But a Mercedes‑Benz doesn’t  rest on its legacy, it drives it forward with constant innovation. Like its ancestors, the C 300 Luxury Sedan wraps its rich refinement in a body imbued with bank‑vault  solidity and athletic grace. But it takes to the road with the fresh passion of a smooth V‑6 and 7‑speed automatic transmission, and the refreshing poise of an ingenious  comfort‑tuned AGILITY CONTROL suspension and 17" alloy wheels. Run your hands along the polished wood trim of its cabin or the gleaming Star atop its grille, and  you’ll touch the character of the C 300 Luxury Sedan: refinement on every surface, and smoothness in every curve. That’s exactly what you’ll feel when you drive it, too. Enjoyable. The finely crafted cabin of the C 300 Luxury  Engaging. The eager, efficient performance of a 228‑hp  Elegant. The brilliant Star standing proudly above its wide  Sedan treats you to generous space and gracious details.  V‑6 and driver‑adaptive 7‑speed automatic transmission  chrome grille reflects a deep devotion to quality. Subtle  From hand‑polished Burl Walnut wood trim to automatic  deliver invigorating response for passing and merging. The  chrome accents, 17" split 5‑spoke alloy wheels and refined  headlamps and a hands‑free Bluetooth® interface,3 tradition  4‑wheel independent multilink suspension is calibrated to  sculpting of its bodywork underscore a design that grips  and technology collaborate to make every drive rewarding. balance refined ride comfort with precise handling control. the road and slips through the wind with quiet efficiency.
  • 8. Speed-reads the road. Translates it with feeling. Fluent in feedback, articulate in agility. Rewarding performance starts with the communication between car and driver. The C‑Class engages you in a stimulating  conversation. Torque‑rich V‑6 engines and slick‑shifting transmissions carry out your commands with enthusiasm and efficiency. Available 4matic™ all‑wheel drive4  helps you negotiate winter and wet roads with confidence, while its compact, lightweight design offers balanced handling in any season. To help keep its 17" wheels  and tires in touch with every curve, the 4‑wheel multilink suspension features AGILITY CONTROL, an innovation that reads the road surface and instantly adapts the  damping of each wheel for clear, direct response while filtering out harshness. The best part of driving a C‑Class is not just what you’ll feel. It’s how it makes you feel. Strength. The 24‑valve DOHC V‑6 engines of the C‑Class  Balance. Optional on C 300 models, 4matic all‑wheel drive  Poise. Large 4‑wheel disc brakes — featuring perforated  deliver vigorous torque from idle to redline, thanks in part  integrates our 4‑wheel Electronic Traction System. 4‑ETS  front rotors with rigid aluminum calipers on the Sport  to continuously variable valve timing and a dual‑length  continually redistributes the engine’s torque to the wheels  Sedans — deliver confident stopping power. The precise  intake with tumble flaps. Precise control of fuel, air and  with the best grip — even if that’s only one wheel. A 45:55  geometry of the 4‑wheel multilink suspension helps to  even heat help reduce emissions and fuel consumption. front/rear torque split offers sporty handling on dry roads. counteract dive under braking and body roll in corners.
  • 9. C 300 4matic Sport Sedan shown with Arctic White paint, and optional 18" AMG alloy wheels and Lighting Package. Please see endnotes at back of brochure.
  • 10. Decades of preparation. Milliseconds of proof. An ongoing legacy of safety innovation. Perhaps no chapter in the history of the automobile is more deeply associated with Mercedes‑Benz than the  continuing chronicle of safety leadership — starting with the invention of the first crumple zone 60 years ago. The C‑Class is not just equipped with a list   of safety features. It’s engineered as an orchestrated system that’s designed to make the most of the precious milliseconds it takes to avoid, or survive,   a collision. From the quick reflexes of its sensors to the enduring strength of its body, the protection a C‑Class offers could rewrite the story of your own life. Top-rated safety. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has named the C‑Class a “Top Safety Pick” for two  years running.5 Its rigid body is among the reasons, with ultra‑high and high‑strength steel comprising approximately  70% of the C‑Class body structure. Its development regimen included more than 5,500 computer‑simulated collisions  incorporating nearly two million elements — as well as an extensive series of actual crash testing. Advanced crumple  zones help to divert impact energy over, under and around the strategically reinforced passenger compartment.  Advanced restraints. Nine standard air bags in the C‑Class offer 11‑way protection. Innovative pelvic air bags  complement the front‑seat side‑impact air bags, and a driver’s knee air bag augments dual‑stage front air bags.6 Side  curtain air bags are provided at all four outboard seating positions, along with seat‑belt Emergency Tensioning Devices  (ETDs) and belt‑force limiters. In a rear impact, NECK‑PRO active front head restraints help to prevent whiplash. Post-collision response. In the event that an air bag or seat‑belt ETD deploys, the optional Mercedes‑Benz mbrace™  system includes Automatic Collision Notification, which initiates a call to our 24‑hour emergency response center —   even if you can’t.7 In addition, the car can automatically shut off its engine and fuel supply, turn on some cabin lights  and the hazard flashers, partially open the windows to help ventilate the cabin, and unlock its doors to assist rescuers. Brighter lighting. The optional Lighting Package features Bi‑Xenon headlamps with Active Curve Illumination,  which can improve the lighting of curving roadways by up to 90% over conventional fixed lamps. Headlamp washers,  bright white LED Daytime Running Lamps (standard on Sport Sedans) and LED rear turn signals are also included. Emergency-sensing. Two safety systems that were originally introduced to the automotive world by Mercedes‑ Benz help you avoid potential collisions. ESP,® our Electronic Stability Program, monitors the vehicle’s response  to driving inputs such as steering and braking, and responds to help keep it on course during evasive maneuvers.4  And Brake Assist can apply full braking pressure if it detects an emergency braking situation by the speed at   which the driver depresses the brake pedal — potentially shortening your overall stopping distance.8 Adaptive brakes. Advanced braking innovations make the capable 4‑wheel disc brakes of the C‑Class even more  effective. When driving with the windshield wipers on, Automatic Brake Drying periodically applies the brakes   just enough to remove water build‑up from the discs. And should you rapidly lift your foot from the accelerator,  Predictive Brake Priming sets the pads closer to each disc, for quicker response when you step on the brake pedal.8 
  • 11. C 350 Sport Sedan shown with Mars Red paint, and optional 18" AMG alloy wheels, Panorama sunroof and Lighting Package. Please see endnotes at back of brochure.
  • 12. C 350 Sport Sedan shown with Black interior, and optional heated front seats, and Multimedia and Premium 1 Packages. Please see endnotes at back of brochure.
  • 13. Everything within reach. And easy to grasp. Innovative, functional and instantly familiar. The C‑Class doesn’t just make cutting‑edge entertainment and information  technology available, it makes it accessible. Even the most advanced systems operate with intuitive ease, and driving controls   fall readily to hand. A 4‑way adjustable steering column and 8‑way power front seats help you fine‑tune your command post.    Finely detailed instrumentation reads at a glance through the multifunction steering wheel. The console‑mounted central   controller and in‑dash color display place a variety of audio and navigation options — including real‑time traffic reports —   within your natural reach. The pleasure of a C‑Class comes from feeling in control. That’s something you’ll grasp right away. Multifunction steering wheel. Conveniently placed buttons let  Navigation with voice control. The optional Multimedia Package  you adjust the audio system, use the standard Bluetooth® wireless  also incorporates the COMAND navigation system.11 It features a  interface,3 and scroll through the various screens of the multifunction  high‑resolution 7" color display, a fast 40GB hard drive, Zagat® Survey  display inside the speedometer face. All without taking your hands  ratings for restaurants, hotels and golf courses, and SIRIUS Traffic™  off the supple Premium leather trim of the steering wheel. updates.9 An alternate navigation accessory uses the standard 5"  display and includes lifetime traffic assistance, iPod integration and  wireless audio streaming from your compatible music player. Surrounded in sound. An 8‑speaker audio system with a 5" color  display and auxiliary input jack is standard on every C‑Class. Audio  options include SIRIUS® Satellite Radio,9 as well as a 12‑speaker  KEYLESS-GO. This convenient option lets you unlock your C‑Class,  harman/kardon LOGIC7® system outputting 450 watts of digital  start its engine and drive off without taking the key from your pocket. surround sound. The optional Multimedia Package further expands  your listening choices with iPod® integration,10 a 6GB Music Register  Rear view camera. To help make backing up easier, an optional  for storing your MP3 files, plus a 6‑CD changer and memory card  rear view camera is available in conjunction with the Multimedia  reader in the dash. The Multimedia Package also adds audio‑DVD  Package. A live color image is automatically shown on the 7" in‑dash  playback and Dolby® Digital 5.1 sound to the harman/kardon system. display whenever you shift your C‑Class into Reverse.12 
  • 14. A driver’s delight. A passenger’s paradise. Thoughtful in every dimension, inspiring in every detail. A C ‑Class is a performance car that performs wonders for your sense of well‑being. Dual‑zone climate  control filters dust and pollen as tiny as 0.0002" from the cabin air. Shapely, supportive seats are hand‑fitted in finely tailored upholstery. Premium leather trims the   steering wheel and shift knob. Rewarding luxuries abound, with numerous options to elevate their pleasures even further: To the standard power front seats you can  add heating and a driver‑seat memory. Enjoy the standard power glass sunroof, or opt for an expansive Panorama roof. Bask in the 8‑speaker sound system, or immerse    yourself in surround sound. However you outfit your C ‑Class, its generous cabin offers an experience where even the finest detail is thought out on a grand scale. Adaptable. Front seats feature 8‑way power adjustment  Appeasing. Standard dual‑zone automatic climate control  Abundant. Take in the big sky or a blanket of stars with  plus 2‑way lumbar support. The steering column tilts and  allows the driver and front passenger to enjoy individualized  the optional Panorama sunroof. A sweeping expanse of  telescopes. The optional Premium 1 Package (standard on  comfort in any season. The system filters particulates such   heat‑absorbing tinted glass affords majestic views to every  the C 350) adds 60/40‑split folding rear seatbacks, along  as dust and pollen from the cabin, while a sensor monitors   passenger. The front section tilts up for ventilation or slides   with a 3‑position memory system and 4‑way power lumbar  the angle and intensity of sunlight for more even control of  open. A sliding shade helps filter the sun’s rays. A power  support for the driver seat, plus a power steering column. temperature. Heated front seats are a soothing option. rear‑window sunshade is part of the Premium 1 Package.
  • 15. C 300 Sport Sedan shown with Grey/Black interior and optional automatic transmission.
  • 16. The C 63 AMG. Handcrafted horsepower. Hands-on thrills. One man, one engine. Beyond all the racing trophies earned in the storied legacy of AMG — the high‑performance  division of Mercedes‑Benz — one small plaque tells an even greater story. Affixed atop each AMG engine, it bears  the signature of the single master technician who assembled it from race‑proven components with his own hands.   The superlatively engineered automobile which houses this engine will go forth into the world to achieve imposing  results in virtually every dimension of performance. But no matter what numbers it generates — whether it’s  horsepower and pound‑feet, mph and rpm, or seconds and g’s — every measure of a C 63 AMG starts with “one.” AMG-developed 6.3-liter V-8. The handcrafted V‑8 heart of  AMG-enhanced chassis. The re‑engineered multilink sport  the C 63 AMG generates prodigious — and best‑in‑class — output:  suspension features AMG‑specific springs and shock absorbers,  451 hp @ 6,500 rpm, and 443 lb‑ft of torque @ 5,000 rpm.  plus an exclusive front axle that adds 1.4" in track width and  Accompanied by an exhaust note of symphonic proportions,  employs substantially recalibrated geometry for more tenacious  60 mph arrives ahead of its class, too: just 4.3 seconds.1  cornering grip. Massive perforated brake discs are grasped   by 6‑piston front and 4 ‑piston rear calipers. Lightweight, highly  rigid 18" AMG 5‑spoke wheels wear staggered‑width tires.2 SPEEDSHIFT PLUS. The paddle‑shifted 7‑speed automatic  transmission offers the three driving modes of SPEEDSHIFT  PLUS. Each setting alters the shifting and throttle response at   Race -bred refinement. Exclusive AMG instrumentation and  the driver’s command. Sport mode delivers 30% faster shift  steering‑wheel controls offer one‑button configuration of the  speeds than the standard Comfort mode, while a true Manual  car’s performance systems. Selection menus include: Warmup  mode quickens shifts by up to 50%. Automatic rev‑matching  (oil and coolant temperature), Setup (driving modes for the  during downshifts provides jolt‑free shifts, enhanced engine  transmission and 3‑stage ESP®), and a RACETIMER for clocking  braking into curves, along with an inspiring auditory experience. track laps. And yet the exquisitely composed and tailored  C 63 AMG is a high‑performance car you can enjoy every day. Learn more at MBUSA.com/AMG
  • 17. C 63 AMG Sport Sedan shown with optional Palladium SIlver metallic paint and Lighting Package. Please see endnotes at back of brochure.
  • 18. A personal expression. And a lasting impression. No automaker has more experience in creating a great experience. With a history of firsts that started with the invention of the car in 1886, every Mercedes–Benz  embodies a unique biography of automotive achievement. And yet the most compelling memoir will be the one you create for yourself. To help you craft the character of  your C‑Class to fit your own, an array of thoughtfully innovative options and accessories is available. For added convenience, several C‑Class option packages combine the    most sought‑after features at significant savings over their individual value. And the Mercedes‑Benz European Delivery Program offers you the opportunity to take your  first drive in your new car in its natural German habitat, then ship it home. Wherever you choose to go with your new C‑Class, this is the start of a memorable journey. Options and packages. Make your C‑Class your own with  Accessories. Elevate your vehicle’s functional appeal and  European Delivery. Pick up your new Mercedes‑Benz  the equipment that suits you best. A 3‑position driver‑seat  appearance with Genuine Mercedes‑Benz Accessories that   in Germany through the original manufacturer‑sponsored  memory is one of many luxuries in the Premium 
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