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  ENG 4U1Hamlet  The Characteristics of a Shakespearean Tragedy 1.The tragic story will be primarily concerned with one character.2.It leads up to and includes the death of the tragic hero.3.It depicts the troubled part of the hero’s life which precedes and leads up to his death.4.The hero is an exceptional person; the suffering and the calamity are therefore extraordinary.5.The suffering and calamity frequently contrasts with the hero’s previous happiness and/or glory.6.These calamities came from the actions of the characters. Action leads to reaction until thereis a catastrophe. Therefore the tragedy not only happens to the character but is caused byhim or her.7.Actions are the dominant factor in Shakespearean tragedy. These are characteristic actionsthat are expressive to the doer. The centre of the tragedy may be said to lie in action issuingfrom character.8.Tragic heroes are exceptional beings. In most of them there is a marked one-sidedness, a predisposition in one particular direction or an obsessiveness of thought or action. This isfrequently referred to as the tragic flaw.9.The tragedy can be seen as an example of justice. The form of justice acts through thecharacters and is usually severe and terrible. In spite of our fear or pity, we accept theconclusion because our sense of justice is satisfied.10.Tragedy assumes a sense of justice and also assumes the dignity and worth of man. Goodand evil must exist, but there is no tragedy in the expulsion of evil. The tragedy is that thisexpulsion involves the waste of good.11.The upheaval of order in the lives of the characters is paralleled in the upheaval of politicaland social institutions and is mirrored by events in the natural environment. Mr. A.G.Rehm 1  ENG 4U1Hamlet S  TRUCTURE   OF T RAGEDY   Shakespearean Tragedy can be divided into three main sections: 1.A SET   OF   CIRCUMSTANCES   GIVING   RISE   TO   THE   CONFLICT . ã Includes the opening few scenes—to attract the attention of the audience and impartnecessary information. ã Hamlet begins with a discussion between the guardsmen who have scene the ghost of therecently killed King of Denmark..2.T HE   DEVELOPMENT   OF   THE   CONFLICT . ã The remainder of Act I, all of Acts II, III, and IV, and sometimes part of Act V. ã The opposing sides are defined—not necessarily opposing persons or groups. ã In Act III, the crisis or reversal is reached. ã The catastrophe is preceded by a pause. Shakespeare found it necessary to create aninteresting pause before the catastrophe—usually comprises Act IV and sometimes partof Act III and Act V.  After the crisis, there may be several exciting events to maintain interest.  There may be an echo of an event in the first half.  There may be an appeal to a new emotion.  Scenes of battle both internal and external may be introduced.3.T HE C ATASTROPHE . ã Found in the remainder of Act V Mr. A.G.Rehm 2
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