Adventures of Tel Asturn

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A short story based in my friends, and my universe. Enjoy!
  As the thirtieth shot richoted off the metal barrier, I askedmyself again who had talked me into this. Then, as always Ithought, you did, moron.I was ducking behind a solid metal rectangle with one otherperson, soon to be rushing up to the fortified position up the hill. The Terran fleet had been attempting to take this hill for afortnight, but the enemy wasnÕt giving ground. I wondered whyanyone would want such a desolate wasteland.My superiors said that all insurgent forces must beeliminated, but what they hadnÕt said was that this dust ball, Tork 4, had the rocks that were easiest to make into plasma.Plasma was essential, as it supplied the capital star ships withtheir most devastating weaponry.When the Vord had taken the planet, Control immediatelysent several Grievous class light cruisers. These had a bulge atthe front, and that gets smaller further in, to emerge as the largerbulge at the back. The enemy star ships put up token resistance,enough to ensure that their ground forces had secured the largestdeposits.And, I thought , I was smart enough to offer my life for rocks.What a good decision!Ò There retreating further up the hill!Ó cried the man besideme, the skinny and angular Private Lon DaÕlor. ÒCÕmon. Give mesome support.Ó Although Lon was skinny, he had the largestrecord for reckless charges, and for surviving them. The samewasnÕt true for his support.But before I could argue the point, up he went. I reallydidnÕt have any choice in the matter. With a large sigh I jumpedup after him. We werenÕt the only ones either. Around thirtyothers had leapt up and started the charge. Lon was shrieking likea demented banshee, and shooting bolts up the hill.Before I go further let me describe the battlefield.It was a barren rocky hill, 20m high, with several lumps andmetal shelters surrounding the bottom, while at the top their wereother shelters similar to ours. At the top there was also a buildingwith three turret towers bunched together in the middle, thesmaller ones flanking the largest one. Surrounding thesesbattlements (for that medieval term seems to best suite thetowers) was a wall 12m high.  We were at the bottom, the Vord at the top.Now, back to the charge.I was at Lons shoulder, firing my rifle slightly erratically. Lon,for all his shrieks, was shooting as a sniper, making each shotcount.He was right though, the invaders were retreating. Theywere basically human but with a horn like a unicorns jutting fromtheir skulls. Lon took three in their backs, while my barragemanaged to clip one on the shoulder. There were about 50headed to the facility with another 10 as rearguard.I immediately thought that we couldnÕt let them reach thegates. They could then bar the facility and only a wing of HeavyAssault bombers could penetrate.Lon had apparently noticed this as well, and spoke into hishelmet com. ÒAim for the gates! Now!Ó I obediently shot at thegate, and fifteen other rifles chorused the sound as half thecompany fired with me. And with a victory yell from us, the heavyboron gates fell with a crash that would have deafened all thosewho werenÕt wearing helmets.And not a moment too soon. Those running to the security of the gate soon found that their route was closed, and beganstumbling around to face us. Their Vanguard had been brought to solely one and he wasfelled by a discharge of Lon's Marauder rifle.As they turned to face us, we were on them. I dropped myrifle, and ejected the knife in my forearm armour. The Vord Iattacked still had his Heavy rifle out and I easily avoided the fatalslug, and drove my knife to his neck guard. The next Vord to crossmy path was not so ill prepared. He had a large two handedsword, and swung down with such force, it nearly took off myshoulder pauldron. I quickly took advantage of the miss and drovemy knife into his stomach. Retrieving my opponents fallen sword,I spotted a terran soldier pinned by two Vord with elite markings.I rushed over and felled one, then clashed blades with theother. Parry for thrust I matched him, patiently awaiting hismistake. Then it appeared. The formerly pinned Terran slashed withhis knife at the Elites armour, doing no serious damage, but asthe invader hesitated, I separated his head from shoulders.  I spun from my encounter, and found myself on the fringesof the action.Although the Vord were more numerous, our knives weregiving us the advantage at close quarters. We had lost, perhaps12 soldiers, while the Vord had lost over thirty. The last 20 werevaliantly fighting but to no avail.As I observed the fighting, a familiar figure rose on the otherside. Lon waved his double edged rapier in a salute, and thenrejoined the fighting.I followed his example, and charged down the hill. I took aVord soldier by surprise, and cleaved him with the greatsword.Switching sword for my vanquished foes dirk, I swept in tothe thickest fighting.A Vord took my dirk in the ribs, while beside me a Terran fellto a pistol shot.Only two Vord remained, of us there were still 17, theyfought with a fury. I ducked ones thrust, and delivered a cut to histhigh. His blade shot around in a backslash, but I blocked it withease, and finished him with a cut to the head. The last Vord had backed up to the gate, and was swinging awhip, daring us to get in range.One soldier charged him with a stolen dirk, but the whipflashed and he fell, unmoving.We gathered around him giving his whip a wide berth. Mostof us had dropped our rifles when the melee began, so we had noranged weapons to attack with.Inside my helmets comm., I heard Lon say, ÒPincer from theleft, Asturn.ÓI began to inch along to the Vords left, while Lon moved tohis right.ÒNow.ÓI charged the Vord on the left, taking the whip on my blade,while Lon chucked his rapier, with deadly accuracy. The last Vord fell.------------ÒIf you wonÕt play nice, weÕll have to do this the hardway.Ó  ÒCÕmon, just quit. It isnÕt worth it.ÓÒTry me.ÓLon showed his hand. It had a value of seventeen. I showedmine and he groaned.ÒTwenty two. Pure,Ó I said. Lon grumbled as I took the pot.ÒYou have the best luck in this unit Asturn.Ó growled ourCommander, Ponin Falanor, as he threw down his hand in disgust.He was a large man, with chiselled, hard features. Right now hewas wearing a grimace of disgust, as were most of the others. There were six of us at the table playing double deuce, Lon,Falanor, Captain Trill the communications officer, Lieutenant VonaLor in charge of supply, Lieutenant Paal Trinagandor of thevehicle pool, and, of course, me. The room had no windows, but was lit by two low watt bulbs.It had once been a briefing room, so there was a large screen onone wall. Piles of chairs lined the walls, but that was the entiredecoration.ÒThatÕs enough hands for me,Ó said Paal with a yawn. Paalwas smaller than the Colonel, but no less built. No surprise, hewas always trying to improve himself.ÒThen itÕs time to get down to the business part,Ó saidFalanor. ÒNamely, the fact that weÕre in the only Terrancontrolled plasma processor on the planet.ÓÒSo?Ó asked Vona. ÒWe just charge double.Ó Vona was theonly female at the table, black haired, brown eyed, and justbeautiful enough to attract notice.ÒNot what I was referring to,Ó said Falanor. ÒThe Vord areplanning a counter. ThereÕs word traversing the camp thatseveral Storm Fronts are brewing near here.A Storm Front is a Vord space ship flotilla, with even a singleone being able to capture a modestly defended planet. OurGreivouses wouldnÕt stand a chance.ÒWhat is going to happen then?Ó asked Trill, the only Cetaripresent. He was blue skinned and very thin. He had been part of the Cetari warrior caste, but had left after getting tired of thediscipline. He was also more fascinated with interstellar messagesthan wars.ÒThe Vord will come in, mop up our ships, and then slag thisfacility,Ó said Lon, nonchalantly.
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