Assessing Biodiversity in Europe 2010 (Report)

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The report considers the status and trends of pan-European biodiversity, and the implications of these trends for biodiversity management policy and practice. It considers the key biodiversity policy instruments currently applied in Europe, the threats to biodiversity and their management implications across major habitat types. The implications for biodiversity of cross-cutting issues such as tourism and urban planning are also considered, along with the challenges that remain for conserving and sustainably using of Europe's biodiversity. The report makes use of the SEBI 2010 indicators and other relevant national and regional information sources. It does not consider the biodiversity of EU overseas territories and outermost regions.
  Assessing biodiversity in Europe — the 2010 report EEA Report No 5/2010 ISSN 1725-9177  Assessing biodiversity in Europe — the 2010 report EEA Report No 5/2010  Cover design: EEACover photo © Pia SchmidtLeft photo © EEARight photo © Stock.xchngLayout: Pia Schmidt/EEAEuropean Environment AgencyKongens Nytorv 61050 Copenhagen KDenmarkTel.: +45 33 36 71 00Fax: +45 33 36 71 99Web: eea.europa.euEnquiries: Legal notice The contents of this publication do not necessarily reflect the official opinions of the European Commissionor other institutions of the European Union. Neither the European Environment Agency nor any person orcompany acting on behalf of the Agency is responsible for the use that may be made of the informationcontained in this report. Copyright notice © EEA, Copenhagen, 2010Reproduction is authorised, provided the source is acknowledged, save where otherwise stated.Information about the European Union is available on the Internet. It can be accessed through the Europaserver ( Office for Official Publications of the European Union, 2010ISBN 978-92-9213-106-7ISSN 1725-9177doi:10.2800/42824© EEA, Copenhagen, 2010 Environmental production This publication is printed according to high environmental standards. Printed by Schultz Grafisk — Environmental Management Certificate: ISO 14001— IQNet – The International Certification Network DS/EN ISO 14001:2004— Quality Certificate: ISO 9001: 2000— EMAS Registration. Licence no. DK – 000235— Ecolabelling with the Nordic Swan, licence no. 541 176 Paper RePrint — 90 gsm.CyclusOffset — 250 gsm.Both paper qualities are recycled paper and have obtained the ecolabel Nordic Swan. Printed in Denmark  REG.NO.DK-000244
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