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  AUDI Founder : August Horch.Previously known as : Horch'sIt has also garnered acclaim on the racing track including one for Top Speed Endurance.Audi is currently enjoying a privileged position and large marketshare.It is predicted to reach the production threshold of 1 million unitsby the end of this year.  BMW Founder : Karl Friedrich Rapp in October 1913Previously known as : Bavarian Motor WorksBMW had not focused on a vehicle as a whole but started from itsprimary source of power, the engine.Logo represents mimicking the motion of a white propeller on asky-blue background.from 1920 to 1922, BMW built twomotorcycle models, the Victoria and the Flink. Two-wheeled vehicles quickly turned into four-wheeled ones in1928.  In 1929, BMW build a new motorcycle-speed record through theirErnst Henne ridden 750 cc bike, that reached the speed of 134.65mph (216.75 km/h). Mercedes- Benz Founder : Karl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler. The name Mercedes adopted from daughter's name of a wealthy Austrianbusiness man Emil Jellinek.In 1908, won the French Grand Prix.First hybrid vehicle was manufactured in 1900's, when the “Mercedes Mixte”range was released.It holds record of crossing 200 km/h barrier which is probably the mostnotable.World's first diesel truck OB 2 was revealed in 1923 and 1924.World's first diesel-run passenger car 260 D model was launched in 1936.  During the 50's, Mercedes – Benz produced some of their best looking carsever such as the 190 and 300 SL.By the time the 80's came, Mercedes – Benz were among the first to introducethe closed-loop three-way catalytic converter in 1985.Mercedes – Benz was the first to fit ABS and ESP systems on its cars. OPEL Founder : Adam Opel in 1863. The first model had been introduced at the Hamburg Motor Showin 1902.In 1913 they had already become the biggest cheap & reliable carmanufacturer in Germany and continued upto 1928.By 1930 Opel was the largest manufacturer of cars in Europe.As Vectra, the most successful model is launched in 1988, Opelintroduces catalytic converters on all its cars.
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