Bachelor of Arts in Broadcast Communication

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Bachelor of Arts in Broadcast Communication (A.B.B.C.) SUBJECTCODE DESCRIPTION FIRST YEAR / FIRST SEMESTER ACA 212 ACM 111 PPE 111 ZEN 110 ZFI 111 ZMA 111 ZNS 111 ZPY 111 Communication Theories - An Introduction Introduction to Mass Communication Physical Education 1* Integrated Study Skills for Freshmen English Sining ng Komunikasyon* College Algebra The Physical Sciences General Psychology Total Units FIRST YEAR / SECOND SEMESTER ABC 211 ACA 223 ACO 110 MLC 111 PPE 112 ZEN 111 ZFI 112 ZNS 112
  Bachelor of Arts in Broadcast Communication (A.B.B.C.) SUBJECTCODE DESCRIPTION UNITS FIRST YEAR / FIRST SEMESTER  ACA 212 Communication Theories - An Introduction 3ACM 111 Introduction to Mass Communication 3PPE 111 Physical Education 1* 2ZEN 110 Integrated Study Skills for Freshmen English 3ZFI 111 Sining ng Komunikasyon* 3ZMA 111 College Algebra 3ZNS 111 The Physical Sciences 3ZPY 111 General Psychology 3Total Units 23 FIRST YEAR / SECOND SEMESTER  ABC 211 Fundamentals of Broadcasting* 3ACA 223 Advertising Principles and Theories* 3ACO 110 Introduction to Information Technology with Media Application 3MLC 111 Literacy/Civic Welfare/Military Science 1 3PPE 112 Physical Education 2 2ZEN 111 Communication and Study Skills in English Across Disciplines 3ZFI 112 Pagbasa at Pagsulat sa Iba`t-ibang Disiplina 3ZNS 112 The Biological Sciences* 3ZST 111 Basic Statistics 3Total Units 26 SECOND YEAR / FIRST SEMESTER  ABC 212 Audio Procedures and Operations 3ABC 213 Writing for Radio 3  SUBJECTCODE DESCRIPTION UNITS ABC 221 Video Procedures and Operations 3ABC 222 Writing for Television 3MLC 112 Literacy/Civic Welfare/Military Science 2 3PPE 113 Physical Education 3 2ZEN 112 College Reading and Writing* 3ZHI 111 Philippine History and Public Service* 3ZNS 113 Earth Science 3Total Units 26 SECOND YEAR / SECOND SEMESTER  ABC 311 Broadcast Journalism 3ABC 312 Principles and Techniques of Radio Production and Direction 3ABC 313 Principles and Techniques of Television Production and Direction* 3ABC FE1 Broadcast Communication Free Elective 1* 3ABC FE2 Broadcast Communication Free Elective 2* 3PPE 114 Physical Education 4 2ZEN 113 Technical and Research Report Writing 3ZFI 113 Kasanayan sa Malikhaing Pagpapahayag (Retorika) 3Total Units 23 THIRD YEAR / FIRST SEMESTER  ABC 321 Television Announcing and Performance* 3ABC 322 Radio Announcing and Performance* 3ACM 112 Mass Media Ethics 3ACM 113 Law of the Mass Media 3ZEN 114 Speech Communication 3ZLI 111 Literatures of the Philippines/Panitikan ng Pilipinas* 3  SUBJECTCODE DESCRIPTION UNITS ZLI 112 Literatures of the World/Panitikan ng Mundo 3ZPS 111 Politics and Governance (with Philippine Constitution)* 3Total Units 24 THIRD YEAR / SECOND SEMESTER  ABC 323 Advanced Radio Production and Direction* 3ABC 412 Radio-Television Advertising: Production* 3ABC EL1 Major Elective 1* 3ABC EL2 Major Elective 2* 3ZEC 113 Principles of Economics (w/ Agrarian Reform and Taxation)* 3ZHI 112 Life and Works of Rizal 3ZHU 111 Art Appreciation 3ZPL 111 Fundamentals of Logic and Ethics (with Values Education) 3Total Units 24 FOURTH YEAR / FIRST SEMESTER  ABC 411 Radio-Television-Cable Management 3ABC 422 Advanced Television Production and Direction 3ABC 498 Broadcast Research 1: Thesis Proposal 3ABC EL3 Broadcast Communication Elective 3* 3ABC EL4 Broadcast Communication Elective 4* 3ZPD 111 Personality Development 1ZSC 111 Society and Culture 3Total Units 19 FOURTH YEAR / SECOND SEMESTER  ABC 414 Broadcast Internship 6ABC 499 Broadcast Research 2: Production 3  SUBJECTCODE DESCRIPTION UNITS ACM 114 Mass Media and Society 3Total Units 12 Legend : () =units enclosed with parenthesis are considered as Non Academic Subject
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