Basic Bartending Edited

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Sample Bartending Module Outline
  Module Title:  BASIC BARTENDING Module Description:  This module consists of competencies that a person mustachieve to operate a bar, provide ine service to !uests inhotels, motels, restaurants, clubs, canteens, resorts andlu ur# liner cruise$ Nominal Duration: Each lesson is % hours$Entire course includin! assessment is && 'ours and ()minutes$ Module Schedule:  *onthl# inta+es$ Module OutlineModule 1   -repare and Serve Alcoholic Bevera!es  Ice Brea+in! Session$  -repare Bar Area for Service *ise En -lace.$  -erform Inventor# and E/uipment Chec+  Identification of Glassares and 0ther Essentials Module 2   -repare and Serve Alcoholic Bevera!es  E/uipment, Glassares and *achiner#  Safet# and Securit# in the 1or+ -lace  Re/uisite Bar Stoc+ Module 3   -repare and Serve Alcoholic Bevera!es  *i 2 -repare Drin+s  Serve *i ed Drin+s  Serve Bottled and Drau!ht Beer  Module 4   -repare and Serve Alcoholic Bevera!es  -rovide Bottled Service  -repare and Serve 3lamb4 Drin+s  *aintainin! Bar Area and -erformin! Closin! Duties Module 5   -repare Non5Alcoholic Bevera!es  Set56p and -repare Non5Alcoholic Bevera!es   Select 2 Chec+ 2 Store Glasses for Service  -repare Glasses 2 Dispensers 2 Garnishes for Service  Reconstitute Bevera!e *i es  Bevera!e *i in! Instructions Module 6   -repare Non5Alcoholic Bevera!es  -repare to Reconstitute Bevera!e *i es  'oldin! and Stora!e of *i ed Bevera!es  -repare 2 Bre Coffee  -repare 2 *a+e Tea Module 7   Interaction ith Guests  *aintain -rofessional Appearance and '#!iene  Demonstrate and Conve# a -ositive Attitude and Behavior to Guests  Interact -ositivel# ith Guests Module 8   Interaction ith Guests  Communicate Effectivel# ith Guests  Resolve -roblems  Report -roblems repared ! :#icente $duardo %& Molina 'ospitalit# -ro!rams Director 
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