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book Brill’s Book Series in Church & Religious History series Studies in Medieval and Reformation Traditions Studies in the History of Christian Traditions Brill’s Series in Church History Journal: Church History and Religious Culture Spring, 2008 Dear Customer, Thank you for consulting this complete overview of Brill’s book series on Church and Religious History. Studies in Medieval and Reformation Tradition ( and Studies in the History of Christian Traditions (www.brill.
  book   series Brill’s Book Series inChurch & ReligiousHistory Studies in Medieval and Reformation TraditionsStudies in the History of Christian TraditionsBrill’s Series in Church History Journal: Church History and Religious Culture  325 Yearsof Scholarly Publishing  In 2008, Brill celebrates its 325thanniversary. As one of the oldest scholarlypublishers in the world, founded inLeiden in 1683, we are proud to lookback on 325 years of publishing for theacademic community. We cannot let thisoccasion go by without acknowledgingthe tremendous debt we owe to allthe scholars who have entrusted theirpublications to Brill, to the librarians whohave added our titles to their collectionsand to our readership. We look forward tomany more years of scholarly publishingto, 2008Dear Customer,Thank you for consulting this complete overview of Brill’s book series on Church andReligious History. Studies in Medieval and Reformation Tradition ( and Studies in theHistory of Christian Traditions ( are both well established and highlyappreciated book series. Over the years they have achieved the highest of academicstandards and with the new editorial boards we have maintained these standards.Wim Janse managing editor of  Brill’s Series in Church History ( and thejournal Church History and Religious Culture ( just recently joined theVU Amsterdam University.The past year, we initiated a subseries Religious History and Culture Series . The subseriesis peer reviewed, has an independent editorial team - Joris van Eijnatten and Fred vanLieburg as editors but will of course work together closely with the team of  Brill’s Seriesin Church History .We also invite you to subscribe to our monthly History e-Bulletin , which will keep youinformed throughout the year of Brill’s latest titles in history, and will also feature special discount opportunities and free trial oers. You may nd out more about the History e-Bulletin by visiting our web site or go sincerely,BRILLSales and Marketing Team A pces may be subject t cane wtut p ntce. Pces d nt ncude VAT (appcabe ny t esdents f te Neteands and esdents f te EU membe states wtut a VAT estatn numbe). Pces d nt ncudesppn & andn except f junas wee sppn and andn s ncuded n te pce (appcabe t a custmes wdwde). Custmes n Canada, USA and Mexc w be caed n US Das. Pease nte tat due tfuctuatns n te excane ate, te US da amunts caed t cedt cad des may vay sty fm te pces advetsed. Contents 1 Studies in Medieval and Reformation Traditions15 Studies in the History of Christian Traditions28 Brill’s Series in Church History34 Journal: Church History and Religious Culture  B r i  l l ’  S  ChUr Ch hi  S T or y  S E r i  E S  l i  S T i  Ng  B r i  l l  2 0 0 8  Studes n Medeva and refmatn Tadtns Studies in Medieval and Reformation Traditions Edited by Andrew Colin Gow, University of Alberta Studies in Medieval and Reformation Traditions is a peer-reviewedbook series that provides a forum for monographs and texteditions on subjects pertaining to the watershed between theMiddle Ages and the Reformation. There is a wealth of subjectmatter to be found in the correlation and mutual interpretationof all three areas of specializationMedieval, Reformation, andRenaissance Studies. In encouraging the pursuit of the socialhistory of ideas, SMRT pays equal attention to political, culturaland religious history.Contact details: Andrew Colin Gow, agow @‘ ...a truly distinguished series, the list of whose authors reads like aWho’s Who of early modern historians .’William V. Hudon, The American Historical Review .‘ There were some who worried that Brill’s Studies in Medieval andReformation Traditions might languish once separated from theguiding hand of Heiko Oberman. One need not worry. ’David M. Whitford, Renaissance Quarterly . The Serpent and the Rose The Immaculate Conception and Hispanic Poetry in the Late Medieval Period Lesley K. Twomey, Northumbria University ã June 2008ã ISBN 978 90 04 16595 3ã Hardback (304 pp.)ã List price EUR 99.- / US$ 129.-ã Studies in Medievaland Reformation Traditions, 132 The Serpent and the Rose examines the theological and liturgicalcontext for the doctrine of the Immaculate Conception in theMiddle Ages, from primary sources in Iberian archives. Its mainfocus is a study of Marian poetry from Alfonso the Wise andGonzalo de Berceo through to the poetry collections of the late fteenth century, showing how poets took themes from the Bible and apocryphal literature, combining them to defend andpraise Mary’s conception without sin. Individual chapters assess how they depicted Mary’s preguration in the Old Testament by the Woman who defeated the serpent, the young bride of the Song of Songs , or the semi-deity, Wisdom, how they portray her asthe mystic rose and as the new Eve.Table of Contents available Lesley K. Twomey completed her doctorate on the topic of the Immaculate Conception in Castilian and Catalan poetry in1995 and since then has published a number of articles on thesubject. Witchcraft and the Act of 1604 Edited by John Newton and Jo Bath ã April 2008ã ISBN 978 90 04 16528 1ã Hardback (xii. 248 pp.)ã List price EUR 99.- / US$ 129.-ã Studies in Medievaland Reformation Traditions, 131The essays in this volume examine the relationship of the Jacobean Witchcraft Act to the culture and society of seventeenth-century England. The book explores the potential inuence of King James’ works and person on the framing of  the Act, including the relationship of Shakespeare’s MacBeth tothese events, as well as the impact of the Darrell controversyon the shaping of witchcraft beliefs before the Act. It alsoassesses the impact of the legislation on society in various parts of the country, as well as examining how drama reected the ideas found in the legislation. The volume concludes witha look at the reasons for its repeal in 1736. This work provides new interpretations of the inuence and application of the 1604 Witchcraft Act by some of the world’s leading scholars of witchcraft.Contributors include: Jonathan Barry, Jo Bath, Roy Booth, ChrisBrooks, Owen Davies, Malcolm Gaskill, Marion Gibson, CliveHolmes, P. G. Maxwell-Stuart, John Newton, and Tom Webster.Table of Contents available John Newton , Ph. D (2003), University of Durham, is afreelance editor and researcher. Jo Bath , Ph.D (2000), University of Newcastle, is a freelancehistorian and Associate Lecturer in the History of Medicine forthe Open University.  Brill’S ChUrCh hiSTory SEriES liSTiNg 2 Brill 2008 Studes n Medeva and refmatn Tadtns Women, Gender and Radical Religionin Early Modern Europe Edited by Sylvia Brown, University of Alberta ã November 2007ã ISBN 978 90 04 16306 5ã Hardback (xiv, 330 pp.)ã List price EUR 99.- / US$ 129.-ã Studies in Medievaland Reformation Traditions, 129This collection of twelve new essays explores the role of womenand gender in a broad range of ‘radical’ religious movementsof the post-Reformation. Organized into three themed divisions, the rst examines the activism of female Quakers in their public performances as preachers and petitioners, intheir global travels, and in their domestic lives. The secondexamines early modern prophetesses and their radical revisionsof scripture, gender, body, and voice; and the third concernswomen who, in diverse ways, crossed boundaries, including theconfessional boundaries of Europe. A strength of this volumeis its comparative re-examination of the term ‘radical’. GermanAnabaptists are discussed alongside unorthodox nuns with theaim of understanding how gender factors into innovative andoppositional religion.Contributors include: Sarah Apetrei, Naomi Baker, Sylvia Brown,Ruth Connolly, Pamela Ellis, José Manuel González, Julie Hirst,Stephen A. Kent, Marion Kobelt-Groch, Bo Karen Lee, KirilkaStavreva, and Sheila Wright.Table of Contents available Sylvia Brown is Associate Professor at the University of Alberta, Canada. She has published essays on women’s writingand religious culture and is the editor of  Women’s Writing inStuart England (Sutton, 1999). Justication and Participation in Christ The Development of the Lutheran Doctrine of Justication from Luther to the Formula of Concord (1580) Olli-Pekka Vainio, University of Helsinki ã February 2008ã ISBN 978 90 04 16526 7ã Hardback (xii, 260 pp.)ã List price EUR 99.- / US$ 129.-ã Studies in Medievaland Reformation Traditions, 130The unity of the early Lutheran reformation, even in the central themes such as justication, is still an open question. Thisstudy examines the development of the doctrine of justicationin the works of the prominent rst and second generation Lutheran reformers, from the viewpoints of divine participation and eectiveness of justication. Generally, Luther’s idea of  Christ’s real presence in the believer as the central part of  justication is maintained and taught by all Reformers, while they simultaneously develop various theological frameworksto depict the nature of participation. However, in some casesthese developed models are contradictory, causing tensionbetween theologians resulting in the invention of new doctrinalformulations.Table of Contents available Olli-Pekka Vainio , D. Theol. (2004) in Ecumenical Theology,University of Helsinki, is Researcher in the Department of Systematic Theology and Adjunct Professor of EcumenicalTheology.
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