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CHAPTER 14. ROBOTICS. Mobile Robots. Manipulator Robots. Sensors and Effectors. Motion as Search. Decomposition Methods. Approximate Decomposition. Skeletonization Methods. Probabilistic Roadmaps. Potential Field Methods. So far: implicit preference for short paths
CHAPTER 14ROBOTICSMobile RobotsManipulator RobotsSensors and EffectorsMotion as SearchDecomposition MethodsApproximate DecompositionSkeletonization MethodsProbabilistic RoadmapsPotential Field Methods
  • So far: implicit preference for short paths
  • Rational agent should balance distance with risk!
  • Idea: introduce cost for being close to an obstacle
  • Can do this with discrete methods (how?)
  • Usually most natural with continuous methods
  • Probabilistic Robotics in ContextRobot Environment InteractionRobot Environment InteractionLocalizationMonte Carlo LocalizationSLAM
  • Simultaneous Localization and Mapping
  • Estimate a map of the world, as well as your position of it, at the same time!
  • It’s hard:
  • If robot had a map, localization would be easier (still hard)
  • If robot knew where it was, building a map would be easier (still hard)
  • Issues of scale, approximations, etc.
  • Course SummaryCourse SummaryCourse SummaryCourse Summary
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