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1. The Adventures of Bill On A Mission to Become A Law by Going Though The House of Representatives and The Senate…………………………….<br />(or…
  • 1. The Adventures of Bill On A Mission to Become A Law by Going Though The House of Representatives and The Senate…………………………….<br />(or “Bill: A Change” for short)<br />By: Bryan Peña<br />
  • 2. Once Upon A Time…<br />…there was a piece of paper named Bill who wanted to become a “Law”, a respected position in the world of stationary.He & his fellow letterheads wanted to change the way plain sheets were treated, an issue constantly seen in the newspapers. He headed to the Hopper Station and was stamped with the nickname “H.R. #100, Equal Sheet Rights”.<br />H.R. #100,<br />“Equal Sheet Rights”<br />
  • 3. Bill was then interviewed by the committees & subcommittees of the House of Representatives, who investigated his problem & decided whether he would continue on to his next interview. After careful deliberation, he passed! <br />The next day, he headed to his next interview with the House Rules Committee. Nervous that he would not have the same luck as the day before, he took some notes on his hand so he knew exactly what to say.<br /><ul><li> Eggs
  • 4. Milk
  • 5. Staples
  • 6. Memory card</li></li></ul><li>As Bill approached the House Rules Committee desk, he started to sweat ink, so he wiped it away with a tissue. He spoke clearly and informatively about his situation & what the committee could do.<br />
  • 7. Staring at the committee’s cold, stone faces, he could not tell whether his words convinced them. They whispered among themselves and Bill could not help but to think about the Scissors of Denial, which is brought out when a bill is put to a stop.<br />
  • 8. The board leader slowly brought up his hand…and gave a thumbs up! Bill had passed with flying colors once again. The House Rules committee hand Bill an appointment card with the time and date he must report to his final interview in the House of Representatives, with 435 critics.<br />H.O.R. Appointment Card<br />9:00 A.M.<br />Date:_________________________________<br />November 38th, 2087<br />Time:________________________________<br />As Approved By:<br />Rocky Stoner<br />*________________________________________________<br />
  • 9. The day has come & Bill must get his analyses together. His stomach is as tangled as a pile of paperclips. He takes a final sigh as he enters the building, a room filled with hundreds of chairs: the chairs of the people who will decide his fate.<br />Bill once again tried to get his point across to the audience to try & get “Yea”’s all around. However, many did not agree with Bill’s proposition. Dozens argued against him, many were on his side. Many had nothing to say at all. After many hours of arguments, the crowd agrees with Bill’s proposition!<br />Yea<br />Yea<br />Yea<br />Nay<br />Nay<br />Nay<br />Yea<br />Yea<br />Nay<br />Present<br />Ayee!<br />
  • 10. After jumping for joy, Bill is then told about another gruesome process he must go through in order to become a Law. He is exhausted, but must continue on for the sake of all the files in the world. He heads to the Senate floor and is introduced as “S. #100, Equal Sheet Rights”.<br />I would like to introduce the new <br /> proposed Bill…<br /> Mr.… <br />“S. #100, Equal Sheet Rights”!<br />
  • 11. Composed of only 100 people this time, the standing committee carefully pick at him; studying, revising, arguing, and eventually…approving him. These members get him a personal driver to take him to one of the final steps: the Conference Committee. Bill feels as ecstatic as a ticket! He can imagine the wrinkles of happiness his comrades will feel.<br />^<br />^<br />^<br />
  • 12. Meanwhile, at the Conference Committee…<br />…Bill’s original form as “H.R. #100, Equal Sheet Rights” is compared to the post-standing committee revisions, “S. #100, Equal Sheet Rights”. Both houses agree to Bill’s final change and approve him to go to the next step: the President! He takes out his phone and excitedly updates his Twitter.<br />Wooooooot! Totally just got passed to meet the president! #omgwtflolftw<br />less than 20 seconds ago from web<br />@Bill_Iz_My_Name<br />Bill Awesome<br />
  • 13. Bill stares in amazement at the residence to the most powerful person in the U.S., the White House. He decides that every item in the building must be at diploma-status. He walks down a long hallway and enters the president’s office. There he meets the President of the United States and he compliments his wallpaper.<br />Prez’s<br />Office<br />
  • 14. The President listens carefully to what Bill has to say; about all the struggles plain sheets go through, about the unfair treatment compared to written stationeries, everything. He silently makes his decision.<br />You see, <br />Mr. President…<br />
  • 15. Mr. Obama walks away slowly and ponders this big decision. With a serious face, he looks at Bill..then flashes a big smile with a thumbs up; He’s going to sign Bill!<br />
  • 16. In the end, Law feels like the Big Manuscript on Campus, everyone looks up to him and were inspired to change the world by becoming prestigious Laws. Bill (or Law) became…the change.<br />
  • 17. soooooooooooooooo……#TheEnd :)<br />less than 5 seconds ago from web<br />@Bill_Iz_My_Name<br />Bill Awesome<br />
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